Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom

Clubs and a Trip!

MJ and I have been doing a lot of thinking and we’ve decided to sign up for a trial membership at Galleria Domain.  Of the clubs we’ve seen in Chicago, that one had the best atmosphere and was owned and operated by a Domme, so it seems to be the best one for our tastes and needs educationally.  This coming Saturday, they are having a teaching session all about floggers and we are going to be in attendance.  Something tells me I’m going to have some cool marks come Sunday morning.

Also, MJ came to me this past weekend and said She wants to go to a BDSM convention.  We had been planning to get away for a week or more this year, but hadn’t yet decided where to go.  I was thrilled at the revelation and immediately jumped on the web with MJ at my shoulder to go through the list of possible destinations She had prepared. 

The one that sounds perfect for us is the Southeast Leather Fest in Atlanta.  Almost all of the sessions discuss long-term 24/7 D/s relationships and/or the service lifestyle.  Unfortunately, it is this coming weekend and we didn’t think we could pull together the money or vacation requests in such a short amount of time.

Then, we discovered the next best thing:  Denver’s Thunder in the Mountains.  It’s in mid-July which means my annual bonus will kick in just before we go meaning we’ll be able to enjoy ourselves and not have to try and attend on the cheap.  The seminars are also interesting with a lot of practical demonstrations.

The best part is the list of presenters.  Two of the people on the list are none other than Dr. Gloria Brame (author of "Different Loving", the book that helped set MJ and I down this path) and the legendary Larry Townsend (author of "Leatherman’s Handbook" which practically started the current BDSM community state).  I’ve actually been fortunate enough to have traded e-mails with Dr. Brame and would really love a chance to meet her in person, even if just to make a charity donation in exchange for an autograph.  (She will be signing body parts to raise money for the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, a service which includes a "pain or no pain" option.  Sounds intriguing!)

Plus, since we’re registering early enough, we were able to get a room in the hotel that is hosting the convention.  (It turns out that Thunder is taking over the entire 450 room hotel for the weekend, so we be wholly surrounded by kinky folk during the event.)  I do a lot of game and tech conventions and staying in another hotel is a huge pain, more so because we’ll be wanting to dress for the event (something that would make travel from another hotel interesting to say the least) and also have our toy bags in tow.

I am so excited about this event!  They have a massive dungeon space as part of the event and MJ and I have been discussing playing in public, especially since she will have lots of new techniques to practice!  It’s also our first venture out into the national community and we’re both hoping to make some new friends and learn more about ourselves and our relationship.

I can’t post pictures of the event (cameras are strictly forbidden), but I will be sure to post running updates while we are there.   Only 44 days and counting!

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  1. Mrs. Claudia June 5th, 2007 7:35 pm

    Hey there,

    Thunder is something alot of our friends here in Vegas are going to. We are going to try and be there too, financial situation permitting. Wouldn’t that be cool to meet you and MJ!! I will keep you posted on our attendance.

    Glad to hear you are doing well. Tell MJ to email me when she has a chance.


  2. Chris June 6th, 2007 2:10 pm

    That would be awesome and a complete honor! I hope we can meet!

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