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Long Time, No Update

Hello, all!  (If any of you are even out there!)

It’s been a very long time since my last update, but there really hasn’t been any D/s news to report.

Our daughter is going to be born on the 15th, so things have been really hectic as we try to prepare doing all the new parent classes and ratcheting up the pace of our insane remodeling project to try and finish everything before the baby comes.  (We got close, but should be able to finish shortly thereafter.)  MJ has been really hurting and is feeling every week of the pregnancy at the moment.

Shortly after she got pregnant, MJ and I had a really long talk about our roles and what it will mean with the baby.  Based on that discussion I asked MJ to release me and she did, unlocking my beloved collar and leaving my neck bare.

The biggest news is that we’re realizing that a 24/7 D/s lifestyle probably won’t work for us once we’re parents.  That doesn’t mean we won’t include D/s in our lives and MJ and I are already talking about returning to The Club and picking some lifestyle conventions to attend in the near future.

The other news item is that I have decided to keep this blog going once we’re back in the swing of things.  It was up for renewal in January and I almost let it lapse.  Despite my doubts, MJ convinced me that it would be really helpful as I explore what it means to be a sub, a husband, and a father all at the same time.  I wholeheartedly agree and, as always, hope that our struggles can help others going through the same experiences.

Finally, MJ has made a new lifestyle friend.  This new friend was a coworker at a previous job who innocently asked the meaning of the BDSM emblem she wore.  They were intrigued and asked a few intelligent questions, but let the issue drop.  Several months later (long after MJ had left for another job), she received an e-mail from this person who said that they were seeking more information and wrote a long letter about their recent soul searching, discovery that they were kinky, and wondering where to go from there. 

That conversation alone has made MJ start to realize how wonder D/s made us feel and she is excited to be able to help someone else come to realize that joy and freedom in themselves.  I don’t know if I will write any more about this person’s story, but with their permission you might be hearing more about their emergence into this wonderful world of ours.

That’s all for now, but I do promise that I will continue to keep this site going and there will be much more to follow as we venture back into our D/s roles.