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Another Interesting Morning

This past Saturday, our daughter was taking her typical morning nap and MJ invited me upstairs for some naked time.

Since it usually takes her a little while to switch from Mommy mode to Sexual Goddess, we snuggled together under the covers and talked.  MJ eventually steered the conversation around to the topic of BDSM and asked me to describe my favorite punishment implements.  (My all-time favorite is her red buffalo-hide flogger, but I spent time describing my feelings on just about every tool in the toy cabinet.)

As I spoke, MJ guided my hand down between her legs and I started slowly fingering her.  It didn’t take long before we were both pretty worked up.

MJ then asked me to go into more detail about her riding crop.  What did I like about it?  (Looks very commanding, gives focused swat to specific area.)  What did the sensation feel like?  (Depends, but usually a deep sting.)  Where did I like and not like to be swatted with it?  (Like just about everywhere except my face and neck.)

Then, MJ said something unexpected:  "Get up and go get my riding crop."

While MJ and I have discussed BDSM and what it will take to slowly add it back to our marriage, MJ made it clear that I was not to expect any scenes or play time until she fully felt ready to step back into her role as Mistress.  Therefore, this ordered trip to the toy cabinet was a complete surprise.

When I returned with crop in hand, MJ ordered me up onto the bed on all fours.  She let me soak in the anticipation for a minute, me with my ass in the air savoring every moment of the experience and wondering how far she was going to go with this wonderful gift.  The next words She spoke set my body on fire:

"Stroke for me, boy."

Phew!  I reached back and grabbed my cock and started stroking myself while She began swatting my ass with the tip of her crop.  Between rounds of abuse, MJ would reach between my legs and give my balls a solid squeeze or grab a handful of my hair and pull my head back.

At one point, I tried to shift my weight a little bit to get into a better position.  MJ chastised me with the help of the crop:  "Did I say *SWAT* that you *SWAT* could move? *SWAT*"

It didn’t take long before I was in a complete emotional overload.  MJ finally stopped and laid next to me on the bed saying She was ready for the services of Her cock.

I moved over to MJ and got ready to do as She asked, but I suddenly realized that my body didn’t want to cooperate.  I don’t know if it was the overwhelming emotions or something else, but my cock decided that it didn’t want to stay hard.


Since I was in full sexual servitude mode, satisfying my own growing lust didn’t even occur to me.  (Well, okay - that’s a little bit of a stretch.  I was acutely aware of my own desire which I knew would go unfulfilled.  However, my first thought was not focused on myself but instead on how to satisfy MJ.)  I immediately asked MJ if I could pleasure her orally instead and She agreed.

I scooted down on the bed and buried my face between Her legs, lapping gently at Mistress’s sacred spot.  MJ started tracing circles on my back with Her riding crop and giving me an occasional playful tap on the head to adjust my pace.  She also started a running monologue that sent me through the roof:  "It’s a good thing you’re good with your tongue, boy, since that cock doesn’t seem to be working.  Maybe I’ve been too generous letting you cum whenever you want.  That’s my cock and I expect it to work when I want it!"

As Mistress approached orgasm, She grabbed my hair and shouted "faster, faster!" as She rode my face to Her blissful conclusion.

After we wound down a little bit, MJ and I discussed what had just happened.  I was feeling overjoyed at the scene itself, but guilty for not being able to perform on cue.  MJ told me that she was perfectly satisfied and said she was okay as long as I was the one who had to suffer!

I got one last little D/s tease later that day.  On our way out of town for the day, we stopped at a local pharmacy to pick up a few things and MJ ordered me to pick out some nail polish for her.  We had recently discussed manicures and pedicures as part of my household service routine, so I was thrilled to see MJ actively working toward making that a reality.

I just can’t begin to explain how happy I am, getting to serve at the feet of a beautiful, sexual Goddess and also getting to experience the joys of being a Dad and a member of this incredible family.

It still amazes me how far our relationship has come in a single year!

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How Was Your Weekend?

Every Monday, I get the same question at work:  "How was your weekend?"

These days, it’s hard to hide my smile when I say "Oh, you know, the usual".

This past Saturday, we spent the night at Galleria Domain again, this time as actual members.  I’ve asked Mistress Carol for permission to blog about our sessions, but until I get permission, I’m still bound by the NDA. 

