Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom


MJ was nice enough to finally give me a couple of stroking assignments last week.

Wednesday, I was to stroke for 30 - 45 minutes and edge at least 5 times looking at any porn I chose.  That was a serious treat after the long spell of denial and my strict "no porn" rule.  I greedily took all 45 minutes and ended up edging at least 8 times before it was over.  Of course, the relief of actually stroking was replaced by a greater longing when I was done, something that spawned a night of erotic dreams and a lingering need during the entire next day.

Thursday, I had to stroke for 30 minutes, but I could only look at pictures of MJ.  I dug deep into my collection and found two sets of pictures I had previously shot of Her.  One was at a sleazy "adult" motel (mirrors on the ceiling, hot tub in the room, etc.) taken just before I left for boot camp in 1989.  (We would be engaged a few months later.)  MJ is wearing a white blouse and dark blue skirt lying on the bed and each shot has her slowly removing her clothing piece by piece until she is topless.  It’s a really hot set and one that I’ve always cherished.

The other set is about 3 rolls of film from the period during our separation.  I had come back to Chicago and we ended up in a hotel together and I took full advantage with my camera.  I ended up with some great shots of MJ in different outfits (including an especially hot school girl dress) down to complete nudes.  She is even playing with her vibrator in a few shots, her face captured in a look of complete ecstasy.

Being married to MJ for so long, I sometimes take for granted the hot, physical origins of our relationship.  The pictures were all incredibly playful and erotic and completely got me going as I tried to complete my 30 minutes without spilling.  It was a challenge - I ended up edging about 6 times in the short half-hour I was allowed.

MJ has promised more assignments to come, so I can’t wait

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