Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom

Trip - Day One

I’ve been counting down to my trip to visit Mistress Trecia for a couple of months now, but the day suddenly arrived seemingly out of nowhere.  The night prior to my departure where a frantic flurry of packing and car loading and making sure I didn’t forget anything.  I also slept horribly, between being woken by the storm, my anticipation of the trip, and a nasty nightmare that I had a rollover crash on the way up there (probably some lurking fear from my previous solo road trip).

Because of all that, I woke up groggy and in a weird mood.  Mistress had a morning assignment that got my head snapped back into place before I left.  Upon getting up, I was to stroke to the edge then write "MWK" on my cock with a marker.  With each stroke, the horrible night melted away and I was once again filled with excitement about the trip.  Marking myself was just the little extra frosting, a reminder of what all this hard work has been leading up to.  I pulled out of the driveway just after 7 a.m.

In addition to the "wake up" assignment, Mistress had an additional assignment for my time on the road - I was to rub myself through my jeans as I drove for 9 minutes once every hour.  (I did have the option of trading 9 minutes for 9 full strokes, but only if I pulled my cock completely out of my pants.)  The drive up was about 7 hours, and at the bottom of each hour I started to stroke myself through my jeans.  Each time, I got further along than the last in the same amount of time, until the last round (as I was crossing the Minnesota border) left me wondering if I was going to hit the edge.

Once at the hotel, I needed to get all of the BDSM gear in my truck up to the room.  Since that included a full-sized spanking bench and Saint Andrew’s cross, things were a little interesting.  The items all folded or disassembled, so I was able to put them on a cart and wheel them through the lobby without too may weird looks.  The main piece of the cross, however, required me to carry it up the fire stairs as the elevator was a little too small for the item.

Mistress then called to say that she was running late and had errands to do and invited me along.  My original plan was this carefully crafted scene.  I left a key for Mistress at the front desk and had planned to greet her at the door to my room, naked and kneeling.  Meeting Mistress in the lobby fully dressed and then driving around for a couple of hours actually turned out to be a good thing.  We got to have some "non scene" time which helped calm my nerves.  (We also made the odd discovery that we drive the same exact same truck down to the model year and have our "MWK" stickers in the same place on the back.  Weird…)

After hanging out for a bit, we went back to my hotel room.  I presented my gifts to Mistress - I admittedly went completely overboard (Flickr set coming soon) and she was a little overwhelmed at all the new toys.  Eventually, she came over to me, took off her sweatshirt, then said, "Now you" and sat down on the edge of the bed, legs crossed.

I hesitated for a moment, waiting for the expected rush of fear, but even as I started removing my clothes it didn’t come.  Undressing in front of Mistress as she watched seemed perfectly natural.  Once naked, I knelt at her feet and bowed my head, flushed with the excitement of finally being here with her in person.  She reached up and stroked my hair, calling me a "good boy" and was completely lost in that moment.  She then grabbed my chin, lifted my head so I was looking into my eyes, and then said, "Stroke for me".


I wanted to be cool and impressive, but it only took about 15 strokes before I was moaning and whimpering in front of Mistress, all three weeks of my current denial screaming for relief.  As I stroked, Mistress kicked off a sandal and started rubbing her toes underneath my balls and against the head of my cock.  I started begging for release, but Mistress just told me to start stroking.  She pushed my head down so it was resting on her lap, then told me to start again.  The teasing continued until I was teetering on the edge again and, once again, I was told to stop stroking. 

Before the next round started, Mistress grabbed my non-stroking hand and slid it under herself so my knuckles were strategically positioned against her sacred spot.  I could feel her heat and wetness through her pants and that alone almost sent me over the edge.  She also slid her foot so it was resting right against my cock and I immediately started humping her foot, something that caused Mistress to laugh at me.  I was so horny and denied that I was completely degrading myself just so I could get even the smallest semblance of release.

She instructed me to start stroking again, but started griding herself into my hand and brought herself to orgasm as I pleaded for my own release.  She wasn’t quite ready for that yet, so she told me to stop again, causing me to whimper with frustration, something that brought another laugh out of Mistress.

Another round of stroking started, but this time Mistress told me to beg for what I wanted.   And I begged.  And pleaded.  Please, Mistress.  Please  Please  Please  P-p-p-plea-a-a-se…

Finally, she grabbed my chin again and, looking firmly into my eyes as I continued to stroke like a man possessed, said "Cum.  NOW!"  Three strokes later and I was cumming and cumming and cumming, spilling all over Mistress’s feet and the floor.  Exhausted, I fell forward with my head in Mistress’s lap where she stroked my hair.  After a few minutes, she demanded that I clean up my mess and had me lick all the cum off of her feet and ankles.  We then sat for awhile, me completely buzzing from my time in subspace.  (As a memento of our first time together, Mistress later gave me the panties she was wearing in a plastic bag.)

After a while, we went out to dinner and then back to her place where I got to finally meet Mistress’s husband.  We took him back to the hotel so he could see Mistress’s gifts and we had a good time talking until about 1 in the morning when they realized that the day was catching up with me and left so I could crash.  On her way out the door, Mistress said, "Oh, and tonight - stroke for 36 minutes before you sleep.  Good night, boy!" and left with a laugh.

Fighting sleep and orgasm, I laid in bed for the full time stroking and stroking, pulling back from the edge each time I got close, rerunning the day’s events through my head and soaking in my servitude.  My final thought as I drifted off, assignment complete, was that I hoped I could keep up with Mistress over the next four days.

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