Here, however, are some highlights:

  • MJ (unbeknownst to me) has been practicing Her flogging technique.  It was really obvious once we were in scene, however.  I am nearly a foot taller than MJ and for this session I was up on a Saint Andrew’s Cross that has a little platform on which to stand which added at least another 3 - 4 inches.  Despite the height difference, MJ still managed to deliver blows with amazing power and incredible aim.
  • I spend over two hours on the cross getting beaten on my back and ass.  It only seemed like 20 minutes went by.
  • I still have marks two days later (including matching round bruises on my ass cheeks from MJ’s paddle).
  • MJ made me cry.  Twice. 
  • There were two times I tried to climb up the cross to escape the dreaded paddle.  MJ’s comment was "That’s the first time you’ve ever needed the restraints for anything more than decoration.  Cool!"
  • We had a wonderful aftercare session with me curled up next to MJ with my head on Her chest, Her stroking my hair in the way I love so much.  It was a really tender moment and I felt to close to Her at that moment.  It’s this type of intimacy that I’ve been longing for in our marriage, but I never imagined that we’d get there on this route.  (Afterward, MJ had me provide some Domme aftercare by having me massage Her neck and shoulders with Her vibrating glove.)

Hopefully, I’ll be able to post details in the very near future.  Well, at least those that I remember.  I was high as a kite in subspace, so much of the session is a blur of erotic pain and white light.

We left the club at about 2:30 in the morning and headed home.  Once we arrived, we headed upstairs, got undressed, and I started to set up the bed for the night (my usual ritual of fluffing the pillows and so on).  MJ told me to stop and lie down next to Her and, once I did, grabbed my hand and pulled it down between Her legs.  Our mouths met in a hot, wet kiss as I explored her sacred spot, MJ moaning her arousal through the kiss.

I brought MJ to orgasm and she immediately ordered me up on my knees.  "Stroke for me, boy."  Yes, Mistress.  I grabbed my cock and started to stroke, MJ taking over with Her hand watching me stroke with abandon.  Once I was moaning with my own pleasure, I was ordered to use my cock to please my Mistress.

Our limbs intertwined on the bed and hot sticky skin pulled together as I slid inside MJ, her grabbing a fistful of my hair a reward for my performance.  "Slow down, NOW!  I get to go first," was MJ’s command, her lips brushing my ear as she gave Her instructions sending shivers up my spine.

As usual, I was on the edge immediately trying to maintain my thrusting while saving my own ultimate pleasure until MJ was fully satisfied.  When I could no longer hold out, I started to beg for permission to cum.  Please.  Please, Mistress.  Please.

With a cry of pleasure, MJ yelled, "YES!  NOW!" and I came with a yell as my pent up arousal was released in a single powerful burst, my body filled with waves of pleasure, both from my own release and from the satisfaction of being able to please my Mistress.  I collapsed on top of MJ and she grabbed my hair again.

"You made quite a mess, boy!  You need to clean it up, NOW!"  She accented the last word by pushing my head down, leaving no mystery about what She expected of me.  I buried my face between MJ’s legs and started pleasuring Her with the techniques she taught me, my face quickly covered in my own cum along with MJ’s fragrant juices.  My tender licking was greeted with more cries of pleasure quickly reaching a crescendo as MJ came for a third time.

MJ told me I had fulfilled my duties for the night and was free to clean up and go to sleep.  I washed my face and climbed into bed, overcome by the post-coital coma and endorphin crash.  I fell instantly into a deep, fitful sleep.

During the ride home, MJ and I discussed the fact that we’ve managed to come from our horrible fight and the brink of divorce to where we are now in just over 7 weeks.  Part of me wishes I could go back a few years and whisper to my younger, unhappy self to tell him that everything will be okay and that ecstasy and passion beyond his wildest dreams is not only possible but imminent. 

"No, seriously dude!  You’re going to get a membership to a private BDSM club and your wife will become an amazing Domme!"  I wonder if I’d believe it…

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Wicked Saturday - Part 2

This post was going to be a detailed account of our first play session at Galleria Domain, but MJ reminded me of the lengthy non-disclosure agreement (which we both just reviewed again).  Because we agreed not to discuss the goings on within the club, I’m just going to give some general statements about our wonderful night there.

First, we really love the atmosphere and people at GD.  They are just fantastic and so friendly, especially to two nervous newcomers.  Mistress Carol, the "headmistress"-slash-manager of the club spent a great deal of time talking with us our first night and we just adore her, so our decision not to "whip and tell" is almost solely out of respect for her.

The flogging class was fantastic.  Scott Smith was extremely charismatic and funny and really connected with the audience.  During the "hands on" portion of the class, MJ got some one-on-one time with him and Her flogging skill markedly improved in just that one class.  (She’s since been practicing since, so I’m sure our next session will be especially interesting.)

Since we’re members now, we got to stay after the class once all the guests were shooed away and GD officially opened.  We joined the handful of members that stuck around in the "Fireside Lounge" to chat and meet some new people.  As previously mentioned, we were treated to a chat with Mistress Carol which was a lot of fun.  We also got a chance to watch a few other couples play which was really interesting and exciting.

