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Fantasy (Part 2)

This is the second part of a two part story.  Part one is here.

The next evening, I was sitting on the couch writing on my laptop when I heard someone walk up behind me.  Mistress grabbed my hair and pulled my head back then whispered into my ear, "Bedroom, naked, 5 minutes."  She let go of my hair with a little shove, laughed, and then disappeared upstairs.

I had been aching since our session the night before and the lack of release meant I thought about nothing but sex for the entire day.  (More than once, co-workers caught me daydreaming in my cubicle and startled me out of my lusty daze.)  My cock was rock hard in anticipation before I even made it all the way up the stairs.

When I reached the bedroom, I immediately stripped and kneeled in the middle of the floor on a pillow Mistress had provided.  I could hear Her rustling around in our toy chest and She emerged from the closet carrying cuffs and a hood.

Walking around behind me, Mistress slid the hood over my head then buckled its collar around my neck.  (It’s actually more of a bag than anything else with just some little perforations to let in air.)  She then buckled cuffs around my ankles and wrists, helped me to my feet, and guided me across the room.

After a little bit of maneuvering, I found myself at the bed.  "Lie down and scoot to the center.  There is a towel there to help you find the middle."  I did as I was told and moved toward the center of the bed with my ass on the towel.  Once I was in place, Mistress secured me spreadeagled to the straps that run underneath our mattress.

"Well now, boy.  Are you ready for some release?" 

"Yes, Mistress!"  My voice echoed inside the hood.

"Aww.  That’s really a shame, because this might take quite awhile."  I groaned as my fears that I was going to pay dearly for this orgasm were confirmed.

I felt a thin cord being wrapped around the base of my cock and balls which made my already throbbing cock jump.

Mistress must have grabbed some lube as well because the next thing I felt was a slick hand slowing gliding down my cock.  I let out a loud moan into the hood and bucked against my restraints.  Mistress laughed and started to slowly move her hand in rhythmic strokes.

Now, when I say slow, I mean S-L-O-W!  Each up and down stroke were taking 2 - 3 seconds.  Up…… down…… up…… down.  I knew then I was in deep trouble and that this was going to be an incredibly painful experience.

With the world shut out due to the hood, the only thing I could focus on was my cock and the water-torture-slow stroking of Mistress’s hand.  Every so often, she’d speed up just a bit and I’d think, "This is it!" only to have her slow down to her original pace.

A few times I tried to hump against Mistress’s hand to increase the speed, but each time She would sternly tell me not to move and would squeeze my balls or dig Her nails into my thigh to drive the message home.  It took every ounce of will I could muster to stay still on the bed, my body sweating from the intense sensations.

"Now remember, boy.  No cuming without permission," Mistress’s voice said from somewhere.  Mistress then started to speed up her strokes until her hand was rapidly and steadily gliding up and down my cock.  The relief from the slow stroking and intense pleasure faded to horror as I realized that I was racing toward the edge of orgasm and knew full well that it wasn’t going to be this easy.

"Please - may I cum, Mistress?"

"No, you may not." 

I cried out with a pathetic moan and asked again.  "Please, Mistress.  Please let me cum!"  Mistress just laughed as her hand kept its pace.  I clenched my teeth and pulled against my restraints and tried to think of anything but sex.  Of course, my mind immediately filled with images of spurting cocks and gushing fountains all of which drove me closer to orgasm.

I was right there on the edge, tensing every muscle in my body trying to keep the cum at bay, every part of me wanting to spurt all over Mistress’s hand.

Without warning, Mistress’s hand disappeared and I was left alone in my hooded world panting and teetering on the brink.  A cold, wet cloth was placed over my cock and balls which helped me bring things under control and back further away from my edge.

"Good boy!  I didn’t think you’d be able to hold out!"  I felt her pat my head through the hood and then delicately rub my chest.  "Maybe you do remember who that cock belongs to."

"Yes [pant..pant..pant], Mistress," I said, my entire body still haywire with an intense combination of lust and denial.

Mistress left me there for a few minutes and I was able to bring myself down quite a ways, my cock still making a tent under the washcloth.

