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Supernanny = Super Hot?

SupernannyES_243x470Am I the only one that finds Jo "Supernanny" Frost incredibly hot?

Now that we have a little one at home, MJ has been picking up parenting guidance from a variety of books and shows, including several of Ms. Frost’s.  The more I watch her, the more smitten I become.

Between her sexy curves, the wonderful accent, and that "I am not amused, boy!" look over the tops of her glasses, I just find her so very attractive. She doesn’t even need any fetish wear to complete the sexy Domme look.  (Of course, adding a flogger or riding crop would be nice…)

I know that Supernanny is just a persona, but the real Jo Frost is actually very attractive as well with an especially lovely smile.

MJ will, of course, always be my ideal woman and the Gold Standard for how wonderful and supportive a wife and Mistress is supposed to be.  That doesn’t mean, however, that I can’t imagine what a fictitious session with the Supernanny would be like. 

Now there is some erotic fan fiction that I need to write!

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Venus 2000 / Milking Machine

Since my first sexual awakening, I’ve had fantasies about machine sex and being at the sexual mercy of a mechanical device.  This fantasy became my ideal in power exchange, being completely at the mercy of someone (or something) else and unable to stop them.  (I wrote about these fantasies at length in a previous post.)

surgemilkerI’ve been trying to build and perfect my own milking machine based on plans I first found on the now-defunct MSN group "Milking Men By Machines".  The picture on the left is what I eventually came up with.  At its heart is the pulsator unit from an actual dairy milking machine that causes the interior of the "receiver" to expand and contract.  This motion, if it were working correctly, would cause the receiver to glide up and down the cock.

Sadly, $300 and 4 years later, it still doesn’t work quite right.  The configuration in the picture is the closest I’ve gotten before finally giving up.  Even if I did get it to work, there were some risks.  The biggest issue is that the device is designed to collect milk which means it needs a strong active vacuum pulling on the penis.  I’ve read horror stories about vacuum-induced penis injuries and was concerned that this design might be overly dangerous.  (The few times I did try it, I had huge hickeys or welts on the end of my cock from the suction and couldn’t use it for more than 15 minutes before it started to get really sore.)

All the while I was working on this, I knew there was a commercial alternative.  The folks that created the well-known Sybian machine for women also have a milking machine for men called the Venus 2000.  The one thing that kept me from snapping one up long ago was the price.  For the core machine and the accessories needed to use it, you need to spend about $1,000.

Eventually, I figured that having a chance to fulfil a life-long sexual fantasy was worth the investment and plunked down the money for their best unit and all the accessories.

Now that I’ve had the Venus 2000 for a couple of weeks, I can easily say it was money very well spent!

venus2000Pictured to the left is the full setup which includes the base unit, an optional remote control to manage the stoke speed, a remote control to manage the receiver’s internal pressure (which, in turn, adjusts the stroke length), a receiver (the part that fits over your cock), two nipple / cockhead massagers (along with a Y connector so you can hook them both up at once), a straight pumping tube, a zippered accessory bag, a cleaning brush, instruction manual, replacement liner material, a bottle of lube, and a promotional DVD.

Everything is handmade at Abco’s shop here in Illinois and the quality is top notch.  The receiver is custom-made to fit your penis based on a series of measurements you send in with your order.  (They ask for your cock length plus its circumference in a few different places.)

MJ allowed me to try it out the day it arrived, so I set everything up, laid out a towel and applied a little lube to the inside of the receiver, then slid it on and hit the switch.  The sensation was unbelievable as the receiver slid up and down my cock in perfect rhythm teasing me closer and closer to orgasm.  By changing the speed and stroke length using the remotes, I was able to get all sorts of different sensations.  I settled on a long, slow stroke then sat on my hands and just enjoyed the ride.

