Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom

Trip - Day Three

The combination of the very late night and the play time had me completely beat.  I woke up at 11:30 refreshed and ready for the day.  Mistress Trecia called shortly after to tell me to be ready by 6 for the party.

The party was being thrown and attended by folks from the local BDSM community.  It seems that Minneapolis/St. Paul has a really fantastic group of tops and bottoms that meet to talk and play on a regular basis.  As we arrived at the party house, I was extremely nervous.  I had been a "party puppy" for my other Dommes, but it was usually benign stuff like rubbing their feet or fetching drinks.  I’d never been to an actual play party where other D/s play was going on let alone being "in scene" with other people watching.

We were greeted at the door and welcomed inside and spent some time at the kitchen table snacking and chatting with the other early arrivals.  I was invited to sit on the floor next to Mistress’s chair and noticed that the girl who had let us in was also sitting on the floor (when she wasn’t taking care of the other guests).  In a short time, we were invited downstairs to see the dungeon.

Before we did, Mistress told me to kneel before her and she fastened a collar around my neck.  It was a gift she had presented the night before, a beautiful leather collar with an engraved tag that says "timidboy - Property of MWK".  Receiving the collar in the first place was a wonderful surprise and touched me a great deal, but kneeling before her as she placed it on my neck then snapped her long, purple leash onto it was an amazing thrill.  Now properly attired, we joined the group in the basement.

The basement of the house had been converted in a wonderful playroom.  The corners were filled with a human-sized gilded cage, a St. Andrew’s Cross, and a spanking bench.  The walls were adorned by chains, wrought-iron candle sconces, and an impressive array of impact instruments ranging from floggers and whips to a medieval steel flail.  My nervousness doubled as I was intimidated by this space, something that was obviously crafted and arranged by someone who knew what they were doing.

Mistress and I watched as some of the others started to play, most notably the dungeon’s owner who had his girl strip down to her bra and panties and dance for him in the cage.  Mistress had planned to try out her ErosTek there, but the dungeon only had one place where a sub could lay down and it was already taken.  We stayed for a bit just to watch, but Mistress eventually asked if I wanted to go back to my room so we could play in private with her new toys.  Given the choice to watch others or suffer under Mistress’s skilled hand, I gladly chose the latter.

Back in the room, Mistress almost immediately motioned for me to undress and started readying her gear.  Once naked, I was told to lie on the bed and prepare for our session.  I was nervous again, but this time with anticipation of the electro play to come.  I’ve never given over the power controls to someone else and was worried about withstanding its intense sensations with Mistress at the switch.

She started with two elastic bands, one around my balls and the other around my cock, and then fired up the ErosTek.  With the previous devices I’ve experimented with, you switched it on and set a constant power.  The ErosTek, however, has different modes that vary the "feel" of the power (strength, frequency, and so on), as well as escalates the strength of the pulses.  Mistress said later that she could tell when the pulses got stronger because my cock would go from rock hard to limp.  The sensations were unbelievable, alternately buzzing my cock and balls, at times causing me to arch my back against the bed in a futile attempt to escape the voltage that was flooding through me.

Next, Mistress pulled out the flexible probe and told me to spread my legs.  I felt incredibly exposed, my legs pulled up to my chest with Mistress running her finger first over then inserting it into my ass.  Moments later, her finger was removed and replaced with the cold metal probe.  "Are you ready, boy?" Mistress asked, laughing as she started the next round of electricity.  This time, Mistress either ran the box "hotter" than the previous session or the probe was just a more potent electrode because the sensations were incredibly intense.  I actually growled a few times in pain and ecstasy as my body was seized by the power, my muscles clenching and teeth grinding, my cock responding with a mind of its own, pre-cum leaking down onto the bed.

As I rode wave after wave of torture from the ErosTek, Mistress would tightly pinch my already sore nipples between her fingers and stroke my cock, sending me humping in the air trying to get some sort of release.  Eventually, the haze of subspace cleared slightly and I realized that the session was over and Mistress was packing up.  Our time together had flown by and I was shocked at how much time had passed when I glanced at the clock.

Mistress gave me my assignment for the night (stroke to the edge with my face in her used panties, then put them on and go to bed) and I was asleep as soon as I hit the bed.

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