Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom

Random Updates

A lot has happened over the last few days and here is a brief rundown:

 - My edging assignment still hasn’t come to pass.  Real life intruded a little bit and Jacqueline didn’t insist that I complete it, so it fell by the wayside.  I assumed at the time that her telling me to postpone it was another tease, but today discovered that she didn’t feel I was in the right mindset.  I said that usually that is the best time for such assignments, to get me refocused on my dedication to her.  The 24/7 nature of D/s is new to me and this is all new to her, so we’re learning as we go.

 - Friday night, my wife and I did a little bit of "play", mainly her teasing me both with pleasing herself and with some teasing strokes to my severely neglected cock.  It didn’t last long, but was extremely sensual and erotic and sent us both to bed with a warm glow.

 - Saturday, I was treated to a shower by Miss Jacqueline.  When she did this last week, I had a hard time feeling submissive since being bathed was, in my mind, a dominant act.  I realized, however, that it was just her taking care of her property, much like she’d wash her car.  Plus, she also gave me a bare-handed spanking for falling behind in my reading assignments.

 - Miss Jacqueline also gave me a fun little public embarassment Saturday as well.  We were headed out to my sister’s place to see their new baby when Jaci announced that we were making an extra stop.  My sister lives out West from the city in the middle of farm and ranch country, so Jaci found a bridal and saddlery shop to visit.  Inside, was a great mix of riding gear including a wonderful selection of riding crops. 

Once we had picked one out, I was sent to the register to pay.  The woman behind the counter gave me a knowing look and asked, "This isn’t for you, is it?"  She got her answer when I blushed about 10 shades of red.  "Don’t worry, honey, " she countered, "We just sell them - we don’t care what people use them for."  Jacqueline had a laugh of her own in the car when I described what had just happened.

 - We spent Sunday going through the local calendar of events and RSVPing for a bunch of local gatherings.  Wednesday is our first munch and we’re both excited to meet some local folks, hopefully some who share out situation that we can learn from.

 - Today, I took the day off of work to deal with event registration for the big annual game convention I attend every August and got a long list of "chores" from Jacqueline before she left for work.  In the past few days, we started to slide back into our married roles and our of our D/s ones, so the tasks started to feel like chores and not a devotion.  It took me about half the list, but I finally got my head back into things and got myself back into happy sub project space again.  When Jaci got home, we had a discussion about it and agreed that we need to better communicate when we feel the other is starting to revert back to our old married routine just out of habit.

I’m off now to finish the dishes for tonight and to do a little reading before bed.  I have a huge pile of books to get through and I’m already way behind.  (Although part of me would love to do the "I’ve been a bad boy" routine, I actually find that incredibly disrespectful, something that is still puzzling Miss Jacqueline.  The idea of pain as a reward is something she is still trying to wrap her head around.)

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