Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom

Trip - Day Five

Sunday had finally arrived and I was starting to realize that in 24 hours, I’d be heading away from Mistress and our time together and returning to the real world.  I also started thinking about how I can incorporate Mistress Trecia into my daily life.  Should I come out as a sub again to my current friends?  Should I spill all to my wife?  Should I just drop everything and move to Minnesota?

I shut down that line of thinking since I had one more day in the presence of Mistress and didn’t want to spoil it by letting reality intrude.  I did make one decision, though - I would fight for Mistress.  I would do everything I could to keep Mistress in my life and hold onto this relationship that means so much to me.  Therefore, I decided to follow through with a promise I made a month prior.

Mistress and I were discussing "marks", ways that she would like to claim her new property (me).  I have a daily collar (a leather string with the Chinese symbol for "slave" dangling from it) that Mistress gave me for my birthday, but after that we began discussing other more permanent markings including tattoos and brandings.

Eventually, we settled on a Prince Albert piercing for a number of reasons.  First, it’s something I’ve always wanted.  The PA means that I’d be able to wear a wand, something the urethral play lover in me wants.  Next, it opens the door to some really creative chastity device solutions, something that Mistress has been wanting to use with me but other devices we’ve tried just weren’t practical for 24/7 use.  Finally, it was a way for Mistress to physically claim me as her own.

We both asked around and looked on-line before deciding on Saint Sabrina’s, a place that has an excellent reputation and is very D/s friendly.  (I asked if Mistress could be present and take pictures and they didn’t even flinch.)

Sunday morning, as I pondered what I was about to do, I knew that this piercing was not something to be taken lightly.  This was a property marking from Mistress and, therefore, was something sacred and not to be done on a whim.  This was a symbol of my commitment to our continued relationship and my devotion to her.  This was not just me finding an excuse for something I already wanted, the gravity and meaning of the act was extremely important to me.

Mistress called and we discussed the day to come.  We didn’t have enough time for another scene, so she asked if I could load up all of her new toys and bring them to her house after which we’d head out for our appointment.  I pulled my truck around to the fire exit door and brought a few loads of the more conspicuous stuff down the stairs, then got a luggage cart to carry the rest.  About an hour later, I had everything unloaded in Mistress’s garage and then we set off for downtown.

Our first stop was Smitten Kitten, a sex toy shop in the Uptown district.  The store is woman owned and operated and has a reputation for being an advocate against "toxic toys" from manufacturers who don’t care about the health of their customers.  The manager remembered Mistress and agreed to be interviewed for her podcast! 

After that, we headed straight over to Saint Sabrina’s.  The place was just immaculate and the staff was very friendly and disarming.  (I was really  nervous by then, wanting to get the piercing but dreading the process.)  We got our paperwork out of the way and started to look at jewelry.  I wanted a heavier gauge and a circular barbell (thinking it would be less likely to get snagged on things during the healing process) and we settled on a nice 6 gauge.

Mistress, realizing that I was starting to get even more nervous, decided to give me a little nudge into subspace and asked the clerk if the 6 gauge would work well with chastity devices, knowing the embarrassment and reminder of why I was there would help me relax.  (It did, too!)  To his credit, the guy didn’t even skip a beat and asked if we had a particular style in mind or if we were having it custom made.  I mentioned - he hadn’t heard of them but did say that 6 gauge was pretty typical for that application.  Mistress then noticed the colored barbell ends and asked if they had purple available for my piercing.  I blushed again, realizing just how much Mistress owns me now.

A few minutes later, we met Jamie who would be doing my actual piercing.  He gladly consented to have Mistress present and also to video the process.  After just a short wait, he led us upstairs to one of their piercing rooms.  The room looked nicer and cleaner than my doctor’s office with a big medical table in the middle of the room covered with paper which I was asked to lay on after dropping my pants.

Jamie said that using such a large gauge piercing was really dependent on the size of my urethra.  Mistress and I looked at each other and laughed, having just tested that very thing earlier in the week.  (Jamie tried the receiving tube that the needle goes into and said that there was more than enough room to which Mistress said, "You’re Welcome".)

Using a mirror, Jamie showed me the marking he had made for where the piercing would go in.  He also pointed out a circumcision scar I never realized I had.  Then, the moment of truth.

I laid back and could hear Jamie working and saw Mistress with her video camera just off to my left.  I then felt the tube slide up inside my cock, followed by a sharp pinching sensation just under my cock head.  I hissed my breath through my teeth, waiting for the serious pain to hit.  I then felt a pop and the pain disappeared, followed by strange sensation of something sliding into my cock from underneath.  After another brief uncomfortable feeling (which turned out to be Jamie sliding in the jewelry), it was over.

I clearly didn’t know what to expect, but it wasn’t anywhere nearly as bad as I imagined.  Of course, we’ve established that I’m a gigantic pain slut and that I’m completely unaware of the depths of my tolerances, so I guess this is pretty par for the course.

Jamie posed with me for a picture and then he asked if I’d come back when it had healed so he could get a picture for his portfolio.  Honored, I told him I planned to return as soon as I could and would give him a call.  He then gave me all of the aftercare instructions (soak twice a day in salt water, no sex for 3-4 days, wear a condom until it’s completely healed) and sent us on our way.

I love the way the piercing looks and it will be a fun toy once its healed.  (Mistress has been telling me some of the ideas she has to torture me with it, including but not limited to hooking a leash to it and leading me around.)  The full video of the procedure will be available in Mistress’s Parlor in the very near future.  (I’ll post a link once it’s up.)

Mistress and I left and went out to dinner.  I was high as a kite from the endorphins and feeling incredibly connected to Mistress at that moment.  After the week, it felt good to go out to a nice dinner and just sit across a table from Mistress and giggle and flirt and enjoy ourselves, comfortable in our roles.  Once we were done with dinner, we headed back to her house where we spent some time with her husband and just had a good time, talking, eating, and playing some Guitar Hero II.

At 4 a.m., they finally kicked me out (since Mistress had to be up at 5 a.m. to fly out for a family trip) and I bid farewell to Mistress.  She handed me a sack lunch she had prepared for me (a yummy meatloaf sandwich) and gave me a big hug, telling me to IM her in the morning to let me know how the piercing was doing and to call as soon as I got home.

I went back to the hotel, did my first penis soak, and crashed out as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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