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Review - Into The Attic

4h_clip_5 I like porn.  I really like porn.  I like porn so much, that I hit the 1 Terabyte mark last year and decided maybe it was time to start paring things down a little bit.

I say this so you can understand why I’m reviewing an adult pay site for the first time.  Someone from Into The Attic contacted me a few weeks ago and asked, simply, "What will it take to get a link to us on your site?"  A quick peek at their site showed some potential, so I offered to trade them a review and link for three months of access to their site. 

To their credit, I was told to review the site honestly and after spending some time going through their materials I now understand their confidence.  Into The Attic has produced some of the most authentic and well-produced BDSM videos on the Internet.

There are a lot of BDSM porn sites on the net, but it all feels very staged.  While it’s fun to watch, it always just seems like "BDSM Porn" and nothing more.  What really turns me on is watching couples play at our BDSM club or in event playrooms like the one at Thunder in the Mountains.  The unique and palpable connection between Top and bottom during a scene is impossible to fake and, for me, is what separates porn from true D/s scene play.

Watching the videos at Into the Attic, I see all the elements of real scene play:  The Dom/sub connection, limits being tested and pushed, and subs drifting off into that wonderful glow of subspace.  I think part of what sets their work apart is the fact that they use normal girls off the street that have D/s experience but who have never performed on film.

5h_clip_3 All of the videos are shot in the attic of a remote house in the woods of Portland, Oregon.  It’s an absolutely perfect setting for this type of bondage and you can just imagine the girls’ anticipation and nervousness driving through up to such a remote location knowing what is in store for them once they arrive.

Their sessions all start out with an in-depth interview with the sub, all of which get extremely personal (including them discussing their past D/s experience and masturbatory fantasies).  Then girls are then invited up into the attic and the fun begins.

The mix of "models" is impressive - they range in age from 19 to mid-30s and cover a variety of ethnic groups and body types.  (I’m a fan of chubby women and, while I’d never consider any of them anywhere close to BBWs, all of the models are naturally curvy in all the right places.)  While most of the sessions involve bondage, forced orgasms or orgasm denial, and impact play (spanking, flogging, caning, etc.), there are also some that involve outdoor bondage, food and messy scenes, and even one pregnant model in bondage.

The bondage practiced is all very functional and never gets too showy.  While the Doms are obviously well versed in Shibari, they only ever do as much tying as necessary without going overboard.

Into the Attic’s video production is also extremely impressive.  They shoot each session with multiple cameras so you don’t get jarring cuts during a scene.  In some cases, they put a video monitor behind the model for a "picture in picture" effect giving you two views at the same time.  For some sessions, they actually post raw footage showing just the model’s face or crotch as a bonus to supplement the regular action. 

One thing that pleases me greatly is that they always focus on a model’s face when she is about to orgasm.  In some cases, they make the model open her eyes, look directly into the camera, and announce she is going to cum.  For a person like me who loves to watch forced orgasms, this is one of the hottest things ever.

The videos are all 16:9 "widescreen" format in crystal-clear 720×480 resolution.  In addition, they offer high-res still photos of each session in a downloadable zip file.

3h_clip_4 As I said above, however, the one thing that really sets this site apart is that you really feel that Dom/sub connection.  There were many great scenes of the Dom gently pushing the sub’s limits (including one notable case where he kept the sub on the edge of orgasm for a good 10 minutes until she was practically weeping with unfilled lust, each time swearing that she couldn’t take any more but having the Dom prove her wrong) and some great predicament bondage (my favorite of which was a model who really wanted to orgasm, but also really wanted to have her breasts flogged and was forced to choose).

There are three other things that also set the site apart: 

  1. You can see everything available in the site without a login and only need an account to download the actual videos and photo zips.  This means you can fully preview all of their content before you buy.  (No more plunking down your credit card only to find a half-assed site with nothing that you were promised during the "free tour".)
  2. The producers run a real blog that talks about everything from their frustration at being stood up by models to how their spouses feel about the site to shopping at WalMart for pervertables (clothes pins, rope, packing tape, etc.)
  3. They offer a cash discount.  If you directly mail them your payment instead of going through their expensive credit card processing agency, they will pass the savings on to you.  (At the time of this writing, that means a discount of almost 50% off their monthly payment plan.)

The folks at Into the Attic have put together something really special.  Take a few minutes to drop by and check out what they have to offer.  You won’t be disappointed!

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