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This morning was pretty normal, at least up to a point.  I worked out to a video with Jacqueline then went downstairs to make lunches while she took her shower.  After hers came mine and then I did the other parts of my morning ritual (shave, brush teeth, etc.)

As I was headed out of the bathroom to get dressed, Jaci was standing in the bedroom with her arms crossed. 

"Stop.  Wait there."

I halted in my tracks, still naked and a little startled at being yanked out of my morning routine.  When she came back into my field of view, she was dressed for work and crossed her arms again. 

"Did you make the lunches?"  Her tone and body language immediately shoved me into submissive mode.  Yes, Miss.  "What about my breakfast?"

I closed my eyes because, of course, I hadn’t done that and she full well knew it.  Putting her breakfast together (1 1/2 cups of spoon-sized Shredded Wheat with an Equal packet and spoon) was something I did when I was serving her full time.  This was the first morning of our return to the arrangement and I had already neglected an assigned task.

No, Miss.

She instructed me to walk over to the bed and place my hands on the foot board, a position that had me bent at the waist with my ass slightly in the air.  I knew what came next, but it still took me by surprise.


What I wasn’t expecting was that she was using one of the new paddles we had just gotten from the Stockroom.  I still haven’t figured out why, but my tolerance for pain on my ass is way less than that on other parts of my body (nipples, cock/balls, back, etc.)  She spaced the first few blows out to hasten my anticipation, but before long they were coming one after another and I broke completely, the tears coming in gasping sobs as the unyielding assault continued.

Finally, Miss Jacqueline stopped and rubbed her hand gently across the hot, abused skin of my ass and asked if I was going to forget again.  No, Miss.  She then threw a pillow down onto the floor and told me to kneel.

After a few moments, Miss Jacqueline moved directly in front of me and held my head against her chest.  "Do you really want to be mine?"  Yes, Miss.  "All mine?"  Yes, Miss.  "Good.  Close your eyes."

Day CollarI did and a moment later I felt her slip something around my neck.  It was the day collar we had also purchased at the Stockroom.  With a small click I heard the lock snap shut in the back.  I was now my Wife’s property and was appropriately marked as such.  I actually felt another tear roll down my cheek, this one from the pure emotion of my Wife claiming me as her own.

A little while later (while measuring out Miss Jacqueline’s breakfast), I noticed she had the key to my collar on a chain around her neck along with the BDSM symbol pendant I had given her.

With each day, I’m finding it easier and easier to accept my wife as a Domme and also to find the blissful corner of subspace I love to inhabit.

Tonight, I’m coming out to another friend, my gaming buddy Ben.  He’s strictly vanilla (as far as I know), but has been confiding in me about some really deep personal issues he’s going through at the moment.  I feel it is only fair to return the favor and it also gives me a chance to test the waters as I let those close to me start to discover the true me that I’ve been hiding and denying for so long. 


TMI Tuesday #81

Here are this week’s answers for Too Much Information Tuesday:

1. Ideal amount of sex per week?

Actually, I think intimacy is more important than sex, so as long as I was feeling close and connected to my partner, I’d be okay with no sex in a given week.  Given that I’m starting tease and denial at the hands of my wife, actual sex may be few and far between in the coming months.

2. Ever had an online affair?

Yes, with an on-line Pro Domme. You can read all about it below.

3. Are you a member of the mile high club?

Not yet…

4. Are you prejudice against any particular group of people?

I have very little patience for stupid people, especially those who don’t want or care to educate themselves.

5. What constitutes bad sex?

Sex that isn’t fun for either partner.

Bonus (as in optional): Can females ejaculate?



Sugasm #77

Sugasm #77

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