Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom

Getting Out

Last night, Jacqueline and I took a big step and ventured out to our first munch.  This one was the "West Suburban Munch" and was mostly people that lived in our neck of the woods outside of Chicago.

Being a Wednesday night, the restaurant wasn’t all that crowded and the munch was the only large group in the place.  We grabbed a couple of vacant seats at the table and introduced ourselves to those around us.

There was some awkward shyness at first, but we started chatting with the folks around us.  We had the good fortune to be seated across from the most dynamic and friendly person at the table and had a great time chatting.  She was a sub that lived in the town next to where we live, so we had a lot to chat about.

We were eventually asked the "do you come here often" question and we admitted that this was our first community appearance ever.  Our new friend lit up and started filling us in on all the groups in the area and the clubs.  We told her that we had an invitation to the new members’ night at Galleria Domain on Saturday and she said that we would have a great time and told us some stories of her time there.

Most of the people we were chatting with frequently attended the "O’Hare Slosh" and were members of the LRA club, so we made a note to check them out.  (The "slosh" is the bar version of a munch, this one meets Fridays at a hotel near the airport.)

Overall, the folks went out of their way to put us at ease and welcome us into the group.  I really enjoyed myself and am looking forward to seeing these folks again.  In the car going home, Jacqueline said she also had a good time and was looking forward to other events.  She also echoed my good feelings about our friendly table mate and said that she wanted to attend the other events she had mentioned.

This weekend is a huge step forward for us as we enter an actual BDSM club.  We’re both not sure what to expect, but the comments from the folks at the munch did a lot to ease our fears.  Also, the new members’ night is strictly to meet people and see the club.  There is no play allowed until you join in advance.  (The guests are asked to leave just before the club opens for the night.)

I know that Jacqueline is a little scared about going out into public "in role", so I’m hoping that the intermediate step of just going to check the club out and attend their offered educational session will be a good bridge to some actual clubbing.  Since I am somewhat on the shy side around new people and not completely comfortable with my current naked body, I would love to be put on display at a club.  The push past my comfort zone is a one-way ticket to subspace and the "being forced" part of the dynamic makes me feel less self-conscious and enjoy the attention. 

Taking part in a public scene like that has always been a huge fantasy of mine and I would really love to finally be able to fulfill it.  Of course, in this case, Jacqueline’s comfort zone must be in a place so she feels comfortable showing me off and trying to force that would just sully the experience for both of us.

Until then, we can enjoy the atmosphere, meet new people, and pick up all the knowledge we can.

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  1. Mrs. Claudia May 11th, 2007 9:26 pm

    Hi guys,

    I am so glad you had a positive experience with the local munch. It took me a while to feel comfortable playing at a party but I am getting more and more comfortable by the day. In no time you’ll feel right at home and limits will be pushed. Good luck!!

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