Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom


This morning, I did one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

I asked Mistress Trecia to release me.

As she herself said, I can’t serve two Mistresses and I have to give my wife a chance to fulfill this role in my life.  Mistress took the news with a great deal of grace, wishing the best for my wife and I, but we both shed some tears over this sudden change in our relationship.

I am indebted to her such a great deal.  If our paths hadn’t crossed, I’d still be downing Courtney Love-level anti-depressants trying to kid myself that my marriage wasn’t all that bad.  It took the joy she introduced into my existance to show me how much I needed to change and find happiness, the service I entered into to show me my true self, and her elevating my expectations of what life should be like to inspire me to face the changes that had to be made.

I owe her my life and my marriage.  I will forever cherish the memories of our time together and the service (and suffering) I was honored to be a part of.  Mistress "Wycked Kytten" Trecia is a rare and special woman, an extraordinary Domme, and an exceptional human being. 

I do hope that Trecia and I can find a way to stay friends through the pain and heartache of our "break up".  My life will only be richer with her in it, even if I can’t be in the role I came to love so much.

As for the future going forward, I’ve decided to keep blogging, even if the frequency fades a little from my current "post a day" pace.  One of the reasons Trecia asked me to start this blog was to help other subs who may be going through the same pains of awakening and struggles with their lives and  marriages.  If even one other person is inspired and/or assisted by the story of my transformation, it’s worth maintaining.

Plus, part of me will always be "timidboy", the unspecting guy who reached out to a voice from across the Internet and ended up turning his life around.  It is in that honor that this site will keep its name.

I’m going to sign off now, perhaps even for a day or two.  There’s plenty of crying left to do…

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  1. HB April 25th, 2007 2:27 am

    MWK has been very dignified in her response, I afraid am not so impressed, having said that if this new found miracle cure works then I will be pleased for you both, I however cannot see how someone can turn dominant overnight without it being an act, and I have been around long enough to know deceiving oneself like that never works, especially in something as important as a marriage.

    Here’s hoping all works out, good luck, I think you both are going to need it!!

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