Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom

Trip - Day Four

Shortly after I woke up, Mistress Trecia called to say that her husband was on his way over to pick me up and that she was making breakfast.  It was a really nice time, chatting and having some fantastic eggs and home fries (do people call breakfast potatoes that up here?).  Mistress’s husband had to go which left the two of us alone.  I helped her with a little web work then wrote up my blog post for the previous day. 

Mistress put in the movie "Secretary" with James Spader.  It’s about a lawyer that hires a new secretary, but starts slowly teaching her about D/s and spanking.  It was really  hot and is probably the best and most respectful look at the D/s dynamic that I’ve ever seen in a film.  Once it was over, Mistress sent me back to the hotel to wait for her and I took the time to tidy up the room a little bit and get in a quick shower.

With a knock at the door, Mistress was there, looking beautiful in a long skirt and black strappy tank top.  I helped her get some things together (apparently, I had tidied up a little too well), then she told me to strip and get some lube.  When I turned back around, Mistress was in her bare feet sitting with her legs crossed on the edge of the bed and I knew what was in store.  I knelt on the floor in front of her and bowed my head.  She lifted my chin so our eyes met (she looking directly into my soul as always) and said, "I completely own you, boy.  You are mine and I can do whatever I want with you" followed by a wicked smile.  Mistress then fastened my collar around my neck and told me to start stroking.

Literally  three strokes later, I was already moaning and whimpering, my severely teased cock and libido fruitlessly demanding their due.  I inhaled deeply as I felt Mistress bare feet once again assaulting my balls and rubbing my cock, making me feel completely humiliated at this thing I’ve become.  A grown man sobbing on his knees while he humps the foot of a fully-clothed woman towering over him.  Mistress said "Look at me!" and when our eyes met again, I noticed she had put in her vampire teeth.  "See, boy?", she said, knowing exactly what I was thinking and feeling at that moment, then upped my struggle by biting into my neck.  I could feel her hot breath on my neck (a serious turn-on of mine that she fully exploited) and felt the sharp teeth scratch my neck and shoulder as she bit and kissed and whispered words of her dominance into my ear.

I couldn’t hold it.  I just couldn’t.  I started to plead.  Rather than ask to stop, I did the next worst thing - I asked to cum.  Begged  to cum.  Even after I had been told the day before that the only way I’d ever cum again in Minnesota would be by Mistress’s hand.  Please, Mistress, please…

She slapped my face.

It wasn’t a very hard slap, but I was stunned for a moment, then my cock surged and throbbed and I almost lost it right there.  I had to focus just to keep my hand moving, let alone to keep from spilling.  (I had never expected to be into face slapping, but Mistress has proved time and time again that I have no idea about the depths that my inner pain slut is willing and wanting to travel.)  She grabbed my chin again and said, very sternly, "Keep stroking and don’t you dare cum!"

She released my chin and shoved my head down so it was pressed against her leg.  I clenched my teeth and growled, a sound escaping me that I had never made before, drawn from the depths of my feelings of complete ecstasy and ultimate frustration.  I just needed to stop stoking.  My chant of "please..please..please" just came out as grunts, whimpers, and finally sobs.  During this, Mistress decided to catch up on her reading, thumbing through a copy of "Bondage for Sex" that I had brought her.  The book is filled with photography of the different ties and Mistress would show me pictures of the tied breasts, knowing that it was ramping up my frustration and desire to cum.

Finally, I got the command to stop and I collapsed forward, head in Mistress’s lap completely exhausted.  After letting me catch my breath, Mistress slid closer to the edge of the bed and pressed my face between her legs through her skirt.  "Do you smell that, boy?  And you’re so  close, aren’t you?  Just that thin layer of fabric…"  Purely on instinct, I buried my face into her.  Rather than the reprisal I was expecting, Mistress instead grabbed my head and laid back putting my nose directly against her most sacred spot.  Lost in the moment, I started bucking my nose, feeling the dampness of Mistress through her skirt and hearing her moan, cherishing the honored gift of being able to please Mistress in this way. 

When Mistress was done, she told me I could break pose and rest for a minute.  She then told me to kneel and walked around behind me when I heard the tell-tale clanking of the X-bar, a metal "X" with wrist and ankle cuffs fastened to its ends.  With quick precision, Mistress had me completely helpless in this wonderful new toy of hers.  Mistress then told me I would get a free cum if I could stand up so I tried in earnest, the logical engineering part of brain completely lost to subspace, leaving Mistress to laugh at me as I soon realized that there was no possible way to stand with my arms and legs in that position.  After marking my body with her nails and playfully giving a few frustrating strokes to my cock, Mistress started readying something behind me.

