Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom


Last night, I asked for my assignment from Mistress Trecia as usual.  While some are groan inducing because I know they are going to be difficult and/or painful, last night I actually freaked out a little bit.

"How about some good ole fashioned cock bondage?  Tie it up, put the clips and traps on, and snap a pic (which you’ll use on your blog).  After you snap the pic, you may remove the clampy things, then rub a bit while listening to 3 audios.  Then untie and get into bed.  You may stroke all you want once in bed, but no cumming."

The bottom of my stomach dropped out and my heart skipped a beat as I read "and snap a pic ".  Pictures?  Of me?  Naked?  On my blog?  (Cut to old time cartoon guy biting his fingernails like a typewriter.)

While this might seem like a lot to ask on the surface, it’s actually not that unreasonable.  Mistress has already told me that she’s taking me to a public play party when I’m there for my visit and I’ve agreed to have my sessions with her photographed and videotaped (including when I get my piercing done), so this fear is something that I need to start facing right away.

The main issue for me is my weight.  I’m extremely  self-conscious about how I look naked.  During my normal day, I never get bogged down by it or think twice about it, but every time I get undressed I get a little twinge of embarrassment.  My current size is a direct result of my crystal meth addiction, something that is doubly shaming now that I’ve put just over nine years between me and that time in my life.  Because of all this, I was terrified at the sudden realization of what agreeing to be naked on the Internet (and in public) really meant.

Mistress did give me an out with a chance to trade chaste days or cane swats for the picture, but in the spirit of "put up or shut up", I did the assignment and you can see the results below.  (Just to make things even more public, I’m posting the pictures directly from Flickr just like the ones from my other articles.)  While I was originally just going to include the two closeups of my bound cock and tortured nipples, I knew that posting a full-frontal shot was actually more in line with the spirit of the assignment.

In the end, actually taking  the pictures was more of a personal challenge than posting them.  I bound myself per Mistress’s instructions and then decided to put two hair clips on my balls and the mousetraps on my nipples.  The hair clips have these little spiky teeth that just dug into the soft skin of my scrotum and started to sting as I fumbled with the camera.  (I had to find the timed shot setting and set it up in such a way that I would be in focus and properly exposed [no pun intended].)    Once that was sorted out, I had to make sure my cock stayed at least partially erect through the increasing pain of the clips and my severe case of nerves.  (As long as I was going to do this, I wanted to look my best!)

Once the pictures were snapped, I removed the clips from my balls (taking them off stung even more - ow!), but I left the mousetraps in place.  (Now that I’ve embraced my status as a painslut, I don’t mind telling you that love the little tweaks of pain I get as they bob in the air when I’m stroking.  Mmmmm…)  I then selected my three audio files:  Careful (Mistress rides a dildo strapped to your thigh and you can only watch [I wrote the script for this one and love how it turned out]), Cuckold Honeymoon (about the bride who figures that, since you’ve been waiting five years for our wedding day, why not wait a little longer?), and Foot Fuck (Mistress treats a special boy by wrapping her slick feet around his cock).

Before I started, however, I popped the camera’s memory stick into my laptop and sent all of the pictures to Mistress to let her know I was going through with the assignment.  I was actually pretty happy with how they turned out and got a rush knowing that they would soon be out there for the world to see.  That done, I hit "Play" on my MP3 player and started to stroke.  With my newfound excitement brewing, I was riding the edge through almost all of the stroking session and, taking advantage of Mistress’s generosity, I edged again a few more times once I was lying in bed.

One of my last thoughts before drifting off was how wonderful it is that Mistress understands me and is able to find personal boundaries that we can break down together.  Now that the pictures below are out there, I’m actually feeling more comfortable with my body and most of my nervousness at being her public play puppy has faded into excitement toward the events to come.

Big and Exposed Sexy Ties Trapped

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