Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom

New Assignment / Going Crazy

Since MJ lifted the porn ban, I’ve been on PureTnA constantly and have downloaded about 12 gigs worth in the last week alone.  Granted, some of it was for MJ (She enjoys babysitter themed stories, so I found a huge video archive full of them just for Her), but most was me trying (unsuccessfully) to satiate my growing need.

Whenever I start to get that longing for an orgasm, I immediately start to go overboard to try and compensate.  When I am allowed to touch, I stroke until I’m raw, edging again and again but just making myself more miserable.  Now, I can’t even do that so I’m just winding myself up with an all-you-can-view porn buffet that is just making my desire stronger along with my suffering.

I was contemplating asking MJ for permission to stroke and/or cum tonight (something she despises and usually denies anyway), when I got the following e-mail:

Did you think I forgot you?  Your assignment tonight is 30 min of edge play to submissive female with a male dom or any porn where you watch the male orgasm over and over. I want you to watch men do what you are not allowed to do. Yes, you are not allowed to come!

Mistress Jacqueline

Is it just me, or did it suddenly get warmer in here?   MJ, of course, knows my greatest weaknesses and is an expert at exploiting them.  As much as I want to stroke, I know that this specific assignment will wind me up twice as fast as watching other men cum when I’m being denied just drives me crazy.  (In the past, I’ve found myself at XTube watching cum shot after cum shot until my cock is leaking like a faucet and I’m practically whimpering with acute denial.)

And, as always, I love every minute of it!  (In fact, I need to wait for a little bit before refilling my coffee here at work since the tent pole in my khakis will give away my incredible state of arousal just at the mere thought of tonight’s assignment.) 

I do so love being MJ’s plaything…

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