Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom

Happy Anniversary / Dropping The Bomb

Today is my 16 year wedding anniversary.  It started out on a sour note because I had to do 4 hours of traffic school early in the morning.  Yuck.  It ended up setting the tone for the entire day.

When I got home, my wife was busy on the computer upstairs, so I spent most of the day downstairs watching TV and playing Guitar Hero II.  Not the most romantic of times.

Finally, my wife came downstairs and announced that she had been reading about D/s all day and realized that she might be a Domme in the rough and wanted to try a Femdom marriage.

My first reaction was shock, followed by surprise, followed by suspicion.

The night before, I was getting ready to ask her for a divorce.  It was obvious we weren’t going anywhere and I had even started to look for a job in Minneapolis so I could be closer to Mistress Trecia.  Then, my wife comes with this out of the blue.

It seemed really convenient.  A little too  convenient.  We talked about it a little bit and I asked her if I could process the information for a while.  Then, I got on IM with Mistress and sought her advice.  She, like I, thought it was a little suspicious, but she did say that I had to try if my wife was sincere.  She did remind me that I could not serve two Mistresses and that, if my wife and I started a D/s relationship, she would have to release me. 

So I confronted my wife and said that I was happy with her news, but suspicious if she understood fully what she was talking about. 

She exploded and what followed was one of our worse fights ever.

After about two hours of yelling (our neighbors must love us now), she concluded by saying that I took 18 years of her life away and that me leaving would basically mean that she would never have a child.


It was a dirty blow, but I knew she meant that and that it was completely true.  I decided at that point to shut down completely.  I was going to go back to our horrible life, let her have the kids she wanted, and keep seeing Mistress on the side.  I told her to "never mind" all that "silly" submissive talk, that I was full of shit and was being unfair, and that she’d never had to worry again.

I went upstairs to my room, buried my face in a pillow, and sobbed uncontrollably for over an hour.  Sometime after that, I fell into a restless sleep full of nightmares and visions of a future I didn’t really want to live in.

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