Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom

How Was Your Weekend?

Every Monday, I get the same question at work:  "How was your weekend?"

These days, it’s hard to hide my smile when I say "Oh, you know, the usual".

This past Saturday, we spent the night at Galleria Domain again, this time as actual members.  I’ve asked Mistress Carol for permission to blog about our sessions, but until I get permission, I’m still bound by the NDA. 

Here, however, are some highlights:

  • MJ (unbeknownst to me) has been practicing Her flogging technique.  It was really obvious once we were in scene, however.  I am nearly a foot taller than MJ and for this session I was up on a Saint Andrew’s Cross that has a little platform on which to stand which added at least another 3 - 4 inches.  Despite the height difference, MJ still managed to deliver blows with amazing power and incredible aim.
  • I spend over two hours on the cross getting beaten on my back and ass.  It only seemed like 20 minutes went by.
  • I still have marks two days later (including matching round bruises on my ass cheeks from MJ’s paddle).
  • MJ made me cry.  Twice. 
  • There were two times I tried to climb up the cross to escape the dreaded paddle.  MJ’s comment was "That’s the first time you’ve ever needed the restraints for anything more than decoration.  Cool!"
  • We had a wonderful aftercare session with me curled up next to MJ with my head on Her chest, Her stroking my hair in the way I love so much.  It was a really tender moment and I felt to close to Her at that moment.  It’s this type of intimacy that I’ve been longing for in our marriage, but I never imagined that we’d get there on this route.  (Afterward, MJ had me provide some Domme aftercare by having me massage Her neck and shoulders with Her vibrating glove.)

Hopefully, I’ll be able to post details in the very near future.  Well, at least those that I remember.  I was high as a kite in subspace, so much of the session is a blur of erotic pain and white light.

We left the club at about 2:30 in the morning and headed home.  Once we arrived, we headed upstairs, got undressed, and I started to set up the bed for the night (my usual ritual of fluffing the pillows and so on).  MJ told me to stop and lie down next to Her and, once I did, grabbed my hand and pulled it down between Her legs.  Our mouths met in a hot, wet kiss as I explored her sacred spot, MJ moaning her arousal through the kiss.

I brought MJ to orgasm and she immediately ordered me up on my knees.  "Stroke for me, boy."  Yes, Mistress.  I grabbed my cock and started to stroke, MJ taking over with Her hand watching me stroke with abandon.  Once I was moaning with my own pleasure, I was ordered to use my cock to please my Mistress.

Our limbs intertwined on the bed and hot sticky skin pulled together as I slid inside MJ, her grabbing a fistful of my hair a reward for my performance.  "Slow down, NOW!  I get to go first," was MJ’s command, her lips brushing my ear as she gave Her instructions sending shivers up my spine.

As usual, I was on the edge immediately trying to maintain my thrusting while saving my own ultimate pleasure until MJ was fully satisfied.  When I could no longer hold out, I started to beg for permission to cum.  Please.  Please, Mistress.  Please.

With a cry of pleasure, MJ yelled, "YES!  NOW!" and I came with a yell as my pent up arousal was released in a single powerful burst, my body filled with waves of pleasure, both from my own release and from the satisfaction of being able to please my Mistress.  I collapsed on top of MJ and she grabbed my hair again.

"You made quite a mess, boy!  You need to clean it up, NOW!"  She accented the last word by pushing my head down, leaving no mystery about what She expected of me.  I buried my face between MJ’s legs and started pleasuring Her with the techniques she taught me, my face quickly covered in my own cum along with MJ’s fragrant juices.  My tender licking was greeted with more cries of pleasure quickly reaching a crescendo as MJ came for a third time.

MJ told me I had fulfilled my duties for the night and was free to clean up and go to sleep.  I washed my face and climbed into bed, overcome by the post-coital coma and endorphin crash.  I fell instantly into a deep, fitful sleep.

During the ride home, MJ and I discussed the fact that we’ve managed to come from our horrible fight and the brink of divorce to where we are now in just over 7 weeks.  Part of me wishes I could go back a few years and whisper to my younger, unhappy self to tell him that everything will be okay and that ecstasy and passion beyond his wildest dreams is not only possible but imminent. 

"No, seriously dude!  You’re going to get a membership to a private BDSM club and your wife will become an amazing Domme!"  I wonder if I’d believe it…

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