Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom


Last night, Jacqueline and I went to Native Rituals to get my piercing ring swapped out.  Jaci decided she wanted one that was a slightly smaller diameter and was also a closed ring to make it more comfortable during sex.  (She let me keep the larger 6 gauge since we agreed that it would be more suitable for "play" including using it as an anchor point somewhere down the road.)

The guys there were great to work with, especially since they were the second string piercers.  (All the main guys are currently in Las Vegas for their big annual convention.)  We were in and out in about 20 minutes which included the time it took for them to sterilize the new ring.

I’ve been worried since we left that the smaller diameter was going to cause issues with pinching when I was erect.  Leave it to Miss Jacqueline to find a fun way to test the waters.

As we were discussing the issue, she reached out, pulled my cock from my PJs, and started to stroke it.  I have been on a strict "no touching" rule for almost a week now and the complete and utter lack of contact has been driving me mad.  Her touch made my cock jump to life immediately and I threw my head back and the unexpected treat, moaning like crazy and uncontrollably bucking my hips into her hand.

As she teased me, Miss Jacqueline reminded me that I still owed her a punishment this week for breaking the "no clothes upstairs" rule on Wednesday.  (I was vacuuming and neglected to disrobe first when I got upstairs.)  She said that a little edge play might get me good and ready for what she had planned this weekend and hinted that I’m looking at about 90 minutes of web and or video stroking time tomorrow night.  Of course, in my completely denied state, I know I will go completely overboard and be edging again and again completely without any restraint at all.  (I’m my own worst enemy when I’m this horny and denied.)

Miss Jacqueline firmly stroking my cock as she kept dropping hints about what would be in store for me this weekend.  Something about my tongue being tired and me getting some reward for keeping up with my "chores" around the house so well this week.

Then, she said something that blew my mind:  "You know, I knew about all the ownership aspects of D/s, but what I never realized is that you are just my little toy, something I can play with whenever I feel like it."  She then gave me a wickedsmile and said, "Is something wrong?  Your ring is awfully wet?" referring, of course, to the massive amounts of precum that I was leaking all over her hand and my PJs.

She finally tucked my cock away and then gave it a couple of quick slaps, laughing as she said that she was so looking forward to torturing me on Sunday.

The surprises weren’t over, however.  Miss Jacqueline stood in front of me and guided my hand between her legs to her sacred spot.  She gasped as my fingers made contact, but I realized that she was absolutely soaking wet. 
"Remember us talking about Topspace?", she asked, letting me know that she was getting off on seeing me suffer and squirm at her hand, something she had doubted she was capable of less than a week ago.


I can’t tell you how happy I have been watching this new side of my wife emerge and how lucky I feel for being able to bring this thing that I love so much into my marriage.  At the start of the year, as my submissive feelings and needs were starting to reemerge, I never thought that this was a possibility.  With each day that I spend in Miss Jacqueline’s service, I am more and more impressed with the depth of her devotion to these new feelings and find myself falling in love all over again with this amazing woman.


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  1. Burt Gomourto May 4th, 2007 7:58 am

    Wow, glad things seem to be working out for you, hope the teasing isn’t too bad this weekend, ‘wink’, ‘wink’

  2. Hawk May 4th, 2007 9:49 am

    Interesting development. Now I really have to think about things… hmm. Well, now I think Jaci and my convo will be very fun indeed. Now I am regretting having my Handler schedule my inking for tonight.. bloody hell. But then again, gives another week of fun things to draw apon.

    Tell Jaci to keep up the nice work. She is a very fast learner and look forward to seeing what she has up her sleeve next. I commend her.

    “This weeks movie of the week “Jaci and her Toy” at 11″


    (sorry had to say it)

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