Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom

Flogger Session

Monday, MJ told me that she was going to treat me to a special session as a reward for my work on the toy cabinet.  I was downstairs with the wonderful assignment of taking a break (using the time to catch up on my TiVo) and was summoned to the top of the stairs.

MJ sent me out to Taco Bell for some dinner (another treat!) and told me to hurry back.  When I returned, I was told to bring the food upstairs with a bottle of wine and my laptop.  The bedroom was lit by candles (the awesome ones by, so the room smelled fantastic) and MJ was in the closet with the doors closed.  I got to work laying out dinner for us and opening the wine (making sure to strip first so as not to violate the "no clothes upstairs" rule).

As I was finishing, the closet door opened and MJ came out dressed in a black corset and gypsy skirt with little bells at the waist.  Her hair was wet from a shower while I was out.  I was told to take a shower of my own (I was still stinky from sweating over the construction) and to come back into the bedroom.

When I did, MJ was sitting on the bed and motioned for me to join her.  She placed the laptop between us and offered me some food.  "Many people, including Mrs. Claudia, said that you boys shouldn’t have any porn.  The problem is", MJ continued, "I like porn!"  We shared a laugh and then I was told to pull up one of the porn sites MJ and I had discussed earlier, a pay-per-view site called

She allowed me to pick a movie and we watched it while we ate.  (It was a "forced orgasm" site where women are tied up to a vibrating rig and left there while the orgasm repeatedly.  HHHHhhhhot…)  Then, She selected a movie, one about a babysitter that gets caught watching porn by the man who hired her and punished.  While we were watching it, MJ reached over and started to stroke my cock.

Between the video and the stimulation, I started to creep close to the edge and asked if I would be allowed to cum, knowing that it was way too early in the evening.  MJ stopped stroking and told me to put the laptop away.  After I had done so, MJ told me to kneel before her and I was rewarded as she pulled my head to her chest and stroked my hair, telling me how pleased she was with Her new toy cabinet and gifts.  She then slid a blindfold over my eyes, helped me to my feet, and guided me to the bed. 

During that exchange, I asked how MJ wanted me to address her, the labels still a little up in the air after the discussion we had earlier in the week.  "Just for the next few hours, you may call me Mistress."  I was grinning like an idiot as I took my place on the bed, pleased that MJ granted me this little pleasure.

MJ had me lie down face up and I could hear Her walking around the bed thanks to the little bells.  In just a few minutes, she had cuffs fastened around my wrists and ankles after which I was told to turn over.  The cuffs were all quickly chained to the new under-mattress restraint system leaving me spreadeagled and helpless.  Then the music kicked in, some awesome "dungeon music" we picked up at IML.

The warm skin of MJ’s hands started rubbing and stroking my bare back, alternating with scratches from her newly-filed nails.  Her hands were replaced by the leather of a flogger, the strands being teasingly dragged across my flesh, the sensual nature of the feeling foreshadowing their true purpose.

Without warning, I heard the telltale whistle as the flogger came down onto my back.  This was MJ’s first experience with the flogger, but she did a really good job of spreading out the blows and varying her technique, some landing with a sting as the strands separated and others hitting me with the impact of a solid rubber mallet.  The blows increased in intensity over time, the abuse peppered with short breaks where I was stroked with MJ’s furry wand.

MJ then unchained me and told me to lay on my back.  "Stroke for me, boy, " She said.  "I want to watch."  While I stroked, I noticed that She was pleasuring herself, something made especially obvious when she held a wet finger up to my lips so I could taste Her juices.

"Is it nice and hard for me, boy?"  Yes, Mistress.  "Then fuck me with it…"  I climbed on to MJ, my ache for release stripping away all of my self-control as I started to thrust with abandon.  MJ grabbed a handful of my hair and said, "Slow…..down…."   I did, but it didn’t help much.  I was already on the edge and holding on with all the will I could muster.  Finally, as I realized that MJ was about to reach her own orgasm, I asked for my own.  "YES!  Yes - cum now!"

My reward came in wave after wave of pleasure, the pent up denial of the past week flooding out of me as I screamed out in passion.   My head still swimming, MJ guided me back down to the bed so I could catch my breath and float down out of the clouds.

Once we both regained our senses, we started to discuss the session.  MJ asked me to rate the level of pain during the session, guessing it was probably around a 6 out of 10 (1 being no pain at all, 10 being the maximum I thought I could handle).  I told her it was actually closer to 2 - 3.  Shocked, she asked how high I’ve ever gone in a session and I told her probably about a 6.  With that news, MJ got a scary smirk on her face and gleam in her eye telling me that I am probably going to really suffer during our next session.

We discussed the session more during our ride to work this morning.  I was shocked to learn that we had been playing for almost 90 minutes since the session felt really short to me.  We discussed how much "warm up" time I thought I needed and agreed that I probably didn’t need that much.  I also told MJ that the frequent breaks were not that necessary and that more pain was better.  That brought us into a discussion about how much pain I "needed" in that type of session and I admitted that pain was a pretty big part of what sends me into subspace during a punishment session.

All in all, it was a fantastic session and another great glimpse into MJ’s emergence as a Domme.  She is planning to talk to the other Dommes at Galleria Domain once we join in order to find a mentor and further her learning. 

Every day, I am constantly reminded that I’m the luckiest guy in the world.  Not only have we managed to put our marriage back on track, but I get to have my soulmate and true love as my owner and keeper.

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