After a couple of hours (and a quick run out for some dinner), MJ told me to get her toy bag and to meet her in one of the play rooms.  The session was wonderful and showed how far MJ has come in a very short time.  I spent the session cuffed and chained to a spanking bench with MJ using her new (and incredibly stingy!) new flogger on my back and ass.  Her confidence was so incredible and she showed no signs of nervousness at playing in such a public setting for the first time.  (By that time of night, the club was jumping, so there were plenty of folks watching.)  She confessed later that she was nervous, but really got into the session after it started and said that the laid-back and accepting atmosphere of the club and members really helped.

It was my first public play session and I was thrilled.  The thought of being put on display really brought out my inner exhibitionist and (combined with the pain) was a one-way ticket to the deep, gooey center of subspace.  I’m looking forward to future sessions there (we’re already planning another trip this weekend) and will discuss the blog with Mistress Carol to see if she has any issues with me writing about our own adventures.  (I’m assuming the "no tell" rule is mainly to protect other members, but we don’t want to go abuse the policy in any way without permission.)

Finally, the completely surreal day came to a close with a midnight visit to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical sing-along at the Music Box Theater.   One of the people in line with us waiting to get in referred to it as a "less slutty Rocky Horror Picture Show".  Everybody got a small bag of things like confetti poppers and a kazoo along with a reference card telling you when to do what (like yelling "Shut up, Dawn!" whenever Buffy’s sister chimed in with unhelpful advice).  MJ and I are both huge Buffy fans, so we were completely geeking out in a very good way.  The show was an absolute blast and everyone there was just having too much fun.

We finally got home at about 3 a.m. and crashed hard, sleeping until almost noon on Sunday.  All in all, it was a wonderful first night out into the local BDSM club scene and we both were just aglow with happiness and revelling in our renewed connection. 

On Sunday, we compared notes about the night and also had to remind ourselves that we’ve only been a D/s couple for 7 weeks now.   It boggles the mind that we are where we are after such a short amount of time, but to me it just shows that we connected subconsciously on this level when we first met long ago and it just took this long for us to admit our deepest desires to ourselves.  It’s the only way I can explain why this is the most "right" our relationship has felt since we first got married and the absolutely blissful state I’m in every single day now.

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Wicked Saturday - Part 1

This past Saturday, MJ and I had an amazing adventure together, so much so that I’m going to have to split it into two parts!

Saturday started out perfectly normal - sleeping in after a late night viewing of Ocean’s 13, getting a little game time in, catching up on my household duties and so on.

Just before noon, I was summoned upstairs and discovered MJ laying in bed with a huge box of old adult story magazines (Forum, Variations, etc.)  She told me to lay down with her and start going through the piles she had organized to see if there were any I thought were worth keeping.  (She had her own "keep" stack but wanted me to sort through her "no" and "maybe" piles.)

Once upon a time, we both used to pick up the little tabloid mags every so often because it was the only way to get good adult stories.  These days, I can just surf over to the Alt.Sex.Stories.Text Repository and get thousands of stories organized by genre whenever I want, so I ended up rejecting every single issue she passed to me.

After that task was complete and the bed was finally cleared, MJ told me to lie down in the center of the bed and wait for her.  A few minutes later, she returned naked and laid next to me, wrapping her hand around my cock and starting to slowly stroke.  I immediately gasped at the wonderful sensation and reached up to grab the headboard.  (I usually do this because it gives me the sensation of being restrained.)

MJ’s wonderful torture continued until I felt myself start to drift close to the edge and I asked if I could cum.  "Oh, hell no!" was my (completely expected) answer.  She immediately stopped stroking, got out one of the magazines from her "keep" pile, and started to read some of the stories to me.  Part way into the first one, I was given permission to stroke myself.

Despite trying to manage my stroking, I was still on the edge in no time and teetering there as She finished the first story and started a second.  After the second story, MJ lifted her hand up and stuck her fingers in my mouth.  They were dripping in Her own sacred juices, the taste of which almost made me lose control and cum right on the spot.  She returned her hand down between her legs and let out a moan as she started toward an orgasm of her own.  MJ took my hand away from my cock and pulled it to her sacred spot, breathily telling me to continue, her moans building faster.

"Is your cock hard?", MJ asked through the panting.  Yes, Mistress.  "Then get over here and use it!"

I moved over and slid into MJ, forcing myself to use slow and steady strokes so as not to cum immediately.  My head was swimming from the edge play and I fought to hold onto the edge until I received the command I was waiting for.  I felt MJ’s wet grip on my cock tighten as she threw her head back in a loud, shuddering orgasm.

I stammered out a request to cum and heard the magical words "YES!  Cum!  Now!" and immediately let go, a loud cry escaping my own throat as I came again and again until the two us collapsed into a sweaty, panting mass on the bed.

