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Venus 2000 / Milking Machine

Since my first sexual awakening, I’ve had fantasies about machine sex and being at the sexual mercy of a mechanical device.  This fantasy became my ideal in power exchange, being completely at the mercy of someone (or something) else and unable to stop them.  (I wrote about these fantasies at length in a previous post.)

surgemilkerI’ve been trying to build and perfect my own milking machine based on plans I first found on the now-defunct MSN group "Milking Men By Machines".  The picture on the left is what I eventually came up with.  At its heart is the pulsator unit from an actual dairy milking machine that causes the interior of the "receiver" to expand and contract.  This motion, if it were working correctly, would cause the receiver to glide up and down the cock.

Sadly, $300 and 4 years later, it still doesn’t work quite right.  The configuration in the picture is the closest I’ve gotten before finally giving up.  Even if I did get it to work, there were some risks.  The biggest issue is that the device is designed to collect milk which means it needs a strong active vacuum pulling on the penis.  I’ve read horror stories about vacuum-induced penis injuries and was concerned that this design might be overly dangerous.  (The few times I did try it, I had huge hickeys or welts on the end of my cock from the suction and couldn’t use it for more than 15 minutes before it started to get really sore.)

All the while I was working on this, I knew there was a commercial alternative.  The folks that created the well-known Sybian machine for women also have a milking machine for men called the Venus 2000.  The one thing that kept me from snapping one up long ago was the price.  For the core machine and the accessories needed to use it, you need to spend about $1,000.

Eventually, I figured that having a chance to fulfil a life-long sexual fantasy was worth the investment and plunked down the money for their best unit and all the accessories.

Now that I’ve had the Venus 2000 for a couple of weeks, I can easily say it was money very well spent!

venus2000Pictured to the left is the full setup which includes the base unit, an optional remote control to manage the stoke speed, a remote control to manage the receiver’s internal pressure (which, in turn, adjusts the stroke length), a receiver (the part that fits over your cock), two nipple / cockhead massagers (along with a Y connector so you can hook them both up at once), a straight pumping tube, a zippered accessory bag, a cleaning brush, instruction manual, replacement liner material, a bottle of lube, and a promotional DVD.

Everything is handmade at Abco’s shop here in Illinois and the quality is top notch.  The receiver is custom-made to fit your penis based on a series of measurements you send in with your order.  (They ask for your cock length plus its circumference in a few different places.)

MJ allowed me to try it out the day it arrived, so I set everything up, laid out a towel and applied a little lube to the inside of the receiver, then slid it on and hit the switch.  The sensation was unbelievable as the receiver slid up and down my cock in perfect rhythm teasing me closer and closer to orgasm.  By changing the speed and stroke length using the remotes, I was able to get all sorts of different sensations.  I settled on a long, slow stroke then sat on my hands and just enjoyed the ride.

After 15 minutes of steady stroking, I was shaking from desire and a need to orgasm when I finally was able to reach my sweet release.  I came so hard I actually bit my tongue!  What followed, however, was even more amazing.  Being a machine, the Venus 2000 just keep pumping away after my orgasm hit and I was really glad I had it on such a slow setting!  I clenched my teeth and dug my fingernails into my palms as the pleasure from the intense orgasm mixed with the overwhelming sensations caused by the continued abuse of my now super-sensitive cock.

I could only take a few minutes of this before I reached out with a shaky hand and switched off the unit. 

Since that first session, I’ve tried a few times to see if I could ride the torture out to a second orgasm, but have never been able to last long enough.  MJ, however, has been teasing me about the possibilities if she were to tie me down and take over the controls, something that has fueled a whole slew of erotic fantasies during the past couple of weeks. 

The Venus 2000 unit is small and light (about the same size and weight as a gallon of milk), so I’m shopping around for a carrying case for it and its accessories to make it completely portable.  It’s my hope that someday MJ will want to play with this in public at The Club.  (Until then, it would still be nice to have the unit and all of its pieces in a sturdy case.)

I’m also plotting some "upgrades" and homebrewed accessories to go with this new toy.  Abco sells all of the receiver parts à la carte so you can experiment with your own unique configurations.  I still like the "collection" idea of my original machine (something about having the contents of each orgasm filling up a jar under the watchful eye of Mistress struck a chord with me), so I might get a spare end-cap and try to modify it for that purpose.

I can’t say enough nice things about the Venus 2000.  It’s well worth the money and provides an absolutely unique sexual experience!