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Supernanny = Super Hot?

SupernannyES_243x470Am I the only one that finds Jo "Supernanny" Frost incredibly hot?

Now that we have a little one at home, MJ has been picking up parenting guidance from a variety of books and shows, including several of Ms. Frost’s.  The more I watch her, the more smitten I become.

Between her sexy curves, the wonderful accent, and that "I am not amused, boy!" look over the tops of her glasses, I just find her so very attractive. She doesn’t even need any fetish wear to complete the sexy Domme look.  (Of course, adding a flogger or riding crop would be nice…)

I know that Supernanny is just a persona, but the real Jo Frost is actually very attractive as well with an especially lovely smile.

MJ will, of course, always be my ideal woman and the Gold Standard for how wonderful and supportive a wife and Mistress is supposed to be.  That doesn’t mean, however, that I can’t imagine what a fictitious session with the Supernanny would be like. 

Now there is some erotic fan fiction that I need to write!

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