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Kinks - The Sex Machine

ElectroMilk I originally created this topic to explore different facets of my sexuality.  To kick things off, I thought I’d start with one fantasy that goes back as far as I can remember having sexual thoughts - The Sex Machine.

My very first exposure to sex was the discovery of a huge stash of Playboy magazines in my grandfather’s basement when I was around 8 or 9.  While the ingrained images of those lovely ladies fueled plenty of normal sex fantasies, my mind theater also went someplace a little odd.

I used to imagine some sort of machine with myself and one of my Playmates both strapped into it which would force us into sexual situations and positions.  To this day, I can’t imagine where this idea came from, but it’s always been one that turned me on.  A good portion of what I enjoy about Power Exchange is built on that foundation as well - the feeling of being completely out of control of a situation and at the mercy of someone (or something) else.  Having a machine instead of person in charge is even more exciting because you can’t plead or bargain with a machine and it never grows weary.  You are at its mercy until it stops.

As I got older, the fantasy stated to mutate slightly.  I soon started to imagine only myself in the machine, it attacking me with an array of vacuum tubes and probes in every orifice.  This might have been partially fueled by my timidness about sex, the machine absorbing any guilt as I wasn’t masturbating but being forced to do these things.

This fantasy has remained a mainstay of kinks that I enjoy and time has brought some interesting additions to this genre.  Awhile back, I stumbled across a story called Judy’s Jewels, the story of a farm girl who lures her cousin into bondage and a turn on their milking machine.  That fueled a whole new facet of this kink which led me to purchase my own single-cow milking machine on eBay and work to adapt it to fulfill this fantasy in real life.  (I can’t claim full credit for this - I discovered a sadly now-defunct MSN group called "Milking Men By Machines" full of people who shared the same fantasy.)

I’ve also been sketching out plans for my very own sex machine, a computer controlled gadget with time-lock restraints, a milking mechanism, and maybe even a fucking piston so that it would use me in every way with me completely helpless.  Self-bondage is scary and I haven’t been able to make the machine foolproof enough on paper to even begin to construct it.  Of course, no amount of engineering can fix having your wife come home early strapped into such a contraption.

Still, I hope someday I can at least in some small way experience this thing that has been brewing in my mind for almost 30 years now.

This kink has branched out into other kinks of mine, most notably my forced orgasm fantasy which has been channeled into my new-found tease and denial fetish courtesy of Mistress Trecia.

Some stories that tap into this kink:

  • Judy’s Jewels - Farmgirl gives cousin more than he bargained for
  • Getting the Chair - Housesitting for a crazy inventor can get interesting
  • Eleven Days - A women housesitting gets a bit too curious about the strange "exercise" equipment
  • Milking Man - A Domme fulfills her fantasy of building a milking machine
  • The New Slave (Chapter 30) - Dommes ready the slave for his time on the milking machine

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