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Wicked Saturday - Part 1

This past Saturday, MJ and I had an amazing adventure together, so much so that I’m going to have to split it into two parts!

Saturday started out perfectly normal - sleeping in after a late night viewing of Ocean’s 13, getting a little game time in, catching up on my household duties and so on.

Just before noon, I was summoned upstairs and discovered MJ laying in bed with a huge box of old adult story magazines (Forum, Variations, etc.)  She told me to lay down with her and start going through the piles she had organized to see if there were any I thought were worth keeping.  (She had her own "keep" stack but wanted me to sort through her "no" and "maybe" piles.)

Once upon a time, we both used to pick up the little tabloid mags every so often because it was the only way to get good adult stories.  These days, I can just surf over to the Alt.Sex.Stories.Text Repository and get thousands of stories organized by genre whenever I want, so I ended up rejecting every single issue she passed to me.

After that task was complete and the bed was finally cleared, MJ told me to lie down in the center of the bed and wait for her.  A few minutes later, she returned naked and laid next to me, wrapping her hand around my cock and starting to slowly stroke.  I immediately gasped at the wonderful sensation and reached up to grab the headboard.  (I usually do this because it gives me the sensation of being restrained.)

MJ’s wonderful torture continued until I felt myself start to drift close to the edge and I asked if I could cum.  "Oh, hell no!" was my (completely expected) answer.  She immediately stopped stroking, got out one of the magazines from her "keep" pile, and started to read some of the stories to me.  Part way into the first one, I was given permission to stroke myself.

Despite trying to manage my stroking, I was still on the edge in no time and teetering there as She finished the first story and started a second.  After the second story, MJ lifted her hand up and stuck her fingers in my mouth.  They were dripping in Her own sacred juices, the taste of which almost made me lose control and cum right on the spot.  She returned her hand down between her legs and let out a moan as she started toward an orgasm of her own.  MJ took my hand away from my cock and pulled it to her sacred spot, breathily telling me to continue, her moans building faster.

"Is your cock hard?", MJ asked through the panting.  Yes, Mistress.  "Then get over here and use it!"

I moved over and slid into MJ, forcing myself to use slow and steady strokes so as not to cum immediately.  My head was swimming from the edge play and I fought to hold onto the edge until I received the command I was waiting for.  I felt MJ’s wet grip on my cock tighten as she threw her head back in a loud, shuddering orgasm.

I stammered out a request to cum and heard the magical words "YES!  Cum!  Now!" and immediately let go, a loud cry escaping my own throat as I came again and again until the two us collapsed into a sweaty, panting mass on the bed.

After we regained our senses, I started to get up so I could finish gathering up the magazines that were due to be thrown away. 

"Wait there," I was told and a minute later MJ returned with a towel.  "Here," MJ said, throwing the towel at me, "lie down on this."  I followed her instructions, wondering what was about to happen.  She emerged from the bathroom a minute later with a small bucket, my shaving cream, and a razor. 

MJ told me to spread my legs and then proceeded to shave my cock and balls in a slow, steady manner.  Each stroke of the warm blade on my skin made me shiver a little bit, loving the sensation and intimacy of the shaving.  After she was done, MJ wiped my cock and balls down with a warm towel and then told me to put on one of my cock rings.  She also gave me a list of toys to pack for our visit to Galleria Domain that evening.

I chose a smaller ring because I knew we were going out late and wanted to make sure it stayed put.  After bagging up all of the toys from MJ’s list, I showered and dressed.  (MJ picked out my outfit for the evening - a black jockstrap with a laced-up opening in the front, jeans, and a black shirt.)

Once the car was loaded up, we headed downtown.  Saturday night was prospective member night at GD which means they had an educational session as well.  This time, they offered a flogging seminar by author Scott Smith.  Since MJ acquired some wonderful new floggers at IML, so She was really excited to get some pointers from one of the best around.

Our only brief disappointment of the evening came when, upon our arrival at GD, we discovered that they had not received our membership forms and payment.  Fortunately, the manager Mistress Carol was working the desk and signed us in as her guests so that we could stay and play after the club officially opened for the evening.  (This was the first time of many during the evening that we found ourselves happy in our choice of GD over the other BDSM clubs we visited.)

Name badges in place, we took our seats for the seminar.

To be continued tomorrow!

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