After 15 minutes of steady stroking, I was shaking from desire and a need to orgasm when I finally was able to reach my sweet release.  I came so hard I actually bit my tongue!  What followed, however, was even more amazing.  Being a machine, the Venus 2000 just keep pumping away after my orgasm hit and I was really glad I had it on such a slow setting!  I clenched my teeth and dug my fingernails into my palms as the pleasure from the intense orgasm mixed with the overwhelming sensations caused by the continued abuse of my now super-sensitive cock.

I could only take a few minutes of this before I reached out with a shaky hand and switched off the unit. 

Since that first session, I’ve tried a few times to see if I could ride the torture out to a second orgasm, but have never been able to last long enough.  MJ, however, has been teasing me about the possibilities if she were to tie me down and take over the controls, something that has fueled a whole slew of erotic fantasies during the past couple of weeks. 

The Venus 2000 unit is small and light (about the same size and weight as a gallon of milk), so I’m shopping around for a carrying case for it and its accessories to make it completely portable.  It’s my hope that someday MJ will want to play with this in public at The Club.  (Until then, it would still be nice to have the unit and all of its pieces in a sturdy case.)

I’m also plotting some "upgrades" and homebrewed accessories to go with this new toy.  Abco sells all of the receiver parts à la carte so you can experiment with your own unique configurations.  I still like the "collection" idea of my original machine (something about having the contents of each orgasm filling up a jar under the watchful eye of Mistress struck a chord with me), so I might get a spare end-cap and try to modify it for that purpose.

I can’t say enough nice things about the Venus 2000.  It’s well worth the money and provides an absolutely unique sexual experience!


General Updates

I’ve got a bunch of irons in the fire (as they say), so here are some random updates:

  - I finally got to try the ErosTek using Mistress’s voice as the audio source.  (The unit has jacks for external audio and a microphone.)  I was a little disappointed with the results.  First, my MP3 player couldn’t kick out a high enough gain output to really drive the ErosTek.  I was only getting little peaks of signal which didn’t really cut it.  After doing some reading, it looks like the "audio in" jack is more for Phaser support, another e-stim software program that generates audio files for you to use.  I’m still determined to figure this one out and will do some experimenting this weekend.  My new anal probe and cock ring set are due to arrive Friday, so I should be able to so some serious fine tuning.

 - My piercing is healing more every day.  Today, I even did a few playful tugs on the barbell with just a little minor discomfort.  By the time I visit Mistress in a month, it should be ready for some regular handling.  I’ve also finally figured out a combination of things I can do that allow me to pee standing up.  If I restrict the flow using a Kegel clench, hold the barbell end against the piercing, and get close enough to the urinal, I can do it without getting my pants wet and without spraying all over the place.  Until now, I’ve been sitting down to pee during the day then experimenting at home trying to get a technique that worked for me.  While Mistress took great delight in the emasculation of me having to sit down, it was too much of a hassle.

 - Mistress had to cancel our scheduled session tonight.  I completely understand (she had some dental surgery today and is still completely loopy on the drugs) and she gave me a fantastic  assignment in its place, so I really don’t mind.  (I am to play with the sounds to see how they work with my piercing and stroke.  I did have to do a little begging to get permission to stroke, but at three weeks and counting since my last release, I really needed some contact to take the edge off.  It will, of course, make things worse in the long run, but the temporary relief will be worth it.)

 - My next visit with Mistress is exactly four weeks away now.  I’m really happy because I’ve been missing her like crazy since I left, but I’m also a little weary because I have a feeling she’s going to keep me denied until I arrive which means almost two months without any cumming at all.  This is the longest I’ve been asked to hold out yet and I’m hoping (and a little worried) about making it the full distance.  I know the reward will be worth the suffering, however, if for no other reason that it makes Mistress happy when I can achieve the challenges she lays out for me.

 - My old personal blog is now completely dead.  Any hope of resurrecting the database died today, so I’m gathering up what I can of the old site and already have my new favorite ISP (go Zimfest!) working on pulling my domain names from my current site.  My daily writing here has made me jones for an outlet for the more mundane things in my life (crazy stuff at work, game reviews, and so on), so it will be nice to have a vanilla blog once again.