After we regained our senses, I started to get up so I could finish gathering up the magazines that were due to be thrown away. 

"Wait there," I was told and a minute later MJ returned with a towel.  "Here," MJ said, throwing the towel at me, "lie down on this."  I followed her instructions, wondering what was about to happen.  She emerged from the bathroom a minute later with a small bucket, my shaving cream, and a razor. 

MJ told me to spread my legs and then proceeded to shave my cock and balls in a slow, steady manner.  Each stroke of the warm blade on my skin made me shiver a little bit, loving the sensation and intimacy of the shaving.  After she was done, MJ wiped my cock and balls down with a warm towel and then told me to put on one of my cock rings.  She also gave me a list of toys to pack for our visit to Galleria Domain that evening.

I chose a smaller ring because I knew we were going out late and wanted to make sure it stayed put.  After bagging up all of the toys from MJ’s list, I showered and dressed.  (MJ picked out my outfit for the evening - a black jockstrap with a laced-up opening in the front, jeans, and a black shirt.)

Once the car was loaded up, we headed downtown.  Saturday night was prospective member night at GD which means they had an educational session as well.  This time, they offered a flogging seminar by author Scott Smith.  Since MJ acquired some wonderful new floggers at IML, so She was really excited to get some pointers from one of the best around.

Our only brief disappointment of the evening came when, upon our arrival at GD, we discovered that they had not received our membership forms and payment.  Fortunately, the manager Mistress Carol was working the desk and signed us in as her guests so that we could stay and play after the club officially opened for the evening.  (This was the first time of many during the evening that we found ourselves happy in our choice of GD over the other BDSM clubs we visited.)

Name badges in place, we took our seats for the seminar.

To be continued tomorrow!

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Flogger Session

Monday, MJ told me that she was going to treat me to a special session as a reward for my work on the toy cabinet.  I was downstairs with the wonderful assignment of taking a break (using the time to catch up on my TiVo) and was summoned to the top of the stairs.

MJ sent me out to Taco Bell for some dinner (another treat!) and told me to hurry back.  When I returned, I was told to bring the food upstairs with a bottle of wine and my laptop.  The bedroom was lit by candles (the awesome ones by, so the room smelled fantastic) and MJ was in the closet with the doors closed.  I got to work laying out dinner for us and opening the wine (making sure to strip first so as not to violate the "no clothes upstairs" rule).

As I was finishing, the closet door opened and MJ came out dressed in a black corset and gypsy skirt with little bells at the waist.  Her hair was wet from a shower while I was out.  I was told to take a shower of my own (I was still stinky from sweating over the construction) and to come back into the bedroom.

When I did, MJ was sitting on the bed and motioned for me to join her.  She placed the laptop between us and offered me some food.  "Many people, including Mrs. Claudia, said that you boys shouldn’t have any porn.  The problem is", MJ continued, "I like porn!"  We shared a laugh and then I was told to pull up one of the porn sites MJ and I had discussed earlier, a pay-per-view site called

She allowed me to pick a movie and we watched it while we ate.  (It was a "forced orgasm" site where women are tied up to a vibrating rig and left there while the orgasm repeatedly.  HHHHhhhhot…)  Then, She selected a movie, one about a babysitter that gets caught watching porn by the man who hired her and punished.  While we were watching it, MJ reached over and started to stroke my cock.

Between the video and the stimulation, I started to creep close to the edge and asked if I would be allowed to cum, knowing that it was way too early in the evening.  MJ stopped stroking and told me to put the laptop away.  After I had done so, MJ told me to kneel before her and I was rewarded as she pulled my head to her chest and stroked my hair, telling me how pleased she was with Her new toy cabinet and gifts.  She then slid a blindfold over my eyes, helped me to my feet, and guided me to the bed. 

During that exchange, I asked how MJ wanted me to address her, the labels still a little up in the air after the discussion we had earlier in the week.  "Just for the next few hours, you may call me Mistress."  I was grinning like an idiot as I took my place on the bed, pleased that MJ granted me this little pleasure.

MJ had me lie down face up and I could hear Her walking around the bed thanks to the little bells.  In just a few minutes, she had cuffs fastened around my wrists and ankles after which I was told to turn over.  The cuffs were all quickly chained to the new under-mattress restraint system leaving me spreadeagled and helpless.  Then the music kicked in, some awesome "dungeon music" we picked up at IML.

The warm skin of MJ’s hands started rubbing and stroking my bare back, alternating with scratches from her newly-filed nails.  Her hands were replaced by the leather of a flogger, the strands being teasingly dragged across my flesh, the sensual nature of the feeling foreshadowing their true purpose.

