Starting a FemDom marriage in the Vanilla Kingdom


The following is a quick reference guide to the people I’ve mentioned in my blog.  The links after each one will pull up all posts where they are mentioned.

Chris:  Me, the author of this blog.  I had my first D/s fantasies at age 8 and just recently embraced my status as a submissive and accept that it is at the core of my sexuality and personality.  Originally, I referred to myself as "timidboy", something bestowed upon me by Mistress Trecia.  Once I was released from her service, I decided to use my real name instead.

Miss Jacqueline (MJ):  My wife.  We’ve been married for over 17 years, meeting in college before I joined the Navy and finally tying the knot in 1991.  She has had D/s experience on her own in the sub role and is now starting to blossom as a Domme.  (Search:  Jacqueline, wife, MJ)

Jim ("Hawk"):  A friend and former co-worker.  He is active in the Chicago leather scene and a Top, something I never knew until I came out to him about my need to sub.  He has since been a source of advice and insight into myself.  He has his own blog called (appropriately enough) "Hawk’s Blog".  (Search: Jim, Hawk)

Cindy:  My wife’s best friend and someone she turns to for advice.  She has a degree in psychology, but works in the Human Resources field.  (Search: Cindy)

Jason:  Jacqueline’s high school friend and Dom.  He had a passion for impact play and introduced her to spanking, paddling, caning, and all sorts of other similar sensations.  He demanded that their relationship remain secret, something that greatly affected Jaci’s self-esteem and ability to embrace her own D/s feelings or accept mine.  (Search: Jason)

Mistress Debbie:  My first Domme.  We met at a swinger’s party in San Diego and I quickly became her pet.  She eventually would abuse my trust by ignoring a safe word, causing me to end our relationship.  (Search: Mistress Debbie)

Mistress Natalie:  The second Domme I served.  She introduced me to subspace for the first time and made me start to realize my connection with D/s.  We ended up becoming way too attached (to the point where we also engaged in a romantic relationship behind her husband’s back), something that caused me to bury my D/s feelings for a very long time.  (Search: Mistress Natalie)

Mistress Trecia:  I met Mistress Trecia by way of her podcast and ended up forming a serious connection to her.  She showed me how much of myself is wrapped up in my need to be submissive and serve the Goddess.  After only 4 months of service, I asked to be released in order to try and salvage my marriage and find the Goddess within my wife.  (Search: Mistress Trecia)

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