 - Finally , I had a little subspace tweaking moment today.  A woman was on the escalator in front of me, just far enough ahead that I had an almost eye-level view of her stockinged legs and gorgeous feet tucked into these high heels with the little ankle straps.  Now, in the past, I would have never noticed that, but Mistress has fully turned me into a complete foot boy (I’m still not completely sure how she did that without me noticing it as it happened) so I get easily transfixed with such things.  My "moment" came when I was completely busted.  The woman said something to me that barely registered and she had to say "Hello?" to get my attention and my looking up from my locked gaze completely revealed what I was staring at.  I blushed about 15 shades of red and she just smiled at me and walked off when we got to the top.  I went the opposite direction (even though I wasn’t headed that way) just to avoid additional eye contact with her.  I felt like such a complete slut and my embarassment just sent me flying.

That’s it for today!  Tune in tomorrow to hear how my sounds play went…

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ErosTek - Part 2

On Friday night, Mistress Trecia gave me an assignment to do some more experimenting with the ErosTek.  This time, I used the "ErosLink" cable to hook the unit up to my laptop which opened up an entire new world of options.

First, the software gives you complete control of the ErosTek unit.  This means that you can tweak all of the settings like you would a TENS or PES unit, something that’s not possible from the main controls.  It also lets you download stim routines from the Internet and load them for your own use.

I did a little Googling and came across the e-stim forum  They had tons of great information on electrical play general and also had an entire forum dedicate to sharing your ErosTek routines.


I loaded up a bunch of the most promising looking ones and set up the unit on the bed, choosing a set of conductive elastic bands for my cock and balls and a conductive anal probe.  One thing I discovered after playing with Mistress during my visit is that while the ErosTek is extremely cool, I didn’t really get the best accessories with it.

Based on my experimentation thus far, it seems that the idea setup is to have a bi-polar anal electrode and another set for the cock and balls.  This lets you put these two sensitive areas on two separate power channels meaning that you can vary the routine for both (having a strong, slow pulse for your ass while having a light, stroking sensation in your cock, for instance) and can have better control over the level of power output.  (The ass is less sensitive than the cock, so you can turn up the gain to get stronger sensations.  If you had both on the same channel, you’d have to back off the power to accommodate the more sensitive areas.)

One of the new programs I found has a great deal of potential,. something simply called "Edge".  The program makes use of both channels, with a strong vibration in the anal electrodes and a variety of changing strengths and sensations in the cock.  Then, the routine sends a few extremely strong, sharp jolts of power before ramping down and starting all over again.  The effect was extremely teasing as I could feel myself getting aroused only to have to start over after the jolts disrupted my arousal.  The logical part of my brain says I should delete this one before Mistress gets her hands on it!

Sunday, Mistress told me to try out another feature.  The ErosTek has the ability to pick up audio files either via the included microphone or from an external source like a computer or MP3 player.  Mistress said to listen to two of her recorded audios while shocking myself with them at the same time.  Unfortunately, I lacked a necessary cord to try this, but found one at Radio Shack today.  I’ll give this a go tonight.

I can’t recommend the ErosTek highly enough to anyone who enjoys electrical play.  While the unit is pricey, the functionality makes it worth every penny especially  if you have thing for hands-free play (setting the "knobs" and letting the machine do its thing). 

I haven’t yet found the perfect "sweet spot" on the ErosTek just yet.  I’m ordering a couple more accessories to hopefully better use the device to its full potential.  I’ll post my results in about a week.

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Kinks - Feet

I can claim a lot of weird fetishes, but one I’ve never included until this year was a love of feet.  Mistress Trecia has, however, turned me into a complete foot slut and I now catch myself daydreaming about those lovely little toes of hers and the wicked things she can make them do.

