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Kinks - Urethral Play

Today’s kink report is all about urethral play, literally the insertion of objects into the urethra for sexual pleasure.

I remember the moment I first heard about urethral play.  I was visiting The Crypt in San Diego, this excellent leather store that I used to frequent.  I overhead a phone call the store manager was on, one that was ended by them saying "Yeah, those are really fun, but we don’t carry them because people could hurt themselves and we don’t want to get sued."  Intrigued, I asked what they were talking about and he said "catheters".

Now, I knew what catheters were, but had never heard them referred to as "fun".  I discussed the topic with the Crypt’s manager and he explained about the different types of catheters and about "sounds", metal rods normally used to clear blockages.  I really  wanted to try out this new-found kink, but didn’t have any of the necessary equipment nor where to find it, so I did something really, really stupid.

I went to a local pet store and bought a length of aquarium tubing.

When I got home, I cleaned the tubing with antibacterial cleanser, then got naked, lubed it up, and started to slide it up inside my cock.  The feeling was simply amazing.  Granted it was a little uncomfortable at first, but the forbidden vibe (having something that wasn’t supposed to be there) along with the sensation of something sliding inside my cock made me rock hard instantly and permanently branded a new kink into my sexuality. 

Of course, thanks to my crude equipment, I did end up pissing blood for a couple of days, not to mention the unbelievable sting each time I urinated for the next week, but it was totally worth it.  I did a little reading on the Internet and found a great nursing text at the local library to learn more about catheter safety.  I also managed to get my hands on "real" catheters that were both sterile and less likely to cause internal bleeding so I could really explore.  I also started collecting objects that were smooth and tapered to try them out.  (Watercolor brushes seem well suited to this particular purpose as long as you use them handle-end first.)

When I purchased my first serious electrical play set, I made sure to get the catheter electrode and have had some really fun experiences with that.  I’ve also been looking at insertable wands, especially since I’m getting a Prince Albert in two weeks.  The thought of being able to walk around all day with a nice, thick piece of metal up inside my cock is just dreamy.

Of course, as much as Mistress Trecia has been keeping me denied and horny lately, maybe that much stimulation all the time is a bad thing…

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