Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom

Sounding Off

Tonight, Mistress gave me a fun assignment - play with the sounds.

One of the gifts I brought Mistress Trecia on my first visit was a set of sounds, a set of slender (and not so slender) metal rods that are meant to be inserted into the urethra.  During one of my sessions with Mistress, she used the sounds on me and we both really enjoyed the experience. 

Since then, however, there is a new wrinkle - my Prince Albert.  Since the piercing resides in the opening of my cock, I was afraid that I would have to sacrifice the use of this wonderful new toy.  (I’ve always loved "stuffing" and have used objects in the past ranging from aquarium tubing to watercolor brushes with mixed results.)  With this new assignment, however, I would find out.

One extra treat I got (after some pleading) was the ability to stroke during the process.  It’s been several days since I’ve been able to touch myself and I am really feeling the strain.  I know it won’t go anywhere and will probably just make my aching worse, but I really need the physical contact.

So, up in my room, I got everything ready for the night.  I still had a small packet of sterile lube for the sounds and some vinyl gloves (partly for the cleanliness, but partly because I wanted to stroke with them on).  I then climbed into bed (on the towels I laid out for the occasion) and gloved up, lubed up, and started to play.

I took the thinnest sound and inserted it into my cock.  The fit actually was pretty comfortable and I let gravity do its job as the sound sank into my body.  Since you aren’t supposed to push the sounds in (at least not at first), I was afraid my piercing would affect how the sound slid in or make the opening to narrow (with both the barbell and the sound).  My cock became rock hard as I felt the metal slide down inside, finally stopping when only nearly all of the 5" length of the sound was inside me.

Then, I started to stroke.  Wow..  What a feeling!  As I squeezed, I could feel the hard metal sound inside my cock and the metal ring at the tip.  It wasn’t long at all before I was clenching down fighting off another orgasm as I teetered on the edge of release.

I then went to the next bigger size.  That was a much tighter fit and was a little uncomfortable, but after it settled into place it felt much better.  This time, as I stroked I also slowly slide the sound in and out which started to drive me out of my mind with pleasure.  The sound was slick and sticky with my precum as I edged again and again and again, savoring the sensations.

I did try to fit the third largest sound inside, but it was just too big and I couldn’t get the sound to slide in.  Once my piercing has healed fully, I should be able to remove the ring for short play periods and enjoy the full array of sizes.  For now, however, I can still enjoy them (provided Mistress gives her blessing).

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