Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom

Pushing Boundaries

In most D/s relationships, a dynamic exists where the Domme will test and try to expand the limits of their sub.  This is good for the "scene" for many reasons.  First, spending every session inside your safety zone gets old after awhile.  It’s fun to try new things and to explore facets of your sexuality.

Foremost, however, is that allowing someone else to test your limits takes a huge amount of trust.  You have to trust that the Domme won’t push you too far, too fast.  You also put your safety in their hands, as many types of punishment, electro-play, or other BDSM fare can be risky and you are trusting the Domme to be knowledgeable of the risks and play safely.  Finally, you’re trusting that should things go too far that the Domme will respect your safe word and have the session pause or stop.  (I’ve had issues with this in the past and, although I’m much more comfortable after so much communication with Mistress Trecia, I was really  nervous due to my trust issues.)

Since Mistress and I first met, she has been slowly pushing my boundaries.  Having never been in a "virtual" D/s relationship, I didn’t expect this to happen outside of an "in person" session.  However, it dawned on me yesterday that she has been expanding my limits ever since our first meeting.

The first thing that’s been completely new for me is the whole tease/denial dynamic.  It fits really well into both my power exchange and forced orgasm kinks and is a real challenge for me, so it’s been a new and exciting experience overall.  Mistress is also slowly increasing the time between my releases, "training me for the marathon" as she put it.  (She painted a graphic picture of me kneeling at her feet with her stroking my hair as I was forced to hold the edge right in front of her.  As hard as this is when I’m alone at home, I imagine it will be so  much more difficult when I’m in her presence.)

In addition to the denial and edge play, Mistress is also helping me explore additional fetishes that I hadn’t previously entertained, most notably panty worship, foot and leg fetishes, and CFNM (clothed female, nude male). 

It’s a little overwhelming to see the changes in myself and the way my kinks are quickly molding to Mistress’s whims, but I trust her implicitly and am excited to see where we will go together and the heights I will reach in her service.

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