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Bad Case of Real Life

Sorry for the week-long gap in posting. I got bogged down in a couple of huge work projects that even kept us from The Club this past weekend, so there actually wasn’t much to post in any case!  (I even turned down an offered assignment last night because I’ve been so exhausted and overwhelmed.  Thankfully, things are starting to get back to normal.)

Planning for the big Colorado trip is almost done and MJ assures me it is going to be awesome! (Outside of fetching some information or copying pages out of her books at her request, she has handled all the arrangements. So, other than knowing we needed unlimited miles on our rental car, I have no idea what we are going to be doing.  The secrecy has been a lot of fun and I know MJ is doing it partly just because she can.  Of course, I love it!)

The last part of the trip is our visit to Thunder in the Mountains, the awesome BDSM conference in Denver.  MJ warned me a couple of days ago that since some of the kinkiest and most skilled folks from around the country are going to be there, She may not way to play in the public dungeon.  She did say that she would more likely be wanting to take notes!  We are packing a trunk full of toys to bring with, so I know we will have a lot of fun even if it is in the privacy of our hotel room.

I got word from The Club (as the BDSM club MJ and I joined will now be known) that I am allowed to blog about personal experiences between MJ and I, but talking about anything else is still strictly forbidden.  MJ has told me to be prepared to go on Saturday, so I’m sure I’ll have plenty to tell!

That’s all for now - I’ll have more to report after the weekend!

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