Without warning, I heard the telltale whistle as the flogger came down onto my back.  This was MJ’s first experience with the flogger, but she did a really good job of spreading out the blows and varying her technique, some landing with a sting as the strands separated and others hitting me with the impact of a solid rubber mallet.  The blows increased in intensity over time, the abuse peppered with short breaks where I was stroked with MJ’s furry wand.

MJ then unchained me and told me to lay on my back.  "Stroke for me, boy, " She said.  "I want to watch."  While I stroked, I noticed that She was pleasuring herself, something made especially obvious when she held a wet finger up to my lips so I could taste Her juices.

"Is it nice and hard for me, boy?"  Yes, Mistress.  "Then fuck me with it…"  I climbed on to MJ, my ache for release stripping away all of my self-control as I started to thrust with abandon.  MJ grabbed a handful of my hair and said, "Slow…..down…."   I did, but it didn’t help much.  I was already on the edge and holding on with all the will I could muster.  Finally, as I realized that MJ was about to reach her own orgasm, I asked for my own.  "YES!  Yes - cum now!"

My reward came in wave after wave of pleasure, the pent up denial of the past week flooding out of me as I screamed out in passion.   My head still swimming, MJ guided me back down to the bed so I could catch my breath and float down out of the clouds.

Once we both regained our senses, we started to discuss the session.  MJ asked me to rate the level of pain during the session, guessing it was probably around a 6 out of 10 (1 being no pain at all, 10 being the maximum I thought I could handle).  I told her it was actually closer to 2 - 3.  Shocked, she asked how high I’ve ever gone in a session and I told her probably about a 6.  With that news, MJ got a scary smirk on her face and gleam in her eye telling me that I am probably going to really suffer during our next session.

We discussed the session more during our ride to work this morning.  I was shocked to learn that we had been playing for almost 90 minutes since the session felt really short to me.  We discussed how much "warm up" time I thought I needed and agreed that I probably didn’t need that much.  I also told MJ that the frequent breaks were not that necessary and that more pain was better.  That brought us into a discussion about how much pain I "needed" in that type of session and I admitted that pain was a pretty big part of what sends me into subspace during a punishment session.

All in all, it was a fantastic session and another great glimpse into MJ’s emergence as a Domme.  She is planning to talk to the other Dommes at Galleria Domain once we join in order to find a mentor and further her learning. 

Every day, I am constantly reminded that I’m the luckiest guy in the world.  Not only have we managed to put our marriage back on track, but I get to have my soulmate and true love as my owner and keeper.

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Wednesday Session

Wednesday morning, Miss Jacqueline had a little wake up surprise for me.

Given the "no clothes upstairs" rule, I sleep naked now, so I was awakened by a slap on my bare ass which turned into a bare ass spanking.  I went from dead sleep to subspace as my head groggily swam trying to figure out what was going on.

"Get up and kneel next to the bed," Miss Jacqueline instructed.  "Now, stroke."

I did as she commanded, grabbing my cock in my hand and stroking as she undressed herself.  She scooted to the edge of the bed and then laid back, lifting her feet so they rested on my chest.  She then moved her left foot up so her toes were pressed against my lips.

"Suck, boy!"  I took her toes into her mouth, playing my tongue across them as I watched Miss Jacqueline start to touch herself with a deep, pleasureful moan.  The sight of Her naked and sprawled on the bed combined with the erotic feeling of her toes in my mouth sent me to the edge immediately and I started to shake with the overload of sensations.

Seeing that I was about to lose it, Miss Jacqueline pulled her feet away and ordered me to fuck her.  Since She was already at the edge of the bed, I just had to stand up and slide inside her sacred walls, the heat and wetness almost causing me to cum instantly.  Miss Jacqueline grabbed my hair and said, "Don’t you dare cum!"

I managed to focus and keep my pending orgasm in check while pleasuring Miss.  After a few minutes, She pushed me off and said, "You look like you could use some breakfast" then pulled my head down between Her legs.

Kneeling at the edge of the bed again, I started gently teasing Miss’s clit with my tongue, her moaning increasing as She approached climax, my own thankfully starting to wane as I focused my energy on my assigned task.  Miss hit her peak and told me to stop as She tried to catch her breath.

A moment later, Miss Jacqueline started touching herself again and ordered me to stroke.  I was back on edge and started begging for release.

Finally, Miss Jacqueline ordered me to cum and I did again and again, my sticky mess shooting onto the floor, the sight of which brought Miss to another loud orgasm of Her own.

Once we both came back to Earth, Miss Jacqueline kissed me and said, "Good morning" with a smile. 

Good morning, indeed!

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Hot Tuesday Night

Last night, I had a wonderful surprise - my first full session with Miss Jacqueline.

I was working on cleaning the kitchen (one of my many household chores), when she called from upstairs and told me to come up.  I stripped at the top of the stairs (observing the "no clothes upstairs" rule) and found Miss Jacqueline in her study.

