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Kinks - Feet

I can claim a lot of weird fetishes, but one I’ve never included until this year was a love of feet.  Mistress Trecia has, however, turned me into a complete foot slut and I now catch myself daydreaming about those lovely little toes of hers and the wicked things she can make them do.

Even though feet have never had a special power over me until now, I’ve never been turned off by them.  I’ve nibbled toes on request (including one memorable scene with my roommate’s lesbian partner in a hot tub, but that’s an entirely different story) and enjoy giving foot rubs.  For me, a woman’s breasts always had the magical power to draw the eyes and spark the libido in that special way.  Delicately painted toes, dangling shoes, high heels, and the other trappings of a typical foot fetish just never had any effect on me.

According to Wikipedia, there really isn’t any solid psychological understanding of foot fetishism.  Some people believe that kids who were not held enough by their mothers may be prone to it because their motherly connection was to the feet. 

For me, I know exactly what caused my foot fetish.  Mistress has a number of audio files about foot worship and gave me some assignments to stare at pictures of her feet while stroking for her.  While that did make me start to notice feet in general (in the past couple of months, I’ve been paying much more attention to the amazingly wonderful shoes and boots that women wear), I wasn’t completely lost until my trip to meet Mistress.

On our first night together, Mistress used her bare feet to tease my cock and balls.  My cock was coated with lube as I stroked in front of her, so the toes gliding over my already slick and sensitive head was an amazing feeling.  She also placed her feet in such a way that, when finally allowed to cum, I shot all over them after which she made me lick them clean.  All of that foot play has fully sexualized feet for me and I’m now completely lost to her beautiful feet.

Of course, this means I’ll probably have to buy her some shoes (or the boots she’s been jonesing for) as a gift for my next trip.  I’ll also have to brush up on my reflexology to really pleasure Mistress via her feet.

When I first ventured into my relationship with Mistress Trecia, I thought I had a pretty good handle on my submissive side and on the makeup of my sexuality.  She has shown me that I am nothing but putty in her hands, pliable and able to be shaped to her will, and that I actually understand very little about what makes me tick sexually. 

I look forward to the new discoveries that await under Mistress’s expert guidance.

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