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ErosTek - Part 2

On Friday night, Mistress Trecia gave me an assignment to do some more experimenting with the ErosTek.  This time, I used the "ErosLink" cable to hook the unit up to my laptop which opened up an entire new world of options.

First, the software gives you complete control of the ErosTek unit.  This means that you can tweak all of the settings like you would a TENS or PES unit, something that’s not possible from the main controls.  It also lets you download stim routines from the Internet and load them for your own use.

I did a little Googling and came across the e-stim forum  They had tons of great information on electrical play general and also had an entire forum dedicate to sharing your ErosTek routines.


I loaded up a bunch of the most promising looking ones and set up the unit on the bed, choosing a set of conductive elastic bands for my cock and balls and a conductive anal probe.  One thing I discovered after playing with Mistress during my visit is that while the ErosTek is extremely cool, I didn’t really get the best accessories with it.

Based on my experimentation thus far, it seems that the idea setup is to have a bi-polar anal electrode and another set for the cock and balls.  This lets you put these two sensitive areas on two separate power channels meaning that you can vary the routine for both (having a strong, slow pulse for your ass while having a light, stroking sensation in your cock, for instance) and can have better control over the level of power output.  (The ass is less sensitive than the cock, so you can turn up the gain to get stronger sensations.  If you had both on the same channel, you’d have to back off the power to accommodate the more sensitive areas.)

One of the new programs I found has a great deal of potential,. something simply called "Edge".  The program makes use of both channels, with a strong vibration in the anal electrodes and a variety of changing strengths and sensations in the cock.  Then, the routine sends a few extremely strong, sharp jolts of power before ramping down and starting all over again.  The effect was extremely teasing as I could feel myself getting aroused only to have to start over after the jolts disrupted my arousal.  The logical part of my brain says I should delete this one before Mistress gets her hands on it!

Sunday, Mistress told me to try out another feature.  The ErosTek has the ability to pick up audio files either via the included microphone or from an external source like a computer or MP3 player.  Mistress said to listen to two of her recorded audios while shocking myself with them at the same time.  Unfortunately, I lacked a necessary cord to try this, but found one at Radio Shack today.  I’ll give this a go tonight.

I can’t recommend the ErosTek highly enough to anyone who enjoys electrical play.  While the unit is pricey, the functionality makes it worth every penny especially  if you have thing for hands-free play (setting the "knobs" and letting the machine do its thing). 

I haven’t yet found the perfect "sweet spot" on the ErosTek just yet.  I’m ordering a couple more accessories to hopefully better use the device to its full potential.  I’ll post my results in about a week.

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