Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom

Surprise Call

Last night, I was IMing with Mistress Trecia about some work for her site when she asked "Would you like to call me for a few minutes?"  I immediately grabbed my headset and cell phone and a moment later her alluring voice was in my ear. 

Since my most "direct" contact with Mistress to date has been her voice, it has a special effect on me.  I get a wonderful warm, fuzzy feeling and my demeanor instinctually changes - my voice gets quieter, I bow my head while speaking, and I feel that wonderful flush of excitement as I slowly sink into subspace.

At first, we just discussed some mundane things.  I tried to help her get her new laptop to connect to her wireless network and we discussed some logistics about our upcoming visit.  Then, out of the blue, she asked, "So, you’ve been getting incredibly horny, boy?"  When I said that I had, she immediately told me to grab my cock.

"Grab it now, boy.  Stroke for me.  "

Those three little magical words just electrified me and I was rock hard before my hand even made it down there.  Within about three strokes, I was already moaning with abandon and losing myself into the sensation, my entire existence centered in the hand wrapped around my cock, stroking myself deeper into denial and frustration.

"Oooo, poor boy.  I bet you want to cum, don’t you my little stroke slut?"  Yes, Mistress.   "Well, too….fucking…..bad."  Then she let loose with that wicked laugh of hers, the one that always cuts through me and makes me feel flushed with shame at what I’ve become.  (I’d never really understood erotic humiliation as a concept until I met Mistress Trecia.  I completely get it now  - the feeling that you have completely degraded yourself and are exposing your very soul just to be taunted for it push me right into the warm, gooey center of subspace.)

This continued for a few more minutes, my moans growing more desperate, Mistress’s taunts becoming more and more teasing (especially as she described things she might do while I’m there, like tie me up and force me to listen to her pleasure herself).

My head swimming, I heard Mistress firmly say "HANDS OFF" through the haze and pulled my hand away from my cock.  The lingering wisps of subspace and intense frustration left me whimpering and moaning even with the removal of the physical contact.

"Rest well, boy.  Good night…"  And with that, Mistress was gone and I was left to climb the stairs up to my bedroom, knowing that I would spend the next hour lying in bed fighting for sleep, trying to clear my head as my body rebelled with frustration.

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