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Updates and Site News

Site Move Update:  The site has been kinda quiet during the last couple of weeks.  I was waiting until the server move to make a post, but it seems that it is a bigger deal than originally anticipated.  (Making my sub-domain my new primary address revealed a bug in the domain management software my service provider uses.  They have updated the software this past weekend, so hopefully I’ll be able to finish the move soon!)

D/s Marriage:  MJ is moving us more and more toward a full-time D/s relationship, one that we are both determined to handle correctly this time.  She finished Ms. Rika’s book and fortunately had the same reaction to it that I did, namely the section that lists all of the wrong ways to have a FemDom marriage.  (We were both amazed to see a pretty accurate description of our struggles last year in more than one of the examples.)

MJ asked me to prepare a list of devotions that I feel would be appropriate to both help Her and show my devotion as Her sub.  Sometime during the next week, we are planning to have another in-depth discussion so I can present my list and also see the list MJ has been working on.

Collar:  MJ also made a cryptic reference to my collar and asked me to make a few modifications to it.  First, I wanted to make it a solid piece of wire rope instead of using a collar extender in the back.  I also wanted to try and find a lock that doesn’t look like a lock.  (I work in a pretty conservative corporate environment and I got a few odd looks last year when people noticed how my "necklace" fastened.)

A couple of weeks ago, I found a Chinese jewelry box lock on eBay that is absolutely perfect!  It locks securely with a specially-shaped key, but doesn’t look like a lock at all.  We also hit Ace Hardware this weekend and picked up a length of 1/16" wire rope and a couple of crimp connectors so I can rethread the entire thing as a single piece.  I’ll post pictures of the collar and lock once I finish the work.

Baby & Getting Out:  Our baby just turned four months old and MJ and I have been trying to figure out how to get out of the house to go to the BDSM club we belong to downtown.  The old "dinner and a movie" excuse doesn’t really work because the club doesn’t open until 10 p.m., so trying to get one of our family members to babysit would invite questions that we don’t want to answer.  Fortunately, the college-age daughter of someone MJ knows is looking for some babysitting work as well as photography tutoring (and might even be willing to trade one for the other).  Hopefully this will pan out and we can get back into Chicago’s BDSM social scene!

Until Next Time / Coming Soon:  That’s all the news for now.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get the blog moved to its new home sometime later this week.  I also want to start to post some BDSM fantasy pieces I’ve been writing in a new "Fantasy Fridays" segment.  If things keep moving as they are, I should have a lot more D/s news to report on a regular basis as well.  (Hurray!)

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