Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom

Trip - Day Two

After a night of rock-solid sleep, I woke up in my hotel room with a serious subspace hangover.  I felt awesome, but kinda groggy and just plain beat.  I was still in time to take advantage of the hotel’s free breakfast and had a couple of waffles in the lobby.   Back in the room, I fired up my XBox 360 (yes, I always travel with my console, even for business) and popped in the first season of Arrested Development.  (Mistress Trecia loaned it to me when she discovered that I’d never seen it.) 

Right around then, Mistress called and asked what I was up to and I told her I was just hanging out watching TV.  She invited me over to her house instead, so I took a quick shower and headed out with her directions in hand.  (Noticing that I hadn’t updated my blog yet, she told me to bring my laptop.)  Upon arrival, I did a little tech work for Mistress, resetting her internal wireless network, beefing up the security a little bit, then making sure all of her equipment talked to each other on the new settings.  I then finished writing up my blog post.

As I did that, Mistress was working in the kitchen making a big bowl of homemade salsa for the potluck play party we’re attending on Friday night.  When I went in to tell her the network was done, I noticed she was cutting open hot peppers and draining the juice and seeds into a little Mason jar.  The jar was about half full and I commented on how much pepper juice was there.  She told me that the jar was about half full of lube.  "Oh.   Oh…

When she was done, we went back to my room.  She immediately told me to strip and kneel before her.  From her bag of toys, she pulled out a pair of mousetraps and her riding crop.  The traps went onto my nipples (making my cock stiffen, much to Mistress’s amusement) and then she started rubbing the crop against my bare balls and cock.  After just a few moments, she showed me the head of the crop and it was shiny with pre-cum.  "Who’s my little pain slut, boy?"  I am, Mistress…

She then removed the traps and motioned for me to get up on the bed.  She pulled a small box out of her toy bag and showed me that it was full of clothes pins.  Hoo, boy.  Two pins went up on my nipples and then she started decorating my cock and balls, clipping the pins to the skin of my cock and scrotum.  Just for good measure, every so often she would slap my thighs or strongly flick the head of my cock with her finger, sending me moaning and bucking the air.

The pins came off after a time and Mistress climbed up and sat on my chest.  With one hand, she stroked my cock and with the other, she twisted and pinched my nipples.  Between the previous delicious torture and the steady stimulation on my cock, I was soon begging for release or for her to stop.  She roughly squeezed my cock said, "Look at me!"  When I made eye contact, she said, "I so  own you" and smiled a purely wicked smile.  With that, she jumped up and turned around, pushing her jeans-clad ass into my face.  The point where the denim seams converged between her legs was visibly damp and that alone almost sent me over the edge.  (Mistress is skilled and playing one of her boys like a cello, but seeing that she was just as turned on as I was made me feel so much more connected to her.)

Mistress jumped down onto the floor and told me to scoot down to the edge so my legs were dangling.  I then heard a zipper and realized she was getting out her new metal sounds.  Mistress slowly stroked my already strained and suffering cock, then showed me one of the long, thin sounds, my eyes following her hand down until the sound started to slide up inside my cock.  The sensation was amazing, especially as she started slowing fucking my cock with the sound, sliding it in and out.  I was moaning up a storm and she just giggled as she continued to violate my cock.  One sound came out and the next larger one went in.  I was able to take the three smallest, the largest of the three feeling the best.

With the last sound removed, Mistress then resumed her stroking of my cock.  I noticed my cock starting to get warm and realized that Mistress was dipping into the jar of peppered lube every few strokes.  The burn built slowly, but before long my cock and balls were on fire as she stroked, sending me into a frenzy of pleading and begging, confident that I wouldn’t be able to hold my cum inside any longer.  Mistress stopped and told me to be ready in a couple of hours to go out, then left. 

I immediately ran to the bathroom and wrapped a cold towel around my cock and balls, trying to get the burning to stop, my head still swimming from the amazing experience that just happened.

That night, Mistress, her husband, and I all went out to a local club called "Ground Zero".  It’s a goth BDSM club where they have local Dommes perform on stage with volunteers from the audience.  Mistress looked amazing - her hair and make-up impeccable and wearing a school girl-eqsue outfit (short skirt, white collared shirt under a gray sweater) with fishnet stockings and knee-high patent leather boots.  She was a vision of fetish and beauty and turned a few heads as we walked into the club.

Unfortunately, the club wasn’t that busy and the house Dommes, while in attendance, were not performing.  We stayed for a little while enjoying a few of the go-go dancers (her husband and I got a real show from a girl dancing on a platform near the bar who, noticing that we were watching her intently, would spin around so we could get a full view of her barely-covered ass, the thin material of her thong barely doing its job).  Eventually we went back to Mistress’s house where she had me remove her boots and massage some lotion into her feet and ankles.  (Doing this got me incredibly aroused again, proving once more that Mistress is turning me into a little foot slut as well.)

She sent me back to the hotel with a final assignment, bind my cock and listen to her podcast, then stroke to the edge with my face buried in the panties she had given me the day before.  The podcast was an incredible surprise as it was all about me!  The topic was on how to endear yourself to a Domme and she talked at length about the things I’ve been doing for her, how we met, and how much my service has meant to her.  As a capper on the day, I couldn’t have asked for anything better.  After my stroking was complete, I laid in bed, beaming with pride and afterglow from the amazing day, and then finally let my fatigue carry me off to sleep.

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