"Are you ready to continue, boy?"

I had no idea how many rounds of this I was in for, completely helpless to Mistress’s whims.  My need to cum pushed me forward.  "Yes, Mistress."

The amazing sensation of Her slick stroking hand returned to my cock, this time at more manageable speed.  I was able to enjoy the feeling for a short while before the dreaded edge started to creep closer again.  When I was almost there for the second time, I asked again.

"Mistress, may I please cum?"

"Beg me."  I started to babble a stream of pleas, begging Mistress to let me cum.  The sentences quickly turned to chants of "please, please, please" as I hit the edge again and tried to keep from spilling against Mistress’s orders.  I have no idea how long she kept me in that state, babbling and sobbing, begging for the release I had been taking for granted.  Finally, she spoke the magic words.

"Now, boy.  Cum now." 

Less than one whole stroke later, my cock erupted and I came again and again, the hot cum splattering my legs and chest, my head spinning from the sudden release.

Though the haze of my ecstasy I realized one horrifying fact - Mistress had not stopped stroking.

Once the cum stopped flowing, I let out a yelp and strained in my bonds once again as Mistress’s hand continued its steady strokes up and over my cock’s now super-sensitive head.  I found myself pleading and begging again, this time for the stimulation to stop.

I heard Mistress laughing as I continued to thrash on the bed.  Finally, mercifully, Mistress released my cock and loosened the rope that was tied around its base.  Once my breathing had returned to normal, She released me from the bed and removed my hood.

"Kneel here, boy," Mistress said as she motioned to the floor.  I shakily got down from the bed with her assistance and knelt before her.  Mistress guided my head so it was resting on her leg, then stroked my hair and praised me for fighting so hard to obey.

"I’m very proud of you, boy, but you have your work cut out for you.  Next time, I’m going to see if I can get you to shoot twice…"

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Fantasy (Part 1)

This is one of the recurring fantasies I’ve been having over the past couple of weeks.  Enjoy!

It was a Saturday like any other.  The baby was taking her midday nap and I was sitting on the couch doing some writing on my laptop.

My wife called down from upstairs and asked me to bring up the basket full of clean laundry and help her put it away, so I saved what I was working on, picked up the basket, and headed upstairs.

I made it into the middle of the bedroom before I heard my wife’s voice come from the direction of the closet.

"STOP!  Don’t turn around.  Set the basket down then kneel on the floor."

Her tone startled me and immediately caused goose bumps to rise on my arms.  I did as I was told, and once I was kneeling I felt my wife walk up behind me and, when I could sense her directly behind me, shocked me again by grabbing a handful of my hair and pulling my head back.


"Y-y-you." I stammered, my brain still trying to make the shift from everyday household life to sub mode.



Mistress Jacqueline laughed airily and released my hair.  "Very good, boy."  She then walked around in front of me and I got to see Her for the first time.  Mistress was certainly dressed for the part wearing some revealing black lingerie and stockings and between the outfit and my extremely submissive vantage point my cock started to rise.

"Why are you still dressed, boy?  Strip!"  As I started to get up so I could undress, Mistress put a hand on my shoulder.  "Did I say you could stand up?  You’re not off to a very good start, are you?"

So, from my position on the floor, I started to remove my clothes.  The shirt was easy, but getting my pants off required lying on the floor and scooting out of them.  All the while, Mistress was poking at me with her feet and teasing me as I struggled to get naked.  As soon as I managed to get my clothes completely off, I kneeled once again in front of my Mistress.

"Bow your head."

I lowered my head per Her command and She stepped forward, reached around behind me, and buckled my collar around my neck.  My head started spinning as a huge wave of emotion swept over me.  Mistress put a finger under my chin and lifted my head up until our eyes met.

"Is that better, boy?"

A tear rolled down my cheek as I replied, "Yes, Mistress."

She smiled sweetly at me, then slid Her hand down into the waistband of her outfit.  When she pulled it out, Her fingers were shiny with Her sacred juices which She then gently rubbed across my lips.  Her taste and smell set off more fireworks inside my head and my cock jumped at the thought of what was to come.