She started by reading an e-mail she had received from Mrs. Claudia.  The two have opened a dialog and, since Mrs. Claudia and her subby have a story very similar to that of ours, I know we can learn a great deal from them.  When she was done, we discussed the content briefly and then I was instructed to go into the bedroom, lie on the bed, and wait for her.

Several minutes later, I heard her come in.  "There is a bottle of lube in your side table drawer.  Get it and start stroking."

Other than some brief playful teasing from Miss Jacqueline, I have not had any contact at all in almost two weeks, so being able to finally stroke was a gladly-accepted gift.  The complete lack of contact actually meant I wasn’t suffering too badly for this recent denial spell, but having my slick hand wrapped around my cock unlocked all the pent up frustration and desire inside me and I was edging almost immediately.

Through the haze of my struggle, I felt Miss Jacqueline start to tie me up.  First one ankle, then the other, then my unused hand.  Each bond made my cock grow a little harder and caused me to moan loudly and shake, struggling against the impending orgasm that I needed to prevent.  I tried to slow down my strokes (which, damn me, had been at full tilt as my need overrode my good sense as usual), but Miss Jacqueline sternly told me to keep up the pace.  I tried shifting my hand position and stroke length trying desperately to back down from the edge just a little for fear that I wouldn’t be able to hold on.

Then, I felt Miss Jacqueline sit on the bed beside me.  She slipped a blindfold down over my eyes and then started to speak.  She was reading from one of the FemDom erotic stories books we recently purchased.  It was a story about a Domme who decided to mark her sub by carving her initial into his ass with a scalpel.  The story was wonderfully erotic and well written (and not nearly as extreme as you’d think given the subject matter).  Of course, hearing my wife’s soft, sultry voice speaking those words just drove me crazy and made my fight even more difficult.

About a third of the way into the story, I started shaking all over and grunting, teetering on the edge, fighting with all my might to suppress the released that my body demanded.  Finally, the story ended and I immediately started to beg for release.

"Not just yet, boy."  Yes, Miss.  "Stop stroking, NOW!"

I laid on the bed, whimpering, my balls aching from the edge play and over stimulation.  Miss Jacqueline untied me and then instructed me to roll over and get up on my elbows and knees.

Once in the position, she retied my hands and feet keeping me locked down with my ass in the air.  I knew what was coming, of course.  She started with the riding crop, letting the soft leather of the tip drift teasingly across my back and ass, cock and balls.  I heard the whistle of the first blow and every muscle in my body instinctually tightened, ready for the assault.

She started on my back, the blows coming steadily and slowly increasing in strength, then moving down to my ass with a few choice blows hitting my aching balls as well.  After a few minutes, I felt something soft and warm rubbing the impact sites and realized she was using the sheepskin side of our new paddle.  Knowing the pain that she can inflict with the business side of that same implement, I braced myself for the next round.

The paddle landed with a loud smack again and again, Miss Jacqueline aiming for that especially tender spot where the ass meets the leg.  By this time, I was flying high, feeling the pain, but yet letting each blow carry me into subspace and enjoying the rush and feeling of being helpless to her painful whims.

When Miss Jacqueline was done with the paddle, she untied me and told me to lay on my back.  When I was there, I felt her fingers touch my lips and I instantly moaned as I realized they were soaked in her juices and sucked hungrily on them as she slipped them into my mouth.

"You like that, boy?  Then put your face between my legs."  A moment later, I was there, lapping at her sacred spot, her every moan increasing my own desire and frustration.  She came with shout and a shudder, clutching handfuls of my hair to keep me in the right spot as she rode out the sensation.

I was instructed to lie beside her again, but this time to resume stroking.  "That’s it, boy.  Get it nice and hard."  It only took a moment and I was right back on the edge again, my cock rock hard and throbbing in my hand.

"I want to see how that new ring of yours feels, boy.  Come here!"  Miss Jacqueline guided me on top of her and I thrust inside, lost completely to the new sensations of her wet warmth and the added stimulation of my piercing.  After a very short time, I started to beg for release, stammering as I tried to get the words out.

She grabbed my hair again, pulling my head down to her, saying "I order you to cum, boy.  Cum NOW!"  My entire world blanked out at that moment and I was completely lost in the white-hot center of extasy, orgasm, and subspace as I came and came and came.  It wasn’t until several moments later that I realized I was making some sort of animalistic grunting noise as I let go with complete abandon, caring only about the sweet gift of release I had been granted.

Miss Jacqueline guided me back down onto the bed next to her and started stroking my hair, saying "good boy" and panting as she, too, tried to catch her breath.

