Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom

Meeting Mistress (For Real)

Today, I moved one step closer to my "in person" meeting with Mistress Trecia.  After some logistics discussions with Mistress, I booked my flight and hotel as well as turned in my vacation request at work.  Now I just have to wait the two months until the date arrives, something that is already proving difficult as I get more giddy about the trip with each passing day.

As part of my meeting Mistress, I am planning on bringing a large gift, something that not only shows my devotion but something that hopefully returns at least a small part of the joy Mistress has brought to my life since we’ve met.  (I need to clam up immediately or I’m going to start spilling details and I would miss the pleasure of watching Mistress open the gifts with no expectations nor hints as to what they contain.) 

Traveling to meet someone I’ve met over the Internet, especially for something so intimate and secret (I can’t think of a single person who I could or would tell where I’m going), is freaking me out a little bit.  While part of me needs to kneel at Mistress’s feet and bask in her aura, this is Stranger Danger 101 in a nutshell, except that instead of candy I’m being offered the chance to fulfill my deepest, darkest desires.  Sure, ma’am - I love puppies!  Let me hop right into that nondescript van!

In all seriousness, I’m not afraid of being abducted, at least not outside of an awesome scene.  Mistress and I have been talking a great deal over the past few weeks and have connected on a very deep level.  Our pasts align in many ways (both within the D/s scene as well as our personal backgrounds), but we are also just very much alike.  We share the same tastes in books, TV shows, erotic torture, video games, theme park rides, and so on.  That I just stumbled into this relationship on a fluke just reaffirms my belief in Karma and that good things come to good people.

Also, since this is the first time I’ve had live contact with a professional Domme, I’m nervous about screwing up the expected protocol or inadvertently taking advantage of Mistress’s good graces.  (For instance, should I ask for a ride from the airport?  I thought no and picked a hotel with free shuttle service, but have since been offered a ride.)  I’m playing it by ear, explicitly asking questions when I’m really afraid that I’m crossing the line and planning to handle everything from transportation to food on my own just in case to make sure I don’t make any assumptions about what to expect.  (I mean, this isn’t a pre-paid tour package, it’s a visit to the Goddess!)

One interesting twist is that Mistress demanded that she receive her own key to my room so she can come and go as she pleases.  I had thought that my hotel would be my own safe zone during the week.  While I’m not uncomfortable with giving up that buffer zone, it does reinforce the fact that I will be in service during my time with Mistress, wholly and completely.  I’ve already decided that I’m going to need to keep the hotel room stocked with Mistress’s brands of coffee and cigarettes and figured that I’m probably going to be forced to be naked when not outside.  (Or, maybe then, too, come to think of it…)

In any case, the end of March can not come too quickly!

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