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Winter Blues

It’s the middle of April and my commute was two-and-a-half hours this morning due to the freak snowstorm that hit the Chicago area.  The nasty weather and miserable traffic immediately put me in a foul mood this morning.

When I got to work, I did one thing I knew would cheer me up - I bought a "Welcome Home" gift for Mistress Trecia that should arrive at her home right about the same time she does.  I had originally thought about sending her another bouquet of flowers and a chocolate assortment, but realized for the same price I could get her something that would last more than a few days.  I’ll post a link to the gift once Mistress gets the package.

Last night’s assignment went a little better, mainly because I forced myself to stroke at a reasonable pace instead of running at full speed toward the brick wall that is "The Edge".  Once again, I was browsing XTube and, once again, I was seeking out videos of handjobs.  It dawned on me about 15 minutes into my assignment that I was seeking out handjob videos from some serious subconscious need to stroke to orgasm.  If I  couldn’t get there, I needed to watch other people do so instead.

Watching others reach that sweet release that I’m so desperate for, however, is enough to make a man go crazy.

I did have the pleasure of chatting with Mistress for a time yesterday, something I’ve been needing almost as much as an orgasm.  While I have been craving Mistress’s attention, I know I’m just being a needy puppy.  Mistress deserves a vacation more than anybody (even if her family is driving her batty) and I know my grumping about the lack of contact is completely out of place for a devoted sub.

One thing we discussed was my next trip, currently scheduled for the middle of May.  I’m expecting to wrap up a little side development project just before then which means I’ll have some spending money to have fun with.  (I’m still about $2,000 in the hole from my last trip, but should have that paid down by July.) 

Mistress mentioned my feet kink post and asked if I wanted to take her shoe shopping.  I confessed that I used to work in the shoe department of a sporting goods store when I was in high school, but never had the reaction to feet that I have now.  Of course, Mistress has carefully trained me to be her personal foot slut, but I still can’t believe I’ve gone from no reaction about feet to debasing myself by humping her slick, lovely little peds in less than three months.

Anyway , we talked about going shoe shopping together with me acting as her personal valet, carrying her purchases and helping her slip into all sorts of wonderful footwear in the stores.  This would be a really fun "public scene" (much like our outing to Saint Sabrina’s) and I’m already daydreaming about the possibilities.

I also made one change to my blog - I added a pic of my collar to the header graphic.  I’m torn on whether to wear it any chance I get, partially because Mistress has given me specific assignments to wear it (making me assume that it’s a special privilege that must be granted) but also because I don’t want it to lose the wonderful power it currently holds for me.  I did spend some time yesterday with a bottle of metal polish making the tag gleam like it was new.  (I didn’t realize it was real silver until after I discovered it beginning to tarnish.)

Right now, I’m sitting at my desk looking out over the park downtown, smiling as I picture myself naked and kneeling in front of Mistress, hoping she will grace me with a touch and a compliment in her satin voice.


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  1. Gomourto April 20th, 2007 1:51 pm

    I just got back from vacation and was catching up on your blog. I feel the same way about being denied orgasm and having to watch other people shooting their loads. I just love watching cum shots knowing that I can’t do the same thing. It gets me so excited I feel like I will cum just from watching. I have heard of a compilation porn video that just shows cum shot after cum shot. I haven’t been able to find it online as of yet. I have found a few similar ones but not the perfect one yet. I’d love to pop that in the DVD player and just watch….mmmm

  2. timidboy April 20th, 2007 11:01 pm

    Seriously - check out XTube! There are *tons* of guys and couples posting their stroke videos!

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