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Oh, Sweet Release! (Kinda)

MJ gave me a fantastic assignment last night, another of those that looks great on the surface but gives me a realization at how deliciously evil she can be.

When MJ was headed up to bed around 11:30 last night, She told me I could have a stroking assignment.  Better yet, I’d be allowed to cum!  YES!

I was to stroke until I came.  Then, I had to end the session on an edge.  There was no time limit and I could watch whatever porn I desired.  Sounds like a fantastic deal, right?

I settled into MJ’s den with her permission.  Her computer has a way nicer monitor that my little laptop and she also have a nice, high-backed leather chair that is really comfy.  I tapped into my newly downloaded porn stash and started to browse.

I stumbled across some videos from and they were everything I had hoped they would be.  The site’s video formula is pretty simple:  tie a guy up and have an attractive women (or two) tease him until he cums.  In other words, HHHHHHHHhhhot

Despite the amazing new video samplings I managed to keep my wits about me for a change and made the build up to orgasm last almost 45 minutes until I finally couldn’t hold out any longer and I let myself cum, my cock throbbing in my hand with each spurt.

Then, of course, the next part of the assignment hit me and I realized that I’d have to keep stroking.  And not just keep stroking, but do so until I hit the edge.

The next 30 minutes was incredibly difficult, the uber-sensitive head of my cock in agony as I kept stroking.  I finally found the pleasure inside the pain and turned the sensations to my advantage, my desire (and cock) growing again until I hit the edge.  Since I was working at full steam trying to get to the edge, I hit it much harder than I anticipated and it took everything I had to hold the second orgasm inside. 

Afterwards, I was left hornier than ever despite my release and aching from the intense sensations of the assignment.

In other words, that…was…AWESOME!

MJ giggled this morning when I related how I rushed into the assignment without considering the last bit of it.  It was exactly as She had planned and left the desired result.  It’s fun to see Her using Her deep knowledge of me to my disadvantage and also great to see the thought and care that She’s been putting into assignments and sessions. 

She really is a natural at this…

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  1. Richard July 8th, 2007 10:00 pm

    She’s good.

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