Mistress Jacqueline walked over to the dresser and picked up a small leather leash and then returned to clip it onto my collar.

"Come on, boy," She said as she started walking toward the bed, the two feet of leash immediately growing taught and forcing me to scramble down to all fours to crawl behind her.  We fortunately didn’t have too far to go and as soon as we reached the bed, Mistress told me to wait then dropped a pillow on the floor to kneel on.  She the sat down on the edge of the bed and motioned for me to scoot up.

Mistress lifted my head again until we made eye contact while at the same time sliding her stockinged foot against my growing cock.  "Okay, my little slut - here are the rules for this little exercise.  You are going to bring me to orgasm at least twice using only your mouth.  I will allow you to stroke yourself while you service me, but you will not be allowed cum until I give permission.  Your main goal is to pleasure me.  If I feel that your stroking is distracting you, I’m taking away your touching privileges until I’m ready.  Do you fully understand the rules?"

"Yes, Mistress."

She stood up and slid Her outfit’s satin bottoms down exposing Her sacred spot to me.  After kicking them to the side, She sat back on the bed, reclined back, and placed her legs on my shoulders.

Once she was situated,  Mistress said "You may begin" and pulled me forward with my leash.  Mistress’s sacred spot was already moist as I leaned forward and ran my tongue up the length of it, teasing and gently sucking on Her clit before starting to flick it rapidly with my tongue.

WHAP!  I was startled out of my service and realized that Mistress had bopped me lightly on the head with the tip of her favorite riding crop.  "HEY!  This isn’t a race, boy! Slow the fuck down!"

I did as I was told, gently lapping as Mistress’s juices flowed into my mouth.  I also took advantage of her generous offer and kept one hand on my cock, stroking myself as pre-cum dripped from the tip, stopping only when I feared that I might go too far.  Each time I hit the edge of orgasm, it made me want it that much more.  The excited sounds Mistress was making added to my spiraling arousal, making each trip to the edge that much shorter.

After about twenty minutes, Mistress’s moans reached a crescendo and She grabbed fistfuls of my hair in both hands and grinding Herself into my face in an explosive orgasm.  Once She was done, she released me with a shove and went limp on the bed.

After catching Her breath, she said "Not bad, boy.  Let’s start on number two…"

The process began anew - me gently probing Mistress’s enticing folds with my tongue as She set pace with light slaps from the riding crop.  After only a few minutes, I had to give up my stroking as I was edging constantly and was afraid I might not be able to stop myself from cuming. 

Time slowed to a crawl and my jaw ached as I tried to keep the slow, steady pace.  Finally, Mistress grabbed my hair again in anticipation of another loud, wet orgasm. 

Once Mistress came back to Earth, she sat up and teased the tip of my rock-hard cock with her stockinged foot.  She also reached out with one head and stroked my hair.  "Good boy!  You did such a good job for your Mistress!  I bet you’re ready for your release right about now.  Is that true, boy?"

"Yes, Mistress!"  Her silk-encased toes felt so good on my cock and I felt myself nearly on the brink again.

"You just want to shoot that sticky mess, don’t you?"

"Yes, Mistress!"

"What do you say, boy?"

"Please, Mistress!  Please let me cum!  Please!"  I was almost in tears again, this time from pure sexual frustration.  Every part of my body called out for release and I just kept begging and begging, hoping Mistress would show me some mercy.

With a wicked smile, Mistress stopped her teasing and said, "I don’t think so, boy.  You haven’t served me in quite some time and it’s obvious you’ve gotten rusty.  You need to understand who controls that cock of yours.  Is it your cock?"

"No, Mistress," I said with a light sob.

"And who’s cock is it?"

"Yours, Mistress."

"That’s right!  And you’ll know it for sure now!  You will not cum today and I’m suspending your touching privileges.  If you are really good for the next 24 hours, I may decide to give you a treat.  Now then, why don’t you change the sheets and start putting away the laundry…"

Part 2 is here.

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