Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom

Sweet Agony

Last night marked the first day of my mandated two-week denial and Mistress Trecia took full advantage to make sure my suffering surpassed anything I’ve experienced to date under her rule.

We were chatting and she nonchalantly said that she wanted me to use toothpaste during the last 11 minutes of my nightly denial stroke session.  I had to ask her to clarify as I wasn’t quite sure what "last 11 minutes" meant.  Mistress said that I was to stroke to the edge as per normal, but then to apply toothpaste to my cock and stroke but not cum for an additional 11 minutes.  She also said that I should grab a rubber band or something similar and bind my cock and balls beforehand.

To add to the eroticism of the situation, I had a new wrinkle to my normal devotions.  Mistress has commented that she enjoys spying on me via webcam, so as a surprise I took advantage of my current hotel stay to set up a webcam pointed at the bed that Mistress could monitor anytime she chose.  Knowing that she was potentially going to be watching over me while I going through my ordeal was incredibly exciting.

I stripped, bound my cock with an elastic cable tie I had in my suitcase, then knelt at the edge of the bed and started stroking.  Listening to Mistress’s voice on my MP3 player had the usual effect and it wasn’t long before I hit the edge where I’d normally stop.  I then applied the toothpaste, noted the time on the clock, and started the next phase of my ordeal.

The burn of the toothpaste kicked in within a few seconds and within the first 2 -3 minutes I was in excruciating pain.  While the burn of the irritant hurt, being right on the edge for so long and knowing I was very far away from the finish line just broke me.  I bit into the mattress and howled my frustration.  At the 5 minute mark, I started weeping and shaking due to the frustration caused by my arousal and demanded denial clashing in additional the physical pain I was feeling.

I managed to hold out until the very end, collapsing as the 11 minutes expired, my cock raw and on fire, my body trembling in frustration, and my balls aching from the bondage and denial.  Through all of that, I felt a swelling of pride for successfully completing Mistress’s challenge.  Of course, I also had the haunting feeling that this was just day 1 of my ordeal and wondering how much further I’d have to push myself during the next two weeks.

On her blog, Mistress wrote about how much she enjoyed watching me, to the point where she actually had an orgasm from the experience.  Mistress also wrote about being anxious to experience such a session in "real space" so she can hold me while I tremble.  I, too, long for that contact.  Last night’s ordeal is one where some quality aftercare (being held and having my hair stroked, for example) would have just added so much to my heady subspace buzz.

I wait now for Mistress to see what devious and wicked plan she has for me tonight.  Hopefully, I can continue to push my boundaries to meet her challenges and make Mistress proud with my utter and complete devotion.

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