Once the buzz started to wear off, Miss Jacqueline told me that she really enjoyed the sensation of my cock piercing entering her and that it could stay.  This made me incredibly happy as I also loved the incredible feeling it provided during sex.

We also discussed the sex itself, something I had been afraid would feel too dominant and take me out of my role.  My fears were unfounded thanks to the build up because at the moment I had been given the instruction, I was so deep into subspace that I just felt completely subjugated and there only for Miss Jacqueline’s pleasure.

Overall, it was an absolutely incredible session and showed how far Miss Jacqueline has come in just a couple of weeks.  She really is a natural and I know that, as she meets more people and starts to get more comfortable with her Domme side, things are bound to get even more interesting and mind blowing.

I have to keep reminding myself that I am now living the fantasy that so many repressed submissive men have and almost need to pinch myself to see if this is all real.  To be given the gift of a FemDom marriage after so many years and to be able to connect to the woman I love on this new and deeper level is more that I ever could have hoped.


Random Updates

A lot has happened over the last few days and here is a brief rundown:

 - My edging assignment still hasn’t come to pass.  Real life intruded a little bit and Jacqueline didn’t insist that I complete it, so it fell by the wayside.  I assumed at the time that her telling me to postpone it was another tease, but today discovered that she didn’t feel I was in the right mindset.  I said that usually that is the best time for such assignments, to get me refocused on my dedication to her.  The 24/7 nature of D/s is new to me and this is all new to her, so we’re learning as we go.

 - Friday night, my wife and I did a little bit of "play", mainly her teasing me both with pleasing herself and with some teasing strokes to my severely neglected cock.  It didn’t last long, but was extremely sensual and erotic and sent us both to bed with a warm glow.

 - Saturday, I was treated to a shower by Miss Jacqueline.  When she did this last week, I had a hard time feeling submissive since being bathed was, in my mind, a dominant act.  I realized, however, that it was just her taking care of her property, much like she’d wash her car.  Plus, she also gave me a bare-handed spanking for falling behind in my reading assignments.

 - Miss Jacqueline also gave me a fun little public embarassment Saturday as well.  We were headed out to my sister’s place to see their new baby when Jaci announced that we were making an extra stop.  My sister lives out West from the city in the middle of farm and ranch country, so Jaci found a bridal and saddlery shop to visit.  Inside, was a great mix of riding gear including a wonderful selection of riding crops. 

Once we had picked one out, I was sent to the register to pay.  The woman behind the counter gave me a knowing look and asked, "This isn’t for you, is it?"  She got her answer when I blushed about 10 shades of red.  "Don’t worry, honey, " she countered, "We just sell them - we don’t care what people use them for."  Jacqueline had a laugh of her own in the car when I described what had just happened.

 - We spent Sunday going through the local calendar of events and RSVPing for a bunch of local gatherings.  Wednesday is our first munch and we’re both excited to meet some local folks, hopefully some who share out situation that we can learn from.

 - Today, I took the day off of work to deal with event registration for the big annual game convention I attend every August and got a long list of "chores" from Jacqueline before she left for work.  In the past few days, we started to slide back into our married roles and our of our D/s ones, so the tasks started to feel like chores and not a devotion.  It took me about half the list, but I finally got my head back into things and got myself back into happy sub project space again.  When Jaci got home, we had a discussion about it and agreed that we need to better communicate when we feel the other is starting to revert back to our old married routine just out of habit.

I’m off now to finish the dishes for tonight and to do a little reading before bed.  I have a huge pile of books to get through and I’m already way behind.  (Although part of me would love to do the "I’ve been a bad boy" routine, I actually find that incredibly disrespectful, something that is still puzzling Miss Jacqueline.  The idea of pain as a reward is something she is still trying to wrap her head around.)

No comments


Last night, Jacqueline and I went to Native Rituals to get my piercing ring swapped out.  Jaci decided she wanted one that was a slightly smaller diameter and was also a closed ring to make it more comfortable during sex.  (She let me keep the larger 6 gauge since we agreed that it would be more suitable for "play" including using it as an anchor point somewhere down the road.)

The guys there were great to work with, especially since they were the second string piercers.  (All the main guys are currently in Las Vegas for their big annual convention.)  We were in and out in about 20 minutes which included the time it took for them to sterilize the new ring.

I’ve been worried since we left that the smaller diameter was going to cause issues with pinching when I was erect.  Leave it to Miss Jacqueline to find a fun way to test the waters.

As we were discussing the issue, she reached out, pulled my cock from my PJs, and started to stroke it.  I have been on a strict "no touching" rule for almost a week now and the complete and utter lack of contact has been driving me mad.  Her touch made my cock jump to life immediately and I threw my head back and the unexpected treat, moaning like crazy and uncontrollably bucking my hips into her hand.

