Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom

Techie Stuff

Since I’m back to the blog full time, I’ve been blowing out the dust and cobwebs and finally getting around to some of the changes and enhancements I’ve been wanting to do:

Killing Timidboy

This site was originally named "Confessions of a Timid Boy" and much of this site is still tied to the original URL  I have worked out an arrangement with my service provider so I can transfer sub-Burbs to a new server in late May and finally let the old domain expire.  Starting in June, visitors to the original URL will get a message that the old domain is being retired which will last until it is no longer active.  This move will also give me a chance to update my installation of Wordpress to the latest version.

Dumping Flickr

Although I love Flickr, paying for a pro account for this site doesn’t make any sense given the low number of pictures I post over the course of a year.  I finally moved all of the pictures from the blog onto my server and then killed my Flickr membership.  Since that was the last thing tying me to my old timidboy Yahoo ID, I was finally able to delete that as well.  (If you ever need to download a bunch of pictures from Flickr, I highly recommend Gregg Man’s wonderful FlickrDown.  I was able to archive all of my pictures in about 3 minutes.)

Cleaning Up Links

I went though my Blogroll last week and removed a bunch of inactive blogs and updated the URLs of ones that moved.  I also nuked all of the "reciprocal links" to the adult blog directories.  (I never got a lot of traffic from them and I am better off forging personal relationships with other bloggers rather than just putting links in blog directories.) 

Resource Guide

I had a conversation last month with a local couple who were trying to start a D/s marriage of their own but did not know about the amazing BDSM community here in Chicago.  Once upon a time, I started to compile a resource guide of Chicago BDSM clubs, support groups, kinky book clubs, munches, and events and figured this was a sign that I should revive the project.  I’m hoping to have it up by month’s end.

The Story Thus Far

I spent some time over the last couple of weeks rereading everything I’ve written to date.  Some of it was really hard to get through and I found myself wanting to go back in time and smack myself silly for putting MJ through so much.  I decided at the time to write a longish post that covered the back story and linked to some of the important posts.  I put it up last week as a regular article and replaced my "About" page with the same text, then put the "New to the site?" banner at the top as a beacon for new visitors.

Chaste Counter

I used to have a little clock showing how many days had passed since my last release.  Since I’m not currently under enforced chastity, I removed the clock.  I’m partially expecting MJ to reinstate the rule eventually, so that may come back eventually.

Category Cleanup

Most of the site categories don’t really make sense any longer, so I’m thinking about modifying them or moving to a tag-based system for filing articles.


I considered putting some ads on the site to help defray the costs of hosting the site, but decided it’s not really time for that yet.  My efforts to drive up readership are come from a desire to reach out to other subs who are going through the same personal crisis I was facing last year and show them that you can find happiness as long as you’re true to yourself.  (I also hope to help them learn from my mistakes!)  Ads seem to turn a lot of people off immediately and I also feel they will cloud my true intentions for the site (helping people versus making money).



It’s a lot of work overall, but this site is a labor of love and I cherish the writing I get to do here!

One good note - as part of my site overhaul, I took at peek at the visitor stats for the last couple of months.  I had expected a major drop off due to the long hiatus, but I was nicely surprised!  I’ve only lost about 18% of my unique visitors during the time I was away and they seem to be coming back now that I’ve returned to posting regularly!  (If the hits from last week keep up, I may even surpass my previous high point!)

So, to all of you out there:  Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and be a part of this journey!

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