Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom

House Rules

Almost 24 hours have gone by and my marriage hasn’t completely changed.  I almost don’t know what to do!  (Just kidding.  I’m glad things are starting to level out after such an incredibly emotional week.  It was only 7 days ago that I confessed all to Jacqueline, but it seems like an entire month has passed.)

Last night, Jacqueline asked me to come into her study and review a list of books she had found on the topic of D/s.  She asked me to pick two for myself (I chose "The Complete Slave" and "Becoming a Slave") and then she filled the cart with books for herself, everything from "SM 101" to "The Mistress Manual" bringing the order to almost $170.

I’d heard of many of the titles and was impressed how much she had been scouring the web for the best resources available.  She also picked up a couple of books full of erotic short stories and said she may start reading me bedtime stories if I am a good boy.  (She even promised to stroke my hair while doing so, something that I adore and puts me into full puppy mode.)  My wife has an incredible voice and, since much of the early part of relationship and marriage took place by phone and audio tape, I have an incredibly special and deep connection to it.  I’m thrilled and excited at the thought this new time together.

We then watched the movie Secretary.  It was one that Mistress Trecia had shown me and one that I thought perfectly captured the emotional side of D/s, so Jacqueline agreed to watch.  She is also a huge James Spader fan which probably helped sway her decision.  We discussed the movie the next morning and Jacqueline confided that she was surprised that she didn’t relate or connect to Maggie Gyllenhaal submissive character at all and, in fact, hasn’t felt the expected growth of her own submissive side during all her research.  Our relationship would be a whole lot less complicated if she wasn’t a "switch", so this was welcome news for me.  I know that it may change, but the revelation helped nonetheless.

This morning, I had a neat little nudge into my favorite space.  I was grumping about getting up early to go work out and Jacqueline said if I didn’t want to go to the gym, she’d get a treadmill for the bedroom, chain me to it through my penis piercing, and would then get to choose the speed.  I got out of bed with a blush and a smile.

On the way into work, we picked up our discussion from yesterday about wanting to try and move back to a 24/7 arrangement.  I had been already missing the servitude and Jaci feels that my doting on her will help get her into Topspace.  I only had one request - I really wanted to be collared 24/7 as that is something that enhances my feelings of submissiveness and connection to the Domme.  Fortunately, the order from Stockroom we placed and then tried to cancel last week (which included a really nice "day collar") actually slipped through and is due to arrive today, so Jaci said she would consider doing so.

We then discussed the new house rules and I was given the following directives:

  • No touching myself without permission.
  • I am to take care of all the housework in order to give Miss Jacqueline time to read, research, and plan sessions.
  • If I am upstairs for more than 5 minutes (when cleaning or whatever), I’m to be naked except for a collar.   (We currently don’t have drapes or blinds downstairs, otherwise I have a feeling it would apply to the entire house.)
  • I am not to view any pornography or visit adult-oriented web sites without permission.  I asked if this included the blogs I’ve been reading and was told I could submit a list to her in advance and get blanket permission to read them daily.  I am allowed to continue bloging here to my heart’s content and have been given permission to include all the good and bad that happens with our experiences.  I confessed that giving feedback to her directly would feel like "topping from the bottom" and that I’d be more comfortable doing within the blog.
  • Miss Jacqueline will set my meal menu and exercise plan for the week and I am not to deviate from it for any reason.  (In the past, I would sneak soft drinks from the machine at work or run out to lunch for Chipotle when the mood struck.)
  • I am not to spend any money without permission.  I tend to be a compulsive spender and have run up huge debts in the past due to my shopping.  Also, there is the matter that I’ve been secretly spending money on gifts for another woman, so this is also to boost her trust in me.

Jacqueline is happy at the thought of being "Queen of the House" again and I’m happy to slip back into the place I find so comforting, serving at the feet of a Goddess.

Key to Myself When I opened my lunch today, I noticed a very special gift placed there by my Wife.  There was a box covered in red cloth with some beautiful embroidery on the top.  Inside was a handcuff key and the following note:  "This is a gift, a very special key.  It has nothing to do with me.  It is a handcuff key.  Keep this in your pocket every day as a reminder that you have finally found the key to yourself.  Now your journey can begin…"

I was deeply touched at the gesture and the words.  I did resist the temptation to put the key around my neck and followed the instructions explicitly fashioning a Hobbit-esque lanyard out of an old memory stick carrying case so I can keep the key in my pocket but lashed to my belt so it won’t get lost.  I’ll devise something classier and more permanent once I am home with my crafting supplies.

During the ride home, my wife told me that they key was from a pair of handcuffs she used on me back in 1989 during a visit while I was in my Navy training school after boot camp.  I love that it’s symbolic of us trying to reconnect with pieces of ourselves long forgotten.

Waiting on our porch when we got home was the box from Stockroom and it is still sitting unopened in the kitchen, Jaci’s little way of torturing me.  (I always need to open all boxes as soon as they arrive.)  Hopefully, we’ll get to play with all our new toys very, very soon.

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  1. Hawk May 1st, 2007 8:24 am

    in the famous words;

    AND SO IT BEGINS . . .

  2. Cassandra May 17th, 2008 10:11 pm

    Still reading through the history of your life. I admire your determination to find a way to live intensely but also trying, in your own clumsy way, to make sure that the people you love & care about are happy with their lives as well. For as many times as you almost walked out of your marriage, you didn’t after all. I always hear you taking all the blame for everything and wish that you would realize that not everything in the world and in your world is fcked up because of your actions. Your wife was also in the marriage. You are a lucky man to have a woman who loves you enough to make you her slave. On a lighter note, your links are so helpful. They have really helped me understand your path through D/s in a way I couldn’t have without the pictures and links you provided.

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