As she teased me, Miss Jacqueline reminded me that I still owed her a punishment this week for breaking the "no clothes upstairs" rule on Wednesday.  (I was vacuuming and neglected to disrobe first when I got upstairs.)  She said that a little edge play might get me good and ready for what she had planned this weekend and hinted that I’m looking at about 90 minutes of web and or video stroking time tomorrow night.  Of course, in my completely denied state, I know I will go completely overboard and be edging again and again completely without any restraint at all.  (I’m my own worst enemy when I’m this horny and denied.)

Miss Jacqueline firmly stroking my cock as she kept dropping hints about what would be in store for me this weekend.  Something about my tongue being tired and me getting some reward for keeping up with my "chores" around the house so well this week.

Then, she said something that blew my mind:  "You know, I knew about all the ownership aspects of D/s, but what I never realized is that you are just my little toy, something I can play with whenever I feel like it."  She then gave me a wickedsmile and said, "Is something wrong?  Your ring is awfully wet?" referring, of course, to the massive amounts of precum that I was leaking all over her hand and my PJs.

She finally tucked my cock away and then gave it a couple of quick slaps, laughing as she said that she was so looking forward to torturing me on Sunday.

The surprises weren’t over, however.  Miss Jacqueline stood in front of me and guided my hand between her legs to her sacred spot.  She gasped as my fingers made contact, but I realized that she was absolutely soaking wet. 
"Remember us talking about Topspace?", she asked, letting me know that she was getting off on seeing me suffer and squirm at her hand, something she had doubted she was capable of less than a week ago.


I can’t tell you how happy I have been watching this new side of my wife emerge and how lucky I feel for being able to bring this thing that I love so much into my marriage.  At the start of the year, as my submissive feelings and needs were starting to reemerge, I never thought that this was a possibility.  With each day that I spend in Miss Jacqueline’s service, I am more and more impressed with the depth of her devotion to these new feelings and find myself falling in love all over again with this amazing woman.




This morning was pretty normal, at least up to a point.  I worked out to a video with Jacqueline then went downstairs to make lunches while she took her shower.  After hers came mine and then I did the other parts of my morning ritual (shave, brush teeth, etc.)

As I was headed out of the bathroom to get dressed, Jaci was standing in the bedroom with her arms crossed.

"Stop.  Wait there."

I halted in my tracks, still naked and a little startled at being yanked out of my morning routine.  When she came back into my field of view, she was dressed for work and crossed her arms again.

"Did you make the lunches?"  Her tone and body language immediately shoved me into submissive mode.  Yes, Miss.  "What about my breakfast?"

I closed my eyes because, of course, I hadn’t done that and she full well knew it.  Putting her breakfast together (1 1/2 cups of spoon-sized Shredded Wheat with an Equal packet and spoon) was something I did when I was serving her full time.  This was the first morning of our return to the arrangement and I had already neglected an assigned task.

No, Miss.

She instructed me to walk over to the bed and place my hands on the foot board, a position that had me bent at the waist with my ass slightly in the air.  I knew what came next, but it still took me by surprise.


What I wasn’t expecting was that she was using one of the new paddles we had just gotten from the Stockroom.  I still haven’t figured out why, but my tolerance for pain on my ass is way less than that on other parts of my body (nipples, cock/balls, back, etc.)  She spaced the first few blows out to hasten my anticipation, but before long they were coming one after another and I broke completely, the tears coming in gasping sobs as the unyielding assault continued.

Finally, Miss Jacqueline stopped and rubbed her hand gently across the hot, abused skin of my ass and asked if I was going to forget again.  No, Miss.  She then threw a pillow down onto the floor and told me to kneel.

After a few moments, Miss Jacqueline moved directly in front of me and held my head against her chest.  "Do you really want to be mine?"  Yes, Miss.  "All mine?"  Yes, Miss.  "Good.  Close your eyes."

Day Collar I did and a moment later I felt her slip something around my neck.  It was the day collar we had also purchased at the Stockroom.  With a small click I heard the lock snap shut in the back.  I was now my Wife’s property and was appropriately marked as such.  I actually felt another tear roll down my cheek, this one from the pure emotion of my Wife claiming me as her own.

A little while later (while measuring out Miss Jacqueline’s breakfast), I noticed she had the key to my collar on a chain around her neck along with the BDSM symbol pendant I had given her.

With each day, I’m finding it easier and easier to accept my wife as a Domme and also to find the blissful corner of subspace I love to inhabit.

Tonight, I’m coming out to another friend, my gaming buddy Ben.  He’s strictly vanilla (as far as I know), but has been confiding in me about some really deep personal issues he’s going through at the moment.  I feel it is only fair to return the favor and it also gives me a chance to test the waters as I let those close to me start to discover the true me that I’ve been hiding and denying for so long.


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