Even though feet have never had a special power over me until now, I’ve never been turned off by them.  I’ve nibbled toes on request (including one memorable scene with my roommate’s lesbian partner in a hot tub, but that’s an entirely different story) and enjoy giving foot rubs.  For me, a woman’s breasts always had the magical power to draw the eyes and spark the libido in that special way.  Delicately painted toes, dangling shoes, high heels, and the other trappings of a typical foot fetish just never had any effect on me.

According to Wikipedia, there really isn’t any solid psychological understanding of foot fetishism.  Some people believe that kids who were not held enough by their mothers may be prone to it because their motherly connection was to the feet. 

For me, I know exactly what caused my foot fetish.  Mistress has a number of audio files about foot worship and gave me some assignments to stare at pictures of her feet while stroking for her.  While that did make me start to notice feet in general (in the past couple of months, I’ve been paying much more attention to the amazingly wonderful shoes and boots that women wear), I wasn’t completely lost until my trip to meet Mistress.

On our first night together, Mistress used her bare feet to tease my cock and balls.  My cock was coated with lube as I stroked in front of her, so the toes gliding over my already slick and sensitive head was an amazing feeling.  She also placed her feet in such a way that, when finally allowed to cum, I shot all over them after which she made me lick them clean.  All of that foot play has fully sexualized feet for me and I’m now completely lost to her beautiful feet.

Of course, this means I’ll probably have to buy her some shoes (or the boots she’s been jonesing for) as a gift for my next trip.  I’ll also have to brush up on my reflexology to really pleasure Mistress via her feet.

When I first ventured into my relationship with Mistress Trecia, I thought I had a pretty good handle on my submissive side and on the makeup of my sexuality.  She has shown me that I am nothing but putty in her hands, pliable and able to be shaped to her will, and that I actually understand very little about what makes me tick sexually. 

I look forward to the new discoveries that await under Mistress’s expert guidance.

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Kinks - Urethral Play

Today’s kink report is all about urethral play, literally the insertion of objects into the urethra for sexual pleasure.

I remember the moment I first heard about urethral play.  I was visiting The Crypt in San Diego, this excellent leather store that I used to frequent.  I overhead a phone call the store manager was on, one that was ended by them saying "Yeah, those are really fun, but we don’t carry them because people could hurt themselves and we don’t want to get sued."  Intrigued, I asked what they were talking about and he said "catheters".

Now, I knew what catheters were, but had never heard them referred to as "fun".  I discussed the topic with the Crypt’s manager and he explained about the different types of catheters and about "sounds", metal rods normally used to clear blockages.  I really  wanted to try out this new-found kink, but didn’t have any of the necessary equipment nor where to find it, so I did something really, really stupid.

I went to a local pet store and bought a length of aquarium tubing.

When I got home, I cleaned the tubing with antibacterial cleanser, then got naked, lubed it up, and started to slide it up inside my cock.  The feeling was simply amazing.  Granted it was a little uncomfortable at first, but the forbidden vibe (having something that wasn’t supposed to be there) along with the sensation of something sliding inside my cock made me rock hard instantly and permanently branded a new kink into my sexuality. 

Of course, thanks to my crude equipment, I did end up pissing blood for a couple of days, not to mention the unbelievable sting each time I urinated for the next week, but it was totally worth it.  I did a little reading on the Internet and found a great nursing text at the local library to learn more about catheter safety.  I also managed to get my hands on "real" catheters that were both sterile and less likely to cause internal bleeding so I could really explore.  I also started collecting objects that were smooth and tapered to try them out.  (Watercolor brushes seem well suited to this particular purpose as long as you use them handle-end first.)

When I purchased my first serious electrical play set, I made sure to get the catheter electrode and have had some really fun experiences with that.  I’ve also been looking at insertable wands, especially since I’m getting a Prince Albert in two weeks.  The thought of being able to walk around all day with a nice, thick piece of metal up inside my cock is just dreamy.

Of course, as much as Mistress Trecia has been keeping me denied and horny lately, maybe that much stimulation all the time is a bad thing…

Here are a few links for more information:

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Kinks - Strap-Ons

Today, I’m including a special bonus post on a kink I really enjoy - getting fucked.

