Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom

{Insert Austin Powers Reference Here}

First - a brief programming note.  I’ve been itching to get this blog back up to it’s original content standard and readership, so I’m going to make a serious effort to post at least three original blog entries per week in addition to feeds from TMI Tuesday and Sugasm.  For those following along with the math, that means new posts five days a week.

I know that’s a pretty big goal (especially since MJ and I aren’t generating a lot of D/s related news just yet), but I’ve been missing writing here and exploring in words a subject that means such a great deal to me.

So - if you’ve been wondering when I was going to get off my butt and start writing again, your wait is over!

Over the past few weeks, my sex drive suddenly switched back on.  With a vengeance.  MJ is allowing me to engage in solo play, so I’ve been masturbating more and more frequently.  (Last Monday night, I climaxed three times over the course of a couple hours.)

I’m honestly not sure what brought about the change.  Before MJ and I headed down this D/s road, our sex life was almost nonexistent.  We would go months without any contact at all and I generally just closed down my sexuality completely.

This sudden and insatiable randiness caught me completely off guard and I’ve actually been having a hard time getting my hormones back in check.  An incredibly distracting side effect of this is that I can’t stop thinking about sex or BDSM and wind up daydreaming during meetings, at my desk, on the train, and so on.  I’ve been getting so worked up that I have been leaving wet spots in my boxer briefs during my more intense fantasies, something I usually discover when I reach into my fly during routine trips to the men’s room to find my cock dripping with pre-cum.

In addition to my somewhat random fantasies, I’ve also started building elaborate fantasy sessions in my head between MJ and I, some of which I’m planning to post here.  (The first chapter starts tomorrow…)

This isn’t a bad thing at all.  In fact, this state I’m in drove me to open the discussion with MJ about sex and our future with D/s that I mentioned yesterday.  I did tell her about my new-found erotic desires and expressed my wish that we work together to channel it into our own adventures instead of just taking matters into my own hand (to use the old cliche).

With any luck, she will honor me with some intimate time this weekend.  With extreme luck, she will honor me with some Domme time as well, but I’m not pushing that at all. 

Of course, that doesn’t stop me from slyly hoping that my upcoming erotic literature will get her into the mood for that as well…

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