I felt a small metal rod being pressed into my left hand and then a loud crackling buzz filled the room.  This can’t be good…  Mistress started to lightly flog my back, but as each strand made contact, I could feel a small spark and I realized she was using her Violet Wand.  The flogging continued on my back, then across my nipples, and finally across my cock and balls, each touch with the device causing me to jump and squirm and the electricity bit into my skin.  Next, Mistress turned out the lights and came back with the actual wand, it’s round bulb looking very menacing with purple energy pulsing under the glass.  She brought the glass near my nipple and a bright purple spark jumped into my already sensitive skin, causing me to yelp.  Even though I was very comfortable with electrical play, the psychological aspect of seeing the sparks jump into my skin and hearing the sizzle sound as contact was made was pretty powerful. 

Once she was done with the wand, Mistress let me out of the restraints and told me to get on the bed.  My eyes close out of instinct and I was surprised by something soft and warm stroking my body.  Mistress was using her fur glove to stroke my arms, legs, and chest, but after a few minutes, she also started including the leather spiked glove on her other hand to poke and prod my body, paying extra attention to my nipples.

Then, Mistress told me to turn over and get my ass in the air.  It was time for my payback.  Mistress gave me a strict "no touching" policy a couple of months ago with a three swat penalty should I stroke without permission.  I did pretty well, but still ended up earning 9 strokes.  Mistress gave them to me with three different implements: a paddle, a leather strap, and a cane.  The strokes all landed with Mistress’s practiced hand to do the most hurt possible.  By the third of each, I was wincing and trying not to pull away from the stinging pain.  The nine went pretty quickly, though, leaving the pain slut in me feeling like we were just starting to get warmed up.  (I know writing this is probably a huge  mistake…)

After the swats, Mistress gently rubbed my "marks" (but not without taking a picture, of course) and her hand slowly drifted to my cock, giving it little teasing strokes and squeezes.  With her other hand, she started rubbing my sphincter, eventually sliding a finger inside me.  Already high in subspace, the intrusion just sent me flying.  I did my best to relax (I don’t do much ass play on my own) as her finger slid in and out fucking my ass.  (Mistress told me that she eventually got two fingers up inside me, something that had caused her to say "You little slut!" at the time.) 

The fingers came out and I realized some time later that Mistress was sitting in a chair by the side of the bed.  We talked for a little bit and she stroked my hair (something that I absolutely love) and I slowly came down off of my incredible high.  She invited me over for dinner and I shared another meal with Mistress and her husband. 

Afterwards, I was dropped back at my hotel with a new assignment:  play with the ErosTek.  Mistress instructed me to find my favorite and least favorite setting on the ErosTek, adding that I had to play for at least 30 minutes.  I quickly realized that I have to get one of these for myself.  On the PES unit, you can hook up two sets of electrodes, but they both are controlled by the same box with the same settings.  The ErosTek, however, operates both sets independently and  can vary the settings to give a variety of unique effects.  (One mode called "Stroke" sends waves of power that feels like a hand stroking!)

My assignment was to use at least use the ass plug but to also include a cock electrode if I wanted.  I hooked up a bi-polar butt plug to one channel and the elastic bands (one around my balls and the other around the head of my cock) to the other.  I then fired it up and started trying out the different modes.  All I can say is….wow.  There is a reason the ErosTek has a great reputation among the e-stim community - the sensations were incredible, especially the ones that would feed different stimulations to my ass and cock.  I finally shut the box off after 90 minutes for fear that I wouldn’t be able to stop the rising orgasm I felt coming on given my teasing and denial from earlier in the day.

I had a hard time picking a "least favorite" mode as all of the ones on the box felt just incredible, but Climb (which was a mid-frequency steady pulse that felt like ants marching on my cock) was probably the one that didn’t do as much for me.  My favorite mode was a tie between Phase 1 (which sent stronger and stronger waves of vibrations into my cock and ass) and Random 1 (which kept rotating sensations and power levels) with an honorable mention to Orgasm (a steadily building pulse which grew in power and in frequency before resetting to start the climb all over again).

With the assignment done, I plugged in the ErosTek to recharge and immediately went to sleep, my abused body finally getting at least one thing it wanted.

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  1. Cassandra May 17th, 2008 12:40 pm

    I’ve never had any interest in electrical play but…you make it sound so hot that I will most certainly be trying it in the near future.

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