Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom

General Updates

I’ve got a bunch of irons in the fire (as they say), so here are some random updates:

  - I finally got to try the ErosTek using Mistress’s voice as the audio source.  (The unit has jacks for external audio and a microphone.)  I was a little disappointed with the results.  First, my MP3 player couldn’t kick out a high enough gain output to really drive the ErosTek.  I was only getting little peaks of signal which didn’t really cut it.  After doing some reading, it looks like the "audio in" jack is more for Phaser support, another e-stim software program that generates audio files for you to use.  I’m still determined to figure this one out and will do some experimenting this weekend.  My new anal probe and cock ring set are due to arrive Friday, so I should be able to so some serious fine tuning.

 - My piercing is healing more every day.  Today, I even did a few playful tugs on the barbell with just a little minor discomfort.  By the time I visit Mistress in a month, it should be ready for some regular handling.  I’ve also finally figured out a combination of things I can do that allow me to pee standing up.  If I restrict the flow using a Kegel clench, hold the barbell end against the piercing, and get close enough to the urinal, I can do it without getting my pants wet and without spraying all over the place.  Until now, I’ve been sitting down to pee during the day then experimenting at home trying to get a technique that worked for me.  While Mistress took great delight in the emasculation of me having to sit down, it was too much of a hassle.

 - Mistress had to cancel our scheduled session tonight.  I completely understand (she had some dental surgery today and is still completely loopy on the drugs) and she gave me a fantastic  assignment in its place, so I really don’t mind.  (I am to play with the sounds to see how they work with my piercing and stroke.  I did have to do a little begging to get permission to stroke, but at three weeks and counting since my last release, I really needed some contact to take the edge off.  It will, of course, make things worse in the long run, but the temporary relief will be worth it.)

 - My next visit with Mistress is exactly four weeks away now.  I’m really happy because I’ve been missing her like crazy since I left, but I’m also a little weary because I have a feeling she’s going to keep me denied until I arrive which means almost two months without any cumming at all.  This is the longest I’ve been asked to hold out yet and I’m hoping (and a little worried) about making it the full distance.  I know the reward will be worth the suffering, however, if for no other reason that it makes Mistress happy when I can achieve the challenges she lays out for me.

 - My old personal blog is now completely dead.  Any hope of resurrecting the database died today, so I’m gathering up what I can of the old site and already have my new favorite ISP (go Zimfest!) working on pulling my domain names from my current site.  My daily writing here has made me jones for an outlet for the more mundane things in my life (crazy stuff at work, game reviews, and so on), so it will be nice to have a vanilla blog once again.

 - Finally , I had a little subspace tweaking moment today.  A woman was on the escalator in front of me, just far enough ahead that I had an almost eye-level view of her stockinged legs and gorgeous feet tucked into these high heels with the little ankle straps.  Now, in the past, I would have never noticed that, but Mistress has fully turned me into a complete foot boy (I’m still not completely sure how she did that without me noticing it as it happened) so I get easily transfixed with such things.  My "moment" came when I was completely busted.  The woman said something to me that barely registered and she had to say "Hello?" to get my attention and my looking up from my locked gaze completely revealed what I was staring at.  I blushed about 15 shades of red and she just smiled at me and walked off when we got to the top.  I went the opposite direction (even though I wasn’t headed that way) just to avoid additional eye contact with her.  I felt like such a complete slut and my embarassment just sent me flying.

That’s it for today!  Tune in tomorrow to hear how my sounds play went…

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