Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom

History - Tracie and Randy

When we last left our hero (me), I was living in Japan having the time of my life.  During that time (right around the first Gulf War), I flew back to the states long enough to get married.  From the time we were engaged to the time we were married, more than two years had passed.  During that time, we had actually seen each other a total of 27 days.  Our entire engagement was conducted via letters and tapes.  Needless to say, when we actually had to live under the same roof, our relationship changed somewhat.

Despite my best attempts to stay in Japan and bring my wife there, the Navy shipped me back stateside, dumping me in San Diego.  My wife and I got a crappy apartment and tried to figure out how to turn our virtual relationship into an actual marriage.  Not surprisingly, it didn’t really go that well.

I was extraordinarily unhappy, but rather than understanding that I was reacting to the new lack of freedom, incompatibilities between my wife and I, and the sudden responsibility of having to run a household for the first time, I instead figured my sex life was lacking in some way.  My wife and I tried some BDSM to "spice things up", but we just don’t mesh in that world in any way.

Then I started to question my very sexuality.  Could I be gay?  That would certainly explain things.  (It turns out that not only was I not very good at keeping gay relationships going either, but I also wasn’t gay.  [More on that later.])  I then thought I was a poly and that the only way I’d be happy is to start swinging.  (While this sounds like a huge leap, I will mention that I found out when I was in high school that my Mom was a bi swinger, something that just added to my heap of sexual identity problems.)

Back then in the dark days before the Internet, you could socialize with people on-line by connecting your computer to your phone line and dialing into a Bulletin Board System.  One of San Diego’s most popular spots was called "Heart On San Diego".  (Subtley was not their strong suit.)  My wife and I both started chatting with folks and I became more and more convinced that swinging was the answer to our problems.

My wife, in the single most selfless act I’ve ever seen, started trying to find a compatible couple.  Enter Tracie and Randy.  They were both swingers that lived near us, were a former Navy family, and were both interested in D/s play as Dominants.  This was the perfect arrangement!  My wife set up a date and we met them at their house.

After a dinner and some mild chit chat, we wound up in the living room, me sitting on the couch with Tracie and my wife sitting with Randy.  It only took a few minutes, but my wife’s good graces wore out and she demanded that I take her home.

In the car, we fought.  And I mean FOUGHT!  We must have been a sight, the two of us screaming at each other at the top of our lungs as we cruised home down the 805. 

It was then that I did something that has become the biggest regret of my life.

I dropped my wife off and went back to "play".

Yeah, I know.

Tracie and Randy (who asked to be called Mistress and Master) tied me up and we played all night long.  It was my first consensual "bi" experience and first D/s "session".  The fact that I was nervous and a whirlwind of completely screwed up emotions at the time, coupled with Tracie and Randy’s inexperience, meant that I still had not discovered the magic that is subspace.  I still had a really good time, though, and the sex was fantastic.

As you can probably imagine, the aftermath of that experience was pretty extreme.  Initially, I told my wife that I had just crashed on their couch and nothing happened.  Two months later, I confessed the truth and she left, taking our car and driving back to Chicago.  Shortly thereafter, the Navy decommissioned the command I was working for and I was offered an early out.  I took it (along with a tidy pay bonus) and picked up a Civil Service position doing computer work on the base.  My salary was about three times that of my Navy pay, so I quickly moved into a better apartment and started to attend parties thrown by various swingers groups around town.

At a party two months later, my life would be irrevocably changed when I met Mistress Debbie. 

To be continued…

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  1. MWK January 19th, 2007 10:49 pm

    MMMMMM you naughty boy. My oh my if that doesn’t just open up all kinds of possibilities…

    And reminds me, there is still so much about one another we have yet to uncover.

    And it says something for how much wifey loves you, because believe you me, if you left me at home to go back to play… Well let’s just say it wouldn’t be pretty.

    I can’t wait until you get up here… Be sure when you send my package on Monday that you send a return “box” doesn’t have to be big, a software one will probably do the trick. Just big enough for that reflexology info, those stickers, and various other sundries a Mistress would see fit to send one of her most favorite new pets.

    Back to the books and bed… bet you wish you were here to hold my book. *winks* Maybe some night, I’ll let you watch me sleep.


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