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Wicked Saturday - Part 2

This post was going to be a detailed account of our first play session at Galleria Domain, but MJ reminded me of the lengthy non-disclosure agreement (which we both just reviewed again).  Because we agreed not to discuss the goings on within the club, I’m just going to give some general statements about our wonderful night there.

First, we really love the atmosphere and people at GD.  They are just fantastic and so friendly, especially to two nervous newcomers.  Mistress Carol, the "headmistress"-slash-manager of the club spent a great deal of time talking with us our first night and we just adore her, so our decision not to "whip and tell" is almost solely out of respect for her.

The flogging class was fantastic.  Scott Smith was extremely charismatic and funny and really connected with the audience.  During the "hands on" portion of the class, MJ got some one-on-one time with him and Her flogging skill markedly improved in just that one class.  (She’s since been practicing since, so I’m sure our next session will be especially interesting.)

Since we’re members now, we got to stay after the class once all the guests were shooed away and GD officially opened.  We joined the handful of members that stuck around in the "Fireside Lounge" to chat and meet some new people.  As previously mentioned, we were treated to a chat with Mistress Carol which was a lot of fun.  We also got a chance to watch a few other couples play which was really interesting and exciting.

After a couple of hours (and a quick run out for some dinner), MJ told me to get her toy bag and to meet her in one of the play rooms.  The session was wonderful and showed how far MJ has come in a very short time.  I spent the session cuffed and chained to a spanking bench with MJ using her new (and incredibly stingy!) new flogger on my back and ass.  Her confidence was so incredible and she showed no signs of nervousness at playing in such a public setting for the first time.  (By that time of night, the club was jumping, so there were plenty of folks watching.)  She confessed later that she was nervous, but really got into the session after it started and said that the laid-back and accepting atmosphere of the club and members really helped.

It was my first public play session and I was thrilled.  The thought of being put on display really brought out my inner exhibitionist and (combined with the pain) was a one-way ticket to the deep, gooey center of subspace.  I’m looking forward to future sessions there (we’re already planning another trip this weekend) and will discuss the blog with Mistress Carol to see if she has any issues with me writing about our own adventures.  (I’m assuming the "no tell" rule is mainly to protect other members, but we don’t want to go abuse the policy in any way without permission.)

Finally, the completely surreal day came to a close with a midnight visit to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical sing-along at the Music Box Theater.   One of the people in line with us waiting to get in referred to it as a "less slutty Rocky Horror Picture Show".  Everybody got a small bag of things like confetti poppers and a kazoo along with a reference card telling you when to do what (like yelling "Shut up, Dawn!" whenever Buffy’s sister chimed in with unhelpful advice).  MJ and I are both huge Buffy fans, so we were completely geeking out in a very good way.  The show was an absolute blast and everyone there was just having too much fun.

We finally got home at about 3 a.m. and crashed hard, sleeping until almost noon on Sunday.  All in all, it was a wonderful first night out into the local BDSM club scene and we both were just aglow with happiness and revelling in our renewed connection. 

On Sunday, we compared notes about the night and also had to remind ourselves that we’ve only been a D/s couple for 7 weeks now.   It boggles the mind that we are where we are after such a short amount of time, but to me it just shows that we connected subconsciously on this level when we first met long ago and it just took this long for us to admit our deepest desires to ourselves.  It’s the only way I can explain why this is the most "right" our relationship has felt since we first got married and the absolutely blissful state I’m in every single day now.

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