From the time of my first sexual awakenings as a kid, I’ve always had a fantasy of being fucked.  While I always enjoyed a little bit of ass play, nothing that I did could ever equal the power of my fantasy, of being "taken" sexually in some way.  Early on, this manifested itself into my sex machine fantasies - some faceless machine invading me in all ways possible.

When I was a senior in high school, a little mom and pop video rental place opened up next to our local convenient store and, being 18 and a movie junkie, I got myself a membership.  On my third or fourth trip there, I discovered their little back room that was a treasure trove of porn.  One jumped out at me, a movie called "The Transformation of Sulka" starring Sulka, an Asian transsexual.  Before then, I had no idea that women could have cocks and the idea excited me greatly.

During my sexual soul searching when I tried being gay for awhile, I had a few experiences playing the bottom to another guy during sex, but it was never really that satisfying.  (I really took to sucking cock, but that’s a story for another post.)  The idea of a woman with a cock is so much more exciting to me because it’s something unnatural, a woman taking on a power normally granted only to men.

The one scenario I fantasize about the most is being tied down on my back (possibly with my legs locked into stirrups) and being fucked while I can watch.  An extra bonus would be to have the Domme grab my cock and use it as a handle or to stroke tease me.  (Mmmmm) 

As I began to embrace the D/s aspect of my sexuality, I discovered strap-on sex and wanted to try it.  I discussed it with both of my previous two Mistresses, even going so far as to buy Mistress Natalie a really nice harness, but neither was very interested.  I discovered a photoset of Mistress Trecia wielding a strap-on in her members only gallery and have been wondering (and wishing and hoping) that someday I can finally experience this under her control.  We discussed it briefly awhile back and Mistress commented that, while she did have the appropriate hardware, she’d never had the chance to use it and really wanted to. 

Hopefully, we’ll both soon get to explore this new territory together.

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Kinks - Electro Play

Time for another installment of what turns me on.  In this case, it’s quite literal.

In electro play, electrical current is passed through sensitive parts of your body creating pain or pleasure.  By tweaking the frequency and intensity of the electrical impulses, you can actually create a vibration type sensation created by your own muscles.  The interesting thing is that you can do this to internal body parts (like the prostate) that you could never reach with more conventional toys.

I first learned about electrical play on the Internet when researching sex machines and after a few failed attempts to build my own stimulator, finally dumped the money and purchased a PES box with a few toys.  While I’ve still never experienced the "hands free" orgasm that some have reached with e-stim, I have had some mind-blowing solo play sessions.

One type of stim toy I really  like is anything that slides down into the urethra.  (I have a serious kink about that, something that I’ll cover in a future installment.)  By setting up the electrodes so current goes from my ass to something urethra, the juice flows directly through the prostate giving amazing sensations. 

For me, I think the electro sex kink is rooted firmly in my machine sex fetish this is being stimulated by a machine in the purest sense. 

Mistress Trecia is also into electro play, so I’m hoping that during my visit I will have the opportunity to be at the mercy of her at the switch.  While solo play is fun, I think being under someone else’s control will be seriously intense.

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Kinks - The Sex Machine

ElectroMilk I originally created this topic to explore different facets of my sexuality.  To kick things off, I thought I’d start with one fantasy that goes back as far as I can remember having sexual thoughts - The Sex Machine.

My very first exposure to sex was the discovery of a huge stash of Playboy magazines in my grandfather’s basement when I was around 8 or 9.  While the ingrained images of those lovely ladies fueled plenty of normal sex fantasies, my mind theater also went someplace a little odd.

I used to imagine some sort of machine with myself and one of my Playmates both strapped into it which would force us into sexual situations and positions.  To this day, I can’t imagine where this idea came from, but it’s always been one that turned me on.  A good portion of what I enjoy about Power Exchange is built on that foundation as well - the feeling of being completely out of control of a situation and at the mercy of someone (or something) else.  Having a machine instead of person in charge is even more exciting because you can’t plead or bargain with a machine and it never grows weary.  You are at its mercy until it stops.

