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More Assignments!

Since this past weekend, I’ve been putting in extra work to get caught up in my chores.  It’s actually really nice to have the house completely clean and I’ve been taking a lot of pride in the fact that the place is nearly "company ready" at any given time.

As a reward for my extra work this week, MJ treated me to an especially generous assignment last night:  stroke for up to 60 minutes watching any porn I wished.

I didn’t get a chance to start until after 11 p.m., so I decided I was going to good and just stroke for a short while but not overdo it.


I practically had to pry my hand away from my cock at the hour mark, my skin raw and nerves frazzled.  I had edged about once every 5 minutes for the entire time, each time telling myself that I wouldn’t get carried away only to find myself in a stroking frenzy racing up to the very edge before having to practically grind my teeth to the root as I tried to keep from cumming.

One thing that made the session extra tough was the discovery of a new site:  The site features videos of restrained guys being forced to cum, usually with the stroking lasting long after they orgasm, their captors giggling with glee as they are almost brought to tears.  Each is shot professionally with two cameras (for the cum shots they actually show them twice, once from each angle) and the quality is excellent. 

Forced orgasm is one of my ultimate fantasies, so this fed right into my deep-seeded fantasies which, combined with the building ache of my current denial period, put me on edge for almost the entire session.

I really have to laugh at the irony of my complete lack of self control while I’m exercising all my will power to deny myself the orgasm I so desperately want.

What is it about tease and denial that makes me go completely crazy?

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  1. Burt Gomourto June 7th, 2007 8:11 am

    I sure can relate to tease and denial making a person crazy! I’m going to have to go check out some of the videos. They look great.

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