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Mass Update (again)

A lot has happened since my updates started to wane, so I’m going to give some brief highlights and then pick up today with stories of our wild holiday weekend.

Two weeks ago, MJ and I visited our first slosh, a gathering near O’Hare airport.  We had originally heard about it via their website, but decided to make the trip when we discovered that many of the West Suburban Munch folks also hung out there.

When we arrived, we were greeted by Joyful, the organizer of the West Suburban Munch who recognized us from the dinner and remembered our names.  She planted us next to another couple (whom I will call Arthur and Fenny) who are also new to the lifestyle, but in opposite roles (Arthur is the Top).  They were a lot of fun and we spent the entire night huddled in our small group talking about anything and everything.

Arthur mentioned that he was putting together a small get together for the following night, but wondered if we could host as most of the people that were going to attend were from our area.  We agreed and invited them over.

Saturday night, the "party" ended up just being me, MJ, Arthur, and Fenny discussing The Scene and playing board games.  (The others we were expecting went to a vigil for a friend, the "missing Mom" in Plainfield.)  We still had a great time despite the poor turnout and are planning to meet up again sometime in the near future.

The next week, MJ and I went the slosh again, but none of the folks whom we started to bond showed up and the group seemed especially cliquey, so we had dinner and bowed out to go see the new Pirates movie.

Saturday, we attended the LRA club open house.  Even though we loved Galleria Domain, we decided to check out LRA partly to compare but also because many of the folks we know from the slosh hang out there.  Unlike the GD tour (which was just that - look at the equipment, but leave before the members arrive), this was actually a chance to the club during a typical play night.

LRA is basically a large, single-room warehouse space filled with equipment and a couple of small seating areas.  There really wasn’t that much atmosphere compared to the vibe we got at GD.  We were impressed by the wide range of participants, both in style and skill level.  (MJ was worried about playing in a public club, thinking she would be the rank amateur amongst a bunch of skilled Tops.  Seeing folks of all skill levels eased her fears greatly.)

The equipment was well maintained and they had a good variety of different pieces, but everything was a little close together.  (In the couple of hours we were there, we noticed folks rearranging things so they could get to the equipment they wanted.)

We hung out for almost three hours before calling it a night.  On the way home, MJ and I discussed our options on the way home and we’ve decided to get a trial membership to Galleria Domain, preferably to coincide with their planned members-only flogging workshop.  Although we have relationships with the LRA folks, we both really liked the atmosphere and more "upscale" feeling of GD as well as their monthly educational programs.

MJ is also planning to approach the GD folks about using their space to do erotic photography, a new side venture of hers to get back behind the lens and to bump up our toy budget!  The brick / wood floor / tapestry look of the place would be a beautiful backdrop for custom D/s photo sessions.  We haven’t found anyone doing "D/s portraiture" in the local scene and MJ’s style is perfect for that type of work.  I’ll post some samples once she finds her first models.

This brings us up to the Memorial Day weekend and our trip to IML, but that deserves its own post.

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