As I got older, the fantasy stated to mutate slightly.  I soon started to imagine only myself in the machine, it attacking me with an array of vacuum tubes and probes in every orifice.  This might have been partially fueled by my timidness about sex, the machine absorbing any guilt as I wasn’t masturbating but being forced to do these things.

This fantasy has remained a mainstay of kinks that I enjoy and time has brought some interesting additions to this genre.  Awhile back, I stumbled across a story called Judy’s Jewels, the story of a farm girl who lures her cousin into bondage and a turn on their milking machine.  That fueled a whole new facet of this kink which led me to purchase my own single-cow milking machine on eBay and work to adapt it to fulfill this fantasy in real life.  (I can’t claim full credit for this - I discovered a sadly now-defunct MSN group called "Milking Men By Machines" full of people who shared the same fantasy.)

I’ve also been sketching out plans for my very own sex machine, a computer controlled gadget with time-lock restraints, a milking mechanism, and maybe even a fucking piston so that it would use me in every way with me completely helpless.  Self-bondage is scary and I haven’t been able to make the machine foolproof enough on paper to even begin to construct it.  Of course, no amount of engineering can fix having your wife come home early strapped into such a contraption.

Still, I hope someday I can at least in some small way experience this thing that has been brewing in my mind for almost 30 years now.

This kink has branched out into other kinks of mine, most notably my forced orgasm fantasy which has been channeled into my new-found tease and denial fetish courtesy of Mistress Trecia.

Some stories that tap into this kink:

  • Judy’s Jewels - Farmgirl gives cousin more than he bargained for
  • Getting the Chair - Housesitting for a crazy inventor can get interesting
  • Eleven Days - A women housesitting gets a bit too curious about the strange "exercise" equipment
  • Milking Man - A Domme fulfills her fantasy of building a milking machine
  • The New Slave (Chapter 30) - Dommes ready the slave for his time on the milking machine
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Pushing Boundaries

In most D/s relationships, a dynamic exists where the Domme will test and try to expand the limits of their sub.  This is good for the "scene" for many reasons.  First, spending every session inside your safety zone gets old after awhile.  It’s fun to try new things and to explore facets of your sexuality.

Foremost, however, is that allowing someone else to test your limits takes a huge amount of trust.  You have to trust that the Domme won’t push you too far, too fast.  You also put your safety in their hands, as many types of punishment, electro-play, or other BDSM fare can be risky and you are trusting the Domme to be knowledgeable of the risks and play safely.  Finally, you’re trusting that should things go too far that the Domme will respect your safe word and have the session pause or stop.  (I’ve had issues with this in the past and, although I’m much more comfortable after so much communication with Mistress Trecia, I was really  nervous due to my trust issues.)

Since Mistress and I first met, she has been slowly pushing my boundaries.  Having never been in a "virtual" D/s relationship, I didn’t expect this to happen outside of an "in person" session.  However, it dawned on me yesterday that she has been expanding my limits ever since our first meeting.

The first thing that’s been completely new for me is the whole tease/denial dynamic.  It fits really well into both my power exchange and forced orgasm kinks and is a real challenge for me, so it’s been a new and exciting experience overall.  Mistress is also slowly increasing the time between my releases, "training me for the marathon" as she put it.  (She painted a graphic picture of me kneeling at her feet with her stroking my hair as I was forced to hold the edge right in front of her.  As hard as this is when I’m alone at home, I imagine it will be so  much more difficult when I’m in her presence.)

In addition to the denial and edge play, Mistress is also helping me explore additional fetishes that I hadn’t previously entertained, most notably panty worship, foot and leg fetishes, and CFNM (clothed female, nude male). 

It’s a little overwhelming to see the changes in myself and the way my kinks are quickly molding to Mistress’s whims, but I trust her implicitly and am excited to see where we will go together and the heights I will reach in her service.

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