Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom

Are You Being Served?

This past Sunday, I spent part of the day teaching MJ how to mow the lawn.

Before she went on maternity leave, MJ worked for a very small company downtown and they decided not to keep her job open while she was gone.  We discussed the situation and MJ expressed her desire to be a stay at home mom, something she has dreamed about for a very long time.  We should be able to swing it financially (I do pretty well at the firm where I work and projects for my small web development company have been steadily picking up) and it makes me incredibly happy to be able to provide something so special for MJ, so it was an easy thing to say "yes" to.

What has thrown me personally for a loop, however, is that MJ wants to become a domestic Goddess and take care of all the cleaning, cooking, shopping, and even yard work.  She believes that, since I am working hard to make her dream situation come true, my weekends should be free of "honey do" lists and instead be focused on having fun and spending time with my family.

While most husbands would be high-fiving themselves at such an amazing gesture, this is actually a hard thing to balance for a service sub like me.

With no housework left, what else is there for me to do?

I had a talk with MJ about this over the weekend.  While I know that what MJ wants is what I need to work to provide (thank you, Ms. Rika!), part of me felt like I was being stripped of all my methods of devotion.  Fortunately, MJ anticipated this and had some fantastic ideas to bridge the gap.

MJ did mention a bunch of things I can do to serve her, most of which would be much more intimate and enjoyable than normal housework.  They included giving her foot rubs and full-body massages (including attending some massage classes at our local community college), performing pedicures and manicures, and bathing her.

Our talk made me incredibly happy for many reasons.  First, it showed me once again that MJ really understands my needs as a service sub and is willing to work with me to help me fulfill them.  (I know this isn’t supposed to be about me in any way, but now that I’ve finally embraced my nature as a service sub I long to be able to wait on and provide for MJ.  It would be really tough for me to ignore that once again.)

Her suggestions also really lit a fire in me because of the erotic nature of the tasks themselves.  Bathing my Mistress?  Delicately painting Her toenails and rubbing lotion into Her feet?  Just the thought of these things makes me feel like a manservant waiting on his Queen!

So, I get to hang up mundane housework and spend my weekends playing with my daughter and then worshiping and pampering my Mistress?  How the hell did I get so lucky?  Given where I was just over a year ago, I still can’t believe my amazing fortune. 

Of course, my gratitude just makes me want to work